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ChainMaker builds an independent and controllable technology platform with the focus on blockchain applications  

Beijing - Sep 23, 2021 11:04:48 AM


At CHITEC 2021, the ChainMaker technology developed by Beijing Academy of Blockchain and Edge Computing (BABEC) will be exhibited.

As the leading independent controllable blockchain software and hardware technology system in China and the platform integrating hardware of blockchain dedicated acceleration chips and assemblable underlying software, ChainMaker features independent controllability, flexible assembly, integration of software and hardware, open source and open for technology development, providing new solutions for building a high-performance, high-reliability, and high-security digital infrastructure.

The name "ChainMaker" (close to the Chinese pronunciation of Chang'an, which has two meanings, namely the capital of ancient China and the meaning of long-term stability) means seeking for long-term peace and stability, thus creating greater brilliance and linking the outside world.

Adhering to the idea of openness and co-construction, ChainMaker focuses on supporting the construction of blockchain applications in key fields of national economy and people's livelihood such as trade, finance, credit, carbon trading, etc., and helps China gain a competitive advantage in the new round of global digital revolution by building a trusted digital infrastructure for the future digital economy.

ChainMaker contains the core framework of the blockchain, a rich component library and tool set. It has created a deep modular, assembleable, high-performance parallel execution blockchain underlying technology architecture, and realized all independent research and development of more than ten core modules such as quantum-resistant encryption algorithm, governable pipeline consensus and hybrid shard storage. Its transaction processing capacity reaches 100,000 TPS, which ranks among the world's leading levels.

Adhering to the concept of open source and openness, co-construction and sharing, ChainMaker builds its own open source community and provides comprehensive services for the developer. Developers can log in to the ChainMaker open source community website to download the source code. Based on ChainMaker, blockchain system developers can build different blockchain application systems.

In the future, ChainMaker will also actively attract more companies and individual developers to join its open source community, promote the continuous improvement and iterative update of the technology system, give the ChainMaker long-term and sustainable vitality, and create a technologically advanced and active global open source technology ecosystem.

(Source: China Science Daily)