Sep 17 - 20, 2020 - Beijing, China

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"Visiting CHITEC 2020 to learn about Beijing" series event resource organization: Beijing Yili Arctic Ocean Soft Drink Product Experience Center  

Beijing - Sep 21, 2020 10:22:54 PM

"Visiting CHITEC 2020 to learn about Beijing" series event resource organization: Beijing Yili Arctic Ocean Soft Drink Product Experience Center
The 23rd China Beijing International High-tech Expo (CHITEC 2020) opened from September 17~20, 2020. This year's CHITEC 2020 will be guided by the construction of a technological innovation center with global influence, combining high-end hot topics of the Zhongguancun Forum and the global demand for fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic, promoting collaborative innovation of anti-epidemic science and technology, and focusing on key core technologies and original innovations, integrating resources to create an international exchange and cooperation platform in the field of science and technology.

"Visiting CHITEC 2020 to learn about Beijing" series of activities
In 2020, "Visiting CHITEC 2020 to learn about Beijing" series of activities are jointly organized by CCPIT (Beijing) and Beijing Hiking Association. During the activities, closely centered on the theme of CHITEC 2020, organized the general public to enter the main venue of CHITEC 2020 and selected 10 Beijing characteristic science and technology museums, laboratories, and national innovation and technology parks, so as to learn about the fruitful achievements that Beijing has made in the construction of the national science and technology innovation center, so that they can experience the changes that technological innovation has brought to the development of the city and their lives during the visit.

As an important special event of CHITEC 2020, the "Visiting CHITEC 2020 to learn about Beijing" series of activities will be held when Beijing's epidemic prevention and control work enters the normalization stage. The series of activities will fully incorporate the activity concept of "Technology Benefits People's Livelihood, Innovation Changes Lives", allowing the public to gain more knowledge of scientific and technological innovation through participating activities, increase scientific and technological innovation awareness, and make positive contributions to the construction of a national scientific and technological innovation center. Beijing Yili Arctic Ocean Experience Center is one of the top ten resource sharing organizations.

"Yi Li" brand began in 1906
"Yili" brand was founded in 1906. In this year British businessman James Neal founded Yili Company in Shanghai. In the mid-1940s, Yili Company was transformed into Chinese national capital management and renamed Yili Food Company. In 1951, Yili moved from Shanghai to Beijing. Pursuing quality for a century of justice and profit, in 2006, it was selected as the first batch of "Chinese time-honored" enterprises by the Ministry of Commerce.

"Arctic Ocean" brand started in 1936
"Arctic Ocean" was founded in 1936, formerly known as the Beiping Ice Factory, and is the first artificial ice making enterprise in Beijing. In 1949, the ice factory was nationalized and renamed as Beijing New Ice Factory. It is one of the founding companies of beverages and cold food in China. In 1951, Arctic Ocean began to produce soda water, and officially registered the "Arctic Ocean" trademark, with a logo composed of snow mountains and white bears. Eight products have won the Quality Product Award from the former Ministry of Light Industry, and three products have won the National Silver Award.

The product experience center jointly created by Yili and Arctic Ocean, carrying the time-honored memories of the people of Beijing, is officially open to the public! Here, parents can take their children to visit the production process of classic Arctic ocean soda water and Yili bread, and feel the development and changes of Chinese food industry culture.

In recent years, Yili has dug deep into the value of brand culture and gave birth to the experience economy.
It is understood that as early as 2006, Yili had already launched a visit to the bakery factory, allowing kindergarten children to see how bread is made. Visitors can see how the bread ingredients are matched, so that everyone can rest assured about the ingredients. Nowadays, parent-child DIY experience center is still provided. People can go to the experience center to make bread, cakes, etc., and they can also visit the entire bread production workshop to see the process flow, from material selection, ingredients, mixing, fermentation, segmentation and molding, loading molds, Barbecue, cooling, packaging and storage. In the Arctic Ocean factory's workshop, visitors can see the Arctic Ocean soda water production process.