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Experts say the country is seriously lagging behind Standardization Law

Beijing - May 26, 2013 5:50:30 AM

Morning News (Reporter Han Yuanjia) occurred recently hot topic so many food safety "standard" itself caused great concern. At a recent Tech Expo Technology Innovation and Urban Management Forum, Wang Zhongmin, vice chairman of China Association for Standardization researcher said, the country's existing mandatory and recommended two standards are outdated and should be modified.
"Standard issue brings us a lesson of blood and sweat." Wang Zhongmin said more than last year's bridge collapse accident, many of which are caused due to violations of design standards. The recent uproar farmer spring events, but also reflects the complexity and diversity of the standard. Wang Zhongmin that the mandatory separation of our country and recommended two standards, which is revised in 1988, the standardization of national law which determined the law is outdated and should be modified, can be taken with reference to the standard technical regulations in this way , scientific, and in line with international practice.