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Microscratch extraction technology perfectly restores cultural relics and revivifies details  

Beijing - Sep 16, 2021 4:14:08 PM

The exhibition section of 2021 ZGC Forum (CHITEC 2021), an integration of forums and exhibitions, will present a global platform for scientific and technological innovation exchanges and cooperation and for the publication, display and trading of scientific and technological achievements. By closely focusing on the theme and highlighting fields such as intelligence technology, medicine and health, science and technologies used in the Beijing Winter Olympics, carbon neutrality, etc., CHITEC 2021 will give international visitors an impressive experience of China's sci-tech excellence and help micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) connect with the capital market.

Microscratch extraction technology

At CHITEC 2021, the microscratch extraction technology independently developed by New Dimensional Imagination Digital Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. will be exhibited. By means of internationally advanced microscratch extraction technology, combined with self-developed software operations, this technology can remove obstacles that affect vision, improve the sharpness of decorative texture on the cultural relics by 50%~80%, and visually restore cultural relics in depth. The high-definition restoration of the shape and texture of cultural relics can provide complex details that cannot be recognized by naked eye, provide a more comprehensive and accurate reference basis for the protection and restoration of cultural relics, and provide reliable support for the development of protection and restoration plans.

For stone carvings, due to weathering and other reasons, many decorations has no longer been seen by the naked eye. Due to the limitations of time and space, the poor protection of stone carvings and the limitations of naked eyes, it is difficult for people to discover its beauty. However, by collecting data and applying microscratch extraction technology, the details of cultural relics that are invisible to the naked eye can be restored with high precision.

Just as it is said that "existence is to be perceived", "exists because of being seen", by using modern scientific and technological achievements, we can re-display the unparalleled brilliance of Chinese civilization in front of the world, and can derive cultural relics line drawings, digital full-scale rubbings, etc., so that it can be used as a high-end cultural and creative product of the museum to benefit people, and it also can provide convenience for researchers to study inscriptions and graphic decoration on the cultural relics. The research and development of this technology is an important innovation in the field of cultural relics protection.

Qi Baishi's ink and wash painting

With the help of international advanced ultra-high-precision scanning technology, the veins of the leaves and the limbs of the insects in the original painting are shown in details. The scanning accuracy is from 300 DPI to 30,000 DPI resolution, which fully meet the needs of data applications. At present, the technology of this product is taking a lead in the industry and has applied for patent protection. With this technology, people can enjoy "Qi Baishi's ink and wash painting" that is different from the past, which breaks through the limitations of time and space, expresses the true superb skills of art masters, and allows viewers to immerse themselves in exploring the amazing world described by the master.

This is the so-called "we are not the creators of the beauty of cultural relics, we are just the restorers of the beauty of cultural relics."

Microscratch extraction technology

By continuously cultivating the field of cultural heritage digital protection and application technology, and grasping the opportunity of cultural heritage digital development to a certain extent, New Dimensional Imagination Digital Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd. can achieve cultural upgrading in various industries by means of technology and cultural integration, and play an important role in promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional cultural industries and the in-depth integration of digital cultural industries and related industries. With regard to the new formats and new models that continue to give birth to the digital cultural industry, this company has also shown its huge potential and can contribute to the integrated development of technology, culture and finance.

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