May 13 - 17, 2015 - Beijing, China

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Miyun and Agro-Eco-Tech

Beijing - May 14, 2015 3:31:09 PM

On the occasion of 18th CHITEC on May 13-17, a promotion of agro-eco-tech enterprises from Miyun County, Beijing, with the theme of “Functional orientation and industrial structure of ecological conservation area”, will be held at Hall 3 of China International Exhibition Center (Old Center).

1. Beijing Jiansheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., an IP-rich national-level hi-tech enterprise specializing in biopharmaceuticals, will showcase its new lines which have filled a void in China’s pharmaceutical technology.

2. Beijing Prosper Oxbow Communication Technology Co., Ltd., another national-level hi-tech enterprise specializing in biopharmaceuticals, will display, among others, its newly developed products including the high-reliability networking cable, the ultra-high-insulation, high-interference-resistance cable, the wire harness for new energy vehicles, the wire harness and cable for charging piles, and the cable for rail transit.

3. Beijing High-Precision Technology Development Co., Ltd., a national-level hi-tech enterprise specializing in hi-tech renovation, will exhibit the ultra-high-precision components for optical processing.

4. Tianpu Orchard, a modern agro-business and comprehensive demonstration base for grape breeding & integration of culture and technology, will dazzle visitors with new improved grape varieties. The company received the Gold Award and the Outstanding Award in the national grape competition, and broke the Guinness World Record of the sweetest grape on the strength of ten-odd tip-top varieties. It is engaged in standardized management of off-season planting of Xiangfei, Summer Black, Goldfinger and other varieties.

5. Beijing Jingchun Beekeeping Professional Cooperative, a modern agro-business and comprehensive demonstration base for beekeeping eco-culture & technology, will present to visitors comb honey engraved with Chinese characters and other new products. The company is honored as an “outstanding honey product base in Beijing” and a “product safety and standardized production base of Apicultural Science Association of China”.

6. Beijing Ainong Business Services Co., Ltd., a modern agro-business and modern logistics & agro-eco-tech demonstration base, will satisfy visitors’ taste buds with featured agro-products of Ainong family. The company mainly engages in the promotion of rural folk-custom tourism and the e-commerce with respect to agricultural and sideline products.