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Technology products collar "fresh" High-Tech Expo

Beijing - May 26, 2013 5:51:36 AM

Beijing, May 24 News reporter Tao Yu Su China reported: seemingly blank screen, on the special glasses to wear after the discovery of the original automatic teller machine operator interface. Many visitors are on 16th Beijing CHITEC BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. exhibited this "black and white" teller machines showed great interest. BOE staff Ren Min told reporters: "This display has a strong advantage of confidentiality, with it, everyone in the operation of automatic teller machines no longer have to worry about your personal information will be stolen."
Since Tech Expo since the opening of every day tens of thousands of visitors come to visit, in addition to the forefront of scientific and technological achievements list, more real experience to bring to life the high-tech convenience.
Courier to the recipient is not at home how to do? At the CHITEC Conference, Jingdong Mall demonstrated their trial Hydropower Company "last mile" of the new achievements - from mentioning cabinet. 2 meters tall metal cabinet like oversized mailbox, the middle is the display, operator interface and credit card machines. Lv Dongdong staff before the operation interface glanced dimensional code stored in the phone, the information verified, "pop", a door on the lower left corner bounced off automatically, cabinets in Jingdong Mall to buy. "Since the cabinet will mention those who have limited time delivery to customers 24 hours from mentioning services by scanning Jingdong sent by the pick-dimensional code or enter the order number, you can take away from mentioning his cabinet online shopping commodities. "
The CHITEC Conference, 14 thematic exhibition focusing technical and ecological civilization construction, showcasing a number of our self-developed material, core and key technologies, meanwhile, will be on-site at the CHITEC can see more High-tech has been or is becoming a reality and matures, to bring more and more people's lives change.