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86 Billion Yuan Was Transacted in the 16TH CHITEC A Batch of Significant Scientific and Technological Achievements Was Transferred into Transaction

Beijing - May 28, 2013 10:14:31 AM

Report by Xinhua Net Beijing Channel on May, 26th: Between May 21st and 26th , more than 40 events of the 16TH CHITEC including high tech exhibitions, forums and introduction and marketing of scientific and technological projects events, like a grand feast for science and technology, it explained and showed the theme of “ innovation-driven and transition-developing", with the latest results and great breakthrough in Chinese science and technological innovations showing concentrated, it also promoted a batch of technological achievements transferring and cooperation in significant industrial projects.
CHITEC organizing committee told that: based on their incomplete statistics, 123 scientific and technological industrial base construction projects, technological cooperation projects and trade and so on has been signed in the period of CHITECT, the total agreement amount reaches 86.023 billion Yuan. In the signing projects of this CHITECK, the projects including new generation information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, bioindustry and other strategic new industries covers a large proportion , the total signed projects was 62, which accounting for more than 50% of the total projects; the features of business canvassing in industrial chain is very obvious, 48 projects are scientific and technological parks and the industrial base upstream and downstream matching projects, which covers 40% of the total projects. In addition, the technological achievement transferring transaction and technological communication and cooperation are very active, with 45 signed projects, which accounting for 36.6% of the total projects; CHITEC has promoted the further improvement of scientific and technological achievement transferring ability.
Within the period of 16TH CHITEC, 230,000 persons have attended the CHITEC event from home and abroad. Including 11 international organization, more than 20 the delegates and groups standing for the government of country, scientific and technological, economic and trade delegates, the official from more than 22 countries’ embassy  stationed in China, 35 provincial, regional and municipal and municipalities with independent planning status delegates have attended the CHITEC theme seminar, exhibition, forum and introduction and promotion events; the people is very crowd in the CHITEC,  the exhibition has received more than 220,000 within 5 days; the projects introduction and marketing events are penetrated through many events in CHITECT such as exhibition, introduction and marketing, forum and so on, including 13 special introduction and marketing events, they are very hot so that attract more than 5000 clients and merchants from home and abroad to attend; the 8 forums is very popular in the circle, 286 international organization directors, governmental authorities, international and domestic famous experts, scholars, entrepreneurs has given speeches, the audiences are more than 7000.
As the “wind indicator” of China science and technology, and economic development, The CHITEC has showed the world Chinese scientific and technological strength which is concentrated fast, it also shows that, more and more Chinese enterprises have become the lead force and innovative leaders for researching and developing, showing that China economy is now leading to a sustainable development road where the scientific and ecological is harmony and uniform, showing the booming developing of China strategic new industries and the excellent status of industrial transition and economic upgrading, showing the new face, new trend of the technologies combining with the innovation industries.
The 17TH CHITEC will be held in Beijing between May. 13th and May 18th 2014.