May 13 - 17, 2015 - Beijing, China

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Highlights of Zhongguancun Exhibition Zone: New Fruits of 100 Companies

Beijing - May 22, 2015 11:03:37 AM

The 18th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo will open on May 13 at the China International Exhibition Center (old site). In the Zhongguancun Science Park at No.2 Hall of the main exhibition area, more than 140 businesses in Zhongguancun will collectively showcase over 500 items of new technologies, products and services. Of them, more than 70 percent of the enterprises or products participate in the Expo for the first time. The first Zhongguancun Makers activity will be held on May 15 to show the latest and most fashionable inventions both at home and abroad.

Under the theme of seeking high and sophisticated technologies to work for a brighter future, the Park will, on one hand, showcase their latest progress and achievements in promoting the all-around deepening reform and helping build an economic structure featuring high-techs based on the strategic positioning of Beijing, with Internet+ projects and Entrepreneurial China project as the key storyline;

On the other hand, with Internet + the main clue, the Park will also showcase some innovative technologies, products and integrated solutions featuring smart, health and environmental protection, centering around such strategic new industries as Big Data industrial demonstration, intelligent hardware, smart healthcare, energy-saving and energy conservation and environmental protection. Meanwhile, the Park will highlight the concept of promoting mass innovation and entrepreneurship through story-telling, scene simulation, immersive experience, etc.

The Park contains eight exhibition zones featuring respectively: intelligent hardware, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent interconnection, ambient intelligence, smarter healthcare, wisdom agriculture, and smarter life. With a total exhibition area of 3,200 square meters, the exhibitions were carefully designed to allow the visitors to see the role of science and technology, smart hi-tech products and entrepreneurship.

Science Trip: Experiencing the Magic Role of High and Sophisticated Technologies Represented by Artificial Intelligence

During the Expo, the Beijing 7Invensun Technology Co., Ltd. will showcase “Almighty Eye” which can aid the persons suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to type with eyes so as to be able to communicate with others using computers. It is the first company in China focusing on the research and development of eye-tracking, head-tracking and eye-motion control in the field of machine vision. In the future, the eye-motion control technology will be widely used in smart phones, smart glasses and other products.

There are many other companies which work on smart products at the Zhongguancun Science Park. Like the 7Invensun, they are devoted to the research and development of artificial intelligence. During the Expo, they will display smart sockets, smart home, intelligent robots, intelligent communication equipment, and many other intelligent products.

The intelligent hardware exhibition zone will focus on the key technologies of intelligent hardware and their typical applications such as smart sensors, smart terminals, wearable device operating systems, virtual reality, human-computer interaction, data exchange, cross-screen adaptation and inter-network interconnection.

The smart manufacturing exhibition zone will display the innovative application of such intelligent manufacturing equipment as industrial robots, smart instrumentation and 3D printers in the key fields of production process control, production monitoring, manufacturing supply chain tracking, product lifecycle monitoring and product safety, as well as the achievements in building the industrial cloud and industrial Internet of things.

The smart interconnection exhibition zone will focus on the typical application of such technologies as the new-generation mobile communications standard creation, intelligent communications equipment, security services and application services in the fields of e-commerce, new media, mobile entertainment, car networking, Internet banking, network virtualization, network security and big data application.

Intellectual Trip: Experiencing the Dramatic Changes Brought by the Internet Cross-Border Integration

The Direct Medical APP and its intelligent health facilities developed by the Beijing Huawei Dite Health Technology Co., Ltd. can effectively monitor the health conditions of family members. After connecting with the Direct Medical APP smart health device with a mobile phone, the user can independently complete the test of blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG, body constitution and other health indicators. The test data can be automatically recorded to form a complete health record. Through the Direct Medical APP, the data can be sent to its owner’s consultant to gain targeted treatment recommendation.

Internet+ companies like Huawei Dite will be the new highlights of the Expo with their display of innovative products such as smart fertigation system, intelligent and efficient energy efficiency management platform, permanent artificial cornea and Face ++ machine's eye.

The smart environment exhibition zone of the Zone will display advanced technical products and overall solutions in the fields of air pollution control, waste treatment for recycling, overall utilization of water resources, pollutant source monitoring, ecological restoration and high energy saving technology, etc. through the scene simulation of green city and ecological home.

The smart medical treatment exhibition zone will present a number of intelligent, small-sized innovative products and services in the fields of biology and emerging health services by simulating the community health center.

The smart agriculture exhibition zone will display mainly the popularization and application of intelligent greenhouse, cultivation with facilities, intelligent irrigation, soilless cultivation, disaster monitoring, soil remediation and other technologies in the fields of intelligent agriculture, organic agriculture, new rural construction and the like.