Sep 24 - 28, 2021 - Beijing, China

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We would like to inform you about the latest news and highlights at CHITEC 2021.

The world's first modular high temperature gas cooled reactor nuclear power plant, China's first ultra 400 degrees Celsius solar thermal power technology demonstration project ...... the latest scientific and technological achievements in the strategic emerging industries will make their debut at the 16th China Beijing International High-tech Expo.

The High-Tech Expo will be held in Beijing from May 21st to May 26th, 2013 with the theme of "innovation-driven transformation and development". 11 international organizations like the World Bank Group and the Group of 50 European countries, as well as more than 50 governmental, technological and business delegations from the United States, Britain, France and other 20 countries and regions will participate in the expo, and more than 2000 high-tech enterprises from home and abroad will gather in Beijing. During the fair 14 thematic pavilions will be opened in an area of 55,000 square meters of exhibition, at the same time, eight forums and 11 biz talks and promotion activities will also be held.

Since the implementation of National 863 Program, also called the National High Technology Research and Development Program in 1986, it has been the representative of the country's highest level of science and technology. Making its debut at China High-tech Expo, the exhibition will focus on displaying the 94 major advanced and key scientific and technological achievements in five areas, namely information technology, biotechnology and medical technology, advanced manufacturing technology, advanced energy technologies and modern agricultural technology.

Those impressive achievements in China’s lunar exploration, manned aerospace and other fields like Chang’e-2’a completion of lunar mission, the successful launch of Shenzhou spacecraft 9 will also be shown to the visitors for the first time by ways of pictures, models and etc. Under the support of the National Space Agency, China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, China Aerospace Science and Industry Group will work with the Office of the Organizing Committee to sponsor the space science and technology exhibition. The exhibition area will reach the half of the 2nd hall, exceeding 1000 square meters. New achievements in aerospace like manned spaceflight, lunar exploration and Beidou navigation Satellite System will be focused on during the exhibition.

Moreover, the "ecological civilization" will be fully discussed in a series of forums. Three of the eight forums of CHITEC, namely, China Energy Strategy Forum, Recycling Economy Forum, and Zhongguancun Innovation Forum will touch upon ecological civilization.

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