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2011 Chinese carbon emissions accounted for 24% of the world total

Beijing - May 26, 2013 5:52:01 AM

WASHINGTON (Reporter Lei new) May 24, hosted by the International Institute for the preparation of low-carbon economy, "China Development Report 2013 low-carbon economy" by the Social Science Documentation Publishing House for the first time in Beijing CHITEC release. Reporting the latest data show that in 2011 China's carbon emissions has accounted for the world's carbon emissions by 24%.
Author of the report ZhaoZhongXiu, Wang Ran and Yan Yun-Feng pointed out that China is not in the process of industrialization and laissez-faire environmental problems continue to worsen, but has always attached great importance to resource conservation and ecological protection. Use of market mechanisms to reduce carbon emissions is considered to be an important future Chinese low-carbon development path. Wang Yi, Chinese Academy of person provinces carbon emissions analysis found that in 2010, carbon emissions in the coastal high, low inland eastern dominant; in heavy industry as the mainstay of the provinces generally higher carbon emissions; carbon emission intensity is from west to east; per capita carbon emissions are from north to south, east to the west. To this end they proposed to determine the carbon footprint differentiated according to the area of low-carbon development goals, the establishment of special funds for the development of low-carbon, low-carbon development to establish inter-regional communication mechanism.