Jun 8 - 10, 2017 - Beijing, China

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Qianlong: with 20 years of history, what new highlights will CHITEC bring us this year?  

Beijing - Jun 15, 2017 8:38:30 AM

The 20th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo (CHITEC) will be held in Beijing from June 8 to 10, 2017. For the last two decades, innovation has always been the main theme of CHITEC. Every year, the CHITEC takes on some new elements. What’s new about the 20th session? As the vane of China’s sci-tech development, will the 20th CHITEC open up new vistas or reveal new trends?

According to the official introduction of CHITEC Organizing Committee, through this year’s exhibition, we will find that a large number of leading sci-tech enterprises are racing to secure a commanding height in sci-tech innovation; China is fostering first-mover advantages at an accelerated pace through original and disruptive leading-edge technologies; the Internet Plus initiative is pushed forward in all aspects to accelerate smart manufacturing; innovative development potentials are expanding and the innovation carriers are thriving; the livelihood industries are taking on a new look under the powerhouse of sci-tech progress; Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei are deepening coordinated development and adopting global technological systems in alignment with the Belt and Road initiative; innovation and entrepreneurship centers keep emerging to offer the strongest new impetus for economic transformation.


Highlight 1: Showcasing leading-edge original technologies under one roof

China is intensifying sci-tech structural reform in recent years. A large number of private and State-owned enterprises have gained a strong foothold in the tide of global sci-tech competition, and are racing to secure a commanding height in sci-tech innovation. The country has considerably increased basic research inputs, implemented a batch of major projects, and concentrated advantageous resources on the weakest links of the innovation process. The “asymmetric” catch-up strategy will further strengthen our capacity of original innovation.

Major sci-tech achievements displayed on this year’s CHITEC will include CASC’s Changzheng launch vehicles, BeiDou navigation satellite system, Tiangong-2 space lab and docking VR cabin, lunar exploration & Mars exploration and space technology applications. China North Industries Group Corporation will exhibit hi-tech programs to interpret the theme of civil-military integration and independent innovation, including the photomultiplier tube for neutrino detection, THz detector, Internet Plus positioning service and data cloud platform, Beidou mobile intelligent police terminal, microwave radiometer and associated systems for weather modification, green refrigerant and weedicide, and on-site explosives mixed loading truck. COMAC will also unveil its C919 large jetliner.

In the exhibition area for Zhongguancun’s innovation and entrepreneurship achievements, a number of forward-looking, pilot, disruptive and leading-edge technologies and programs in the such spheres as artificial intelligence, big data, smart hardware, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy-saving and environmental protection, and precision medical care will declare their views. The industrial clusters with technological dominance will become the pride of all Chinese.

A new generation of information technologies are expanding their landscape at an accelerated pