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14 Scientific and Technological Cooperation Projects have signed by around 14.25 billion Yuan

Beijing - May 28, 2013 10:15:13 AM

Comparing with the previous CHITEC, the projects signed concentrated this time are basically the state-confirmed strategic new industrial projects, which involves internet, high-end equipments manufacturing, new energy, new energy vehicles, biological medicines and other areas. As the state high-tech industrial park, Beijing Economic Technology Development Zone its settled enterprise signed 8 significant scientific and technological cooperation projects including catalyst headquarter base, new energy headquarter base, lithium electricity Beijing Production and marketing base, unmanned aircraft research and production base, automation monitoring and management system developing base and so on, which becomes the “lead role” of this signing ceremony.
This Newspaper reports by Journalist Yan Jing: The 16TH CHITEC’s “Scientific and Technological Cooperation Signing Ceremony” is held in Beijing. Sinopec New Energy Headquarter base, AVIC Intelligent Measurement CO., LTD Unmanned Aircraft Research and Development Production base, CWSN wireless sensor network system platform, micro iris recognition sensor, pure electric bus direct-driving motor system, hazardous and harmful gas prevention and control internet platform construction and so on, totally 14 high-tech cooperation projects is concentrated signed with the signed amount reaching 14.25 billion Yuan.