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At the end of the public bus, you can experience the 4G network

Beijing - May 26, 2013 5:50:52 AM

WASHINGTON (Reporter Zhang Qianyi) end of the year, people will leave the 4G network is a step closer. At yesterday's meeting of the High-Tech Expo "2013 Smart City Forum", the deputy general manager of Beijing Mobile Liudian Feng said that this year Beijing will build a complete 1200 Mobile 4G network base station and the bus began to deploy TD-FI equipment. Just use the public phone with WIFI function, you can experience the 4G network in the bus.
Liu Dianfeng introduction, TD-FI device itself 3G, 4G network has access to functionality in the future carry passengers through a wireless Internet-enabled laptop, cell phone or iPad, you can connect car TD-FI equipment to achieve free WLAN Internet.
"With the network upgrade, if we want to use 3G or 4G, including future updates of communications technology, have to change phone but the 4G network in the bus open to everyone for mobile phone eliminates the trouble." Liudian Feng said future TD-FI device will put the subway, shopping malls and other public places by 1200 with 4G base stations, the public can easily enjoy the high-speed 4G network services.
It is understood, 4G network 3G network download speeds can reach 30 to 40 times, and to achieve on the move speed remained stable.