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Construction producing GDP, Removing producing GDP too? The Experts are calling on Urban Planning is Expected to Standardization

Beijing - May 28, 2013 10:15:49 AM

Science and Technology Daily Reports by Journalist Chen Yu: The Moscow’s sewer built in Tsar Eve are still used now, many French streets build 700 years ago are still perfect in function, while many of our domestic significant projects is removed for constructing and constructing for removing. In the 16TH CHITEC Scientific and Technological Innovation and Urban Management Forum held On May 23rd, Wang Zhongmin, the vice president of China Standardization Association is calling for, the planning of the urban is not only need a standardization, but also shall be protected by laws.
He gives a few expels, several days ago, a river-spanning bridge with the designed service life for 20 years was dismantled only in 17 years; another very famous city, the lakeside villas are dismantled for 3 times and constructed for 3 times respectively. Why this happened? Base on his analysis, because construction can produce GDP and removing can also produce GDP, he pointed out by a data that, 1/3 of the cement and reinforcing steel rebar are used to dismantle for constructing, constructing for dismantling.
Wang explained that: Standard the air, it is always in our life; however, because it is too normal, too ordinary, we even can’t feel it. Urban planning is the history of a city, also it is associated with the status now and future of the city. If without the support of standardization, there will be no sustainable development. In the urban planning, it shall highlight the features of each city and emphasize standardization.
The theme of the forum is “innovation leading future and feeling life, standard supporting cities and fining the management”, it also invited the experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Standardization Association and other organizations, to check the standardization and information of the urban management and offer advices and suggestions for the further urban construction.