May 13 - 17, 2015 - Beijing, China

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Zhongguancun Scientific & Technological Innovation Exhibition

Beijing - May 14, 2015 2:33:33 PM

As a part of 18th CHITEC on May 13-17, Zhongguancun Scientific & Technological Innovation Exhibition will be held at Hall 2 of the China International Exhibition Center (Old Center). In a 3,200m2 exhibition space which is divided into eight zones, over 110 hi-tech enterprises from Zhongguancun will gather together to showcase their latest achievements in technical innovation, striving to provide visitors with a unique experience.

Centered round the theme of “leading hi-tech industry and building a hi-tech future”, the exhibition will unfold itself in two directions: The first is Zhongguancun’s new developments and achievements in gearing itself to the strategic positioning of the capital city, enhancing overall planning and coordination, proactively assuming responsibilities, comprehensively deepening the reform, and building a hi-tech-oriented economic structure; The second is “Internet plus”, in which era has Zhongguancun given priority to strategic emerging sectors (applied big data, smart hardware, healthcare, energy conservation and environmental protection), focused on new business formats spawned by innovation and integration of technology and commercial modes, and rolled out green, smart, wholesome processes, products and total solutions. Through storytelling, scenario simulation and immersive experience, the exhibition will delineate the “massive wave of innovation and entrepreneurship”.

Considering the competitive resources of Zhongguancun and its leading position among science parks in China, the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has lately given nod to a demonstration program on the crossover and integration of the Internet and a progressive program on China’s entrepreneurship in Zhongguancun.

As to the demonstration program, by 2020, Zhongguancun will have become not only the birthplace of cutting-edge technology, solutions and emerging hi-tech industries, but also the source of high-end offshore Internet services in the context of global Internet economy, falling into step with the world in terms of crossover and integration of the Internet.

Zhongguancun will support the program in the following ways: First, it will carry out an innovation project for ten “Internet plus” industries (smart manufacturing, Internet finance, e-commerce & smart logistics, smart engineering & smart building, smart transport, smart energy & environmental protection, smart healthcare, smart agriculture, smart hardware & smart living, and Internet-based education & cultural dissemination), rev up the development of advanced technology (Internet, Internet of Things, sensor network, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence) and integrate the same with various industries; Second, it will kick off six cross-sectoral, inter-regional campaigns, namely the technical innovation at the corporate level, the promotion of smart industrial equipment, the support for network connectivity & information security, the collaborative innovation of industrial chain, the development of new modes & business formats, and the cross-sectoral talent cultivation & entrepreneurship promotion; Third, it will successively issue a number of support policies and organize joint meetings on the crossover and integration of the Internet with the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of MOST, enterprises and industry alliances concerned, and other science parks in China with which it will be better aligned.

As for the progressive program, by 2020, Zhongguancun will have brought into shape an entrepreneurial pattern featuring a full suite of elements, diversified start-ups incubated or being incubated, professional services, sustained pioneering activities, market-oriented operation and open resources, constantly bringing up entrepreneurs who dream of “changing the world” and enterprises with “disruptively innovative” technology and commercial modes, and developing into a wellspring of globally accepted original ideas and a place of choice for hi-tech entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

To be specific, Zhongguancun will have constellated more than 200,000 hi-tech vanguards represented by executives of leading enterprises, scientists and students from colleges and institutes, serial entrepreneurs, post-90s and returnees, coupled with 500-odd hackerspaces including over 80 innovation incubators, over 50 service agencies established overseas, over 20 youth workplaces and over 10 entrepreneurial communities.