May 13 - 17, 2015 - Beijing, China

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CHITEC Hold S&C Cooperation Project Signing Ceremony’: Highlighting Quality and Leading Projects

Beijing - May 22, 2015 10:57:38 AM

The “Scientific and Technological Cooperation Project Signing Ceremony” of the 18th China Beijing International High-tech Expo (CHITEC) was held on May 14. Cheng Hong, Vice-Mayor of Beijing, attended the signing ceremony.

Internet+, anti-haze, E-commerce, internet of things, wisdom, and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region were issues frequently mentioned during the signing ceremony. During the ceremony, agreements valued at 6.61 billion Yuan were signed for 15 hi-tech projects, including domestic testing and comprehensive assessment service platform for detecting instruments, anti-haze and anti-free radical food joint development project, the Beijing Yuanxin Mobile Internet Center project, the Jiaxun Feihong internet of things and unmanned system industry park project, the project of phase II of Huimai vertical E-business industry, the Internet +3D new materials project, and the strategic cooperation project of zero-distance smart community. These projects involve high and new technologies, with innovation projects accounting for a large portion, coordinated development projects concerning the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region growing in number and emerging industries showing great potentials. The 18th CHITEC focused on those quality and leading projects, turning itself into a platform for science and new technology innovation. Overall, these projects signed reveal the following four salient features:

The first is the increased proportion of technological innovation industry projects. During the 18th CHITEC, about 53 percent of the projects value went to several industrial fields of the 12 major special subjects included in the Beijing Technology Innovation Action Plan (2014-2017). These fields include the technological breakthrough and industrial development of new generation of mobile communication, digitalized manufacturing and industrial cultivation, and spanning development of biological medicine. Valued at 3.5 billion Yuan, these signed agreements for cooperation are mostly based on the strategic positioning of Beijing in the new period and focus on the strengthening of weak links in technological innovation fields, to promote the construction of S&T innovation system in Beijing. 

The second is the emergence of “Internet+” projects. “Internet+” is a new form in the integrative development of the Internet and traditional industries under Innovation 2.0, applying innovation results of Internet into economic and social fields through optimization and integration of allocation of production factors by Internet. During the Expo, a great number of “Internet+” projects cut a brilliant figure, yielding positive results. Cases in point include the creation of “3D new optical material +Internet+ offline application experience stores” through the mass entrepreneurship project would promote employment; The Yuanxin Mobil Internet Center project achieved integrated innovation by combining new generation of information technology that features cloud computing, internet of things and big data, and modern manufacturing and production-oriented service industry; the Jiaxun Feihong internet of things and unmanned system industry park project will be extensively applied in internet-of-things application zone, unmanned system industry zone, headquarters offices, science and technology incubation zone, etc. realizing concentrated development of Internet +industries.

The third is the achievements in the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The industrial and layout adjustment, and the linking-up of infrastructure facilities and public services due to the coordinated development bring about great opportunities for the integrative development of industries in these three areas. The Beijing Wisdom Elves Technology Co., Ltd., which has developed the Wisdom Elves hardware system, reached cooperation intention with many real estate agencies, including Kunlun Properties, the Hebei Jinsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., the Hebei Juhua Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and the Hengshui Wanxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. The integrated WPC (wood plastic composite) housing project park will settle down in the Hebei Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, which would innovate traditional housing-building concept in China, as the WPC (wood plastic composite) could be assembled without need of any water or much electric power, and can all be recycled. Centering around the integrated development strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Chengde’s cultural tourism complex project would develop urban parks, cultural squares and cultural industrial parks in Chengde relying on new generation of internet technologies.

The fourth is the emerging industries which show enormous market potential. These emerging industries, represented by health industry, reveals good prospects, and involve several production and service fields that are closely related to human health, such as medical products, health care products and nutrition foods. Six cooperation projects involving health industry were signed during the Expo, including industrialized development project of personalized nutritional flour, joint development project of anti-faze and anti-free-radical healthy food, higher value application project of biomass, and construction project of the CAS Green Biotechnology Research Institute. They account for 40 percent of the total projects signed during the Expo. These projects are expected to exert radiation effects on related industries, absorb labor force and promote consumption, stimulating domestic demands and improving local people’s livehood.