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These Technologies Has Improved the Tibet People’s life by 20 years At least

Beijing - May 28, 2013 10:18:10 AM

THE 16TH CHITEC Qinghai Exhibition Hall has exhibited a grand Yushu Villages Sand Table Scenery and the Experts Remote Diagnosis and Medical Platform which is onsite demonstrated in central big screen, it has attracted many visitors.
“These technologies will improve life of people in Tibet Area by 20 years at least”, Deputy director-general Zhou Weixing of Qinghai Province Science and Technology Ministry told the journalist.
Mr.Zhou introduces that: since the happening of Yushu Great earthquake, Qinghai Province Science and Technology Ministry has organized and performed “Reconstructing Socialism New Yushu, Leading by Science and Technology Action Plan”. The project will be performed by 3 years, now the construction of Post-disaster reconstruction Scientific and Technological Model Village- Daige Village has been done basically.
From the sand table, we can see that, the houses which combined Tibet national style and modern building energy saving technology are well-proportioned scattered around the village, nearby the house, there are a few large-scaled vegetables greenhouse and pastures , relying on a special wall materials, the vegetables greenhouse has realized a full-year production model. The display screen shows that, in this village, 110 houses herdsman housing with CL building system has integrated a variety of practical technological and matching projects such as water supply, electricity, gas and information and so on, it owns a great function in anti-earthquake and energy saving, environmental protection; all the houses are equipped with solar energy heat collection system, low-cost physical examination, biomass energy-saving furnace, floor radiant heating collection equipments and three-in-on network broadband panel points and other scientific and technological systems. 
Especially the clean and economic rural energy system integrated with solar energy photo and thermal, photovoltaic, methane, its thermal force system has provided sufficient energy for the heat collection of residents; double-mode photovoltaic power station can not only guarantee the power supply for residents living, but also can delivery surpass energy to grid; methane integration project and not only disposal the excrement of animals to meet the living fuels demands, but also the biogas residue liquid can also be used in the organic fertilizer-returning land. Because of remote location, the residents would like to see a doctor or go to school, it was not convenient at all, but now the village has build remote digital medical and education model, through network, it can realize a full-coverage management technology with digital database.
The combination method integrated with living, production, ecological and information has changed the energy utilization ways and living methods of Tibet Residents, which brings benefits for the minority area by science and technologies.” Mr. Zhou said, "from now on, we will strive to complete these technologies more and make it as a demonstration to promote to other areas, because the final goal of science and technologies is to bring a better life for people.” Science and Technology Daily Beijing May.25th Reports