May 19 - 22, 2016 - Beijing, China

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Overview of Trade Promotion Activities of the 19th CHITEC  

Beijing - May 25, 2016 10:28:14 AM

Today's China is teeming with investment opportunities. In specific, during the 13th five-year plan, improved consumption structure, the construction of Smart Cities, Beautiful China, and Healthy China, and other programs will deliver long-term market potentials. Meanwhile, national strategies such as the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development and the Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative will expand China's strategic space, with the B&R Initiative to bring more opportunities for infrastructure construction along its route, as well as finance and industrial capacity output of China. In addition, the Internet+, Smart Manufacturing of China, and innovation & entrepreneurship campaigns will also spawn enormous opportunities.

In this context, the China Beijing International High-Tech Expo (CHITEC) finds its mission and significance in bringing together the best market and capital forces, allowing for industry-university-research interactions, integrating sci-tech resources into one platform, and in accelerating popularization, commercialization, and industrialization of sci-tech research findings. The 19th CHITEC will host 12 trade promotions and negotiations to introduce a large number of projects in current China with the greatest investment values, facilitate private investment and effective investment, and to boost industrial transformation and upgrading.

Highlight forefront projects and quicken commercialization of research findings

This year's work report of the Chinese government mentioned innovation for 61 times, and clearly stated that research findings will contribute more than 60% to the economic growth by 2020. However, research findings do not appear easy to be commercialized. Wan Gang, China's Minister of Science and Technology, said in a new conference during this year's NPC&CPPCC that, how could we enable more research findings to be commercialized in the market?

This by all means requires a lot of drivers. Some intermediary agents and platforms are necessary. And CHITEC is duty bound.

This year's CHITEC will release a wide range of forefront technologies and new products to facilitate commercialization of research findings.

Meanwhile, many self-developed Chinese smart manufacturing technologies will also come under spotlight. These include: A) the world's state-of-the-art full-automatic smart pressurization filter, which is 4–8 times of ordinary filters in production capacity, saves 50% energy compared to ordinary ones, and supports full-automatic smart operations. B) Quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) formaldehyde sensor works under room temperatures, features a high sensitivity, good selectivity, and fast response resumption, and can satisfy the requirements of the IoT (Internet of Things) industry for low consumption and low cost sensors. The sensor can be widely used in smart home, air purifier, air quality detection, and other sectors. Not only is the sensor heavily profitable, but it has significant environmental and social benefits. C) Graphene used for anticorrosive paints, can lower cost and improve performance of traditional anticorrosive paints. D) Olefine acid paint fills a domestic gap, reaches the standards of PSA Peugeot Citroen and VW AG in quality, and can fully replace imported products.

In accordance with the convention and product technical standards of the first release platform, Beijing New Technologies and New Products (Services) Conference will release a variety of technically sound new technologies and new products (services) with stable performance, reliable quality, and proprietary intellectual property rights and proprietary brands.

Artificial intelligence technology is gaining momentum and the Internet+ projects are being sought after. The 19th CHITEC will hold road shows for innovative products from Intel: its innovative products in ecology, smart traveling, AR/VR, and in new content, providing innovation & entrepreneurship enterprises and teams with a stage to display, and offering investors an opportunity to learn about new products.

The Internet+ will promote total factor productivity of enterprises. Leeone smart interactive teaching platform is a prominent application featuring Internet+ education, supporting the R&D around interactive class, e-bag, and a cloud-based educational platform. Future home all-in-one smart home security and protection system is an application platform of Internet+home. It is based upon residences and encompasses construction and decoration, network communications, IoT, IT home appliances, equipment automation, and other technologies, integrating the system, structure, services, and management into a whole efficient, safe, convenient, and environmentally-friendly security & protection system. The Internet intelligent fission technical system is a bona-fide Internet platform supporting universal connectivity and information sharing. It encompasses such multiple functions as information release, various demonstrations, information exchange, product transactions, WebGroup management, data collection and analysis, and smart push. This platform allows seamless connection between the supply chain and consumption chain, links up sales channels, and reduces  many intermediate links, thus reducing costs and increasing profits.

On May 18, the meeting on popularization of sci-tech research findings and business cooperation projects will be held in Yulong International Hotel of Beijing. There were a diverse range of promotion and negotiation projects, including those in maker space, Internet+, smart manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, modern agriculture, and biomedicine.

