May 13 - 17, 2015 - Beijing, China

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Beijing Letianyuan to Showcase New Technology at the Expo

Beijing - May 22, 2015 11:07:39 AM

Environmental pollution is one of the core issues that hamper sustainable development of the national economy. How to solve the problem is of public concern and the government is making Herculean efforts to find a solution. Under the backdrop, there are many hi-tech companies working in the field. One of them is the Beijing Letianyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. which has realized innovation in four fields of environmental protection, achieving a purification rate up to or above new national standard by exploiting electrochemistry principles. They work at a relatively low cost but their research fruits in four environmental fields have won six patent rights.

In the field of NOX purification, based on traditional redox method, only up to 70-80 percent of high concentrations of NOX can be purified, and reductive reaction between NO2 and NO5 that would produce harmful NO can be easily set off. However, the Beijign Letianyuan’s technology reaches new national standard GB18485-2014, and could rival those prevalent in the world.

In regard to cleaning up dioxins created during garbage burning, the current rapid cooling method fails to meet the new international standard of being lower than 0.1ngTEQ/m3. However, the Beijing Letianyuan’s new technology can control the amount of dioxin lower than 0.1ngTEQ/m3, far above the new national standard

In addition, new technologies of the Beijing Letianyuan in purifying the organic compounds and heavy metals in the leachate are also better than the current steam cooling method, reaching the new national standard.

Finally, with respect to the disposal of kitchen wastes, the Beijing Letianyuan’s new technology, on the base of reaching the new international standard in desalination of kitchen wastes and purification of heavy metal ions, realizes recycling of kitchen wastes by applying organic fertilizer generated to the production of industrial fertilizer.

As early as in 1991, the Beijing Letianyuan’s electrochemical cyanide-removal technology won patent certificates from the United States, Britain, Germany and five other countries. In the future, it will work harder as before in the interest of China’s environmental protection cause.