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MST’s key deployments to fuel development of science & technology

Beijing - May 15, 2012 9:21:28 AM

To shape an innovative country, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) has defined ten key scientific & technological deployments during the “12th Five-year Plan”. Firstly, significant dedicated projects of scientific and technology shall be accelerated. Secondly, strategic emerging industries shall be actively cultivated and developed. Thirdly, high-tech processes shall be employed to expedite elevation of tradition industries. Fourthly, the role of science and technology in improvement of the people’s livelihood shall be improved vigorously. The rest five deployment measures respectively involve researches on basic science and leading-edge technologies, science & technology talent development, enlarged investment in science and technology, scientific & technological management system reform, technological outcome transformation, and foreign cooperation. (Securities Times, May 18, 2011)