The 2016 Circular Economy Symposium & Environmentally-friendly Sci-tech Projects Promotion Conference, slated for May 20 at the complex of China International Exhibition Center, will promote and matchmake a number of major and patented projects in the sector of energy conservation and environmental protection. Present in the event will be representatives from foreign agencies to China, financial institutions, investors, research institutions. Also on May 20, the promotion meeting on domestic detection instrument verification and comprehensive evaluation technical services will take place at Jingyi Hotel in Beijing. The meeting will promote the project of "2015 research and application of verification and evaluation of domestic detection equipment on the sci-tech infrastructure platform of Beijing", demonstrate research findings, and introduce verification equipment. Meanwhile, some experts will interpret development policies for domestic equipment, and there will also be a seminar on technical exchange of verification equipment solutions and a seminar on verification design and development, offering a full demonstration of the necessity, feasibility, and prospects of verification efforts.

Highlight the B&R Initiative and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development Projects to promote regional collaborative innovation

The first Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Sci-tech Agriculture Credible Brands Promotion Meeting will explore such issues like construction of credible sci-tech agriculture brands and safety of agriculture products and foods concerning Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative development. The meeting aims to materialize complementary advantages in sci-tech agriculture among the region, and create a platform for exchanges among the government, trade association, enterprises, and the market, thereby spurring the region to blaze a trail of sustainable, collaborative development of agricultural sci-tech industry.

With a theme of "Sci-tech agriculture, co-build credibility, collaborative development, and green rise", the meeting will explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism for creditability construction; help entities of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Alliance effectively conduct credit and self-discipline, and promote collaborative development and in-depth cooperation of agricultural sci-tech industry in the region. To these ends, nearly 100 credible agricultural sci-tech brand enterprises will attend the meeting and exhibition, showcasing green, safe foods, as well as new, famous, premium, specialty, and geographically labeled agricultural products. The promotion meeting will include special promotional sessions respectively for modern agriculture projects of Xingtai City, and sci-tech innovation projects of Beijing Fulei Industrial & Co., Ltd. These sessions will see the release of over 20 modern agriculture projects and a project signing ceremony, as well as on-site exchanges.

The meeting on popularization of sci-tech research findings and business cooperation projects will roll out some projects around the B&R Initiative and regional collaborative innovation. The 2016 B&R Business Salon—Invest in Iran was co-sponsored by the Commercial Counselor's Office of Iranian Embassy in China and Beijing Economic and Trade Information Consulting Center. Iran is a significant player along the B&R route. The Iranian Embassy will publish investment information to lay out the latest investment policies, rules and regulations, and the latest projects of the country, so as to promote the economic development of both China and Iran.

Over these years, the CHITEC has been working towards creating an open innovation system, facilitating regional collaboration in innovation, and promoting economic transformation and upgrading. For instance, the CHITEC has initiated promotion and signing activities for domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions as an important measure to promote regional collaboration. To date, The activities have served as a significant platform for these participants to promote their sci-tech industrial policies and economic development environments, attract investments, and sign sci-tech cooperative commercial projects. Such promotion and signing activities will continue in this year's CHITEC so as to improve services and expand influence. The promotion and signing activities, scheduled for May 19 at Beijing Yulong International Hotel, will promote local sci-tech industrial policies and economic development environments, and distinctive sci-tech cooperative projects of these regions.

Highlight marine sci-tech projects to promote transformation of marine industry

The 2016 International Marine Sci-Tech & Project Cooperation Meeting will be held at Radisson Blu Hotel on May 19. Themed with "Develop marine economy and facilitate 21st Maritime Silk Road", the meeting will feature international exchanges and discussions on marine sci-tech innovation and industrial cooperation.

The meeting will feature exchanges on the development and international cooperation of Denmark's marine industry; innovation and development of Canada's marine sci-tech; and industry concerns like China-Germany cooperation in marine industry. Meanwhile, it will discuss upgrading of marine economy of Shandong Province, growing marine electronics, and facilitating the marine power construction. Moreover, the meeting will share experience in marine discovery and development as well as maritime scientific investigations.

The 2016 International Marine Sci-Tech Project Cooperation & Promotion Meeting will be co-sponsored by the Publicity & Education Center of State Oceanic Administration (SOA) and CCPIT Beijing Sub-council in conjunction with official bodies of many maritime countries. Present in the meeting will be representatives of the CHITEC Organizing Committee, SOA leaders, and officials from agencies in China of overseas maritime countries. The meeting will be addressed by representatives from Denmark, Germany, Canada, and other foreign countries, as well as leaders from China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Institute of Oceanology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Polar Research Institute of China.

Highlight PPP demonstration projects to promote private investment

At present, there are many bottlenecks in China's infrastructure and livelihood sectors, which need urgent transformation and upgrading, so effective investments still have a huge potential. This year's CHITEC will specially launch the 2016 (Beijing) Promotional Meeting for Cooperative PPP Demonstration Projects between Hunan Provincial Government and Social Capital, which will roll out some joint demonstration projects between government and private capital.

PPP, which is short for Public-Private-Partnership, represents an innovative market-based approach to the supply and management of public goods and services. By broadening market access, PPP aims to encourage fair competition, optimize resources allocation of government and the market, improve the efficiency of public financial resources, and increase the supply of public goods and services and their quality, thus materializing cooperation and mutual benefits among the public, enterprises, and government. Currently, the Chinese economy has entered the new normal. As an important initiative, the popularization and adoption of PPP pattern can help transform government functions, activate market forces, and build new growth points to realize structural reforms on the supply side. The wide application of PPP pattern in public service sectors (including energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, sci-tech, indemnificatory housing projects, medical treatment, health, elderly care, education, and culture) can be of great strategic significance to stabilizing growth, promoting reforms, restructuring, improving people's livelihood, and averting risks. Presently, Hunan is planning and upgrading a range of major projects during its efforts to tie in with national strategies such as the B&R Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Zone, using PPP pattern as a "golden key" to facilitate its socio-economic strategic transformation.

The promotional meeting, scheduled for May 18 at Hunan Building in Beijing, will cover extensive projects in diverse fields, including transportation infrastructure, public utility, ecological protection, indemnificatory housing projects, water conservancy, elderly care, health, sci-tech, culture, and tourism. Some projects will come to prominence, such as the water supply quality improvement project and natural gas infusion supply facility project, as well as sewage treatment project and household garbage treatment project. In the meantime, PPP projects promotional activities for Xiangtan City and Yueyang City and paired negotiation on Hunan PPP projects will also be held.

In addition, Hunan PPP projects will be displayed at China International Exhibition Center. Some of the attention-grabbing projects will include the real models of Changsha Maglev express and the Maglev trains, and the interiors of the trains, as well as core Maglev technologies for suspension controller, F track, and turnout junction. The Changsha Maglev express is among the first PPP projects of Hunan. It represents the world's 4th Maglev, the globe's 3th middle-low speed Maglev (the 2nd put into commercial operation globally). The express is China's first commercialized middle-low speed Maglev line with independent design, construction, manufacturing, and management, as well as proprietary intellectual property rights. As a new-generation urban transportation system, the Changsha Maglev express will start an all-new, safe, and convenient trip for passengers. The popularization of this set of Maglev operating system and technology, if possible, will necessarily become the next name card of Made in China following the high-speed rail of China. As such, sharing PPP projects as represented by the Changsha Maglev express and discussing potential approaches to popularization can be of great and profound significance to enabling more PPP projects to be put into practice in Hunan.

This will be the 8th time that Hunan holds investment attraction activities by dint of the CHITEC. A powerful delegation led by Vice Governors will attend the various activities.

Highlight sci-tech & finance innovation to address challenges in financing

Sci-tech and finance represent two of the most important engines for economic development. We should accelerate guiding financial resources towards the sci-tech sector and facilitate the combination of sci-tech and finance as a significant initiative to quicken the commercialization of sci-tech research findings and foster strategic emerging industries. Not merely does this initiative come as a realistic choice for unlocking the bottlenecks in commercialization of research findings and in financing of small and medium sci-tech firms, but it also comes as a strategic choice for China to enhance its capacity in independent innovation and build itself into an innovative country.

The CHITEC has been valuing innovation in sci-tech and innovation. The meeting on investment & financing of sci-tech projects will be held in Yulong International Hotel of Beijing on May 19. The investment & financing activities for sci-tech projects will offer sci-tech firms and finance investment institutions an opportunity for direct exchange with each other, develop more quality companies and projects, and attract and gather more premium sci-tech resources, thus helping tie-in of projects as soon as possible. In the formats of "project road show, guest comment, and free exchange", the meeting will discuss approaches for sci-tech firms to develop rapidly, provide an in-depth look at the trends, strategies, and opportunities for sci-tech investment & financing. In addition, the meeting will interpret national supportive policies for small and medium-sized businesses, help them broaden financing channels, and guide them to mitigate the various risks during their financing. At the same time, the meeting on popularization of sci-tech research findings and business cooperation projects will also prominently feature sci-tech and finance innovation, as well as the support of sci-tech and finance for medium, small and micro businesses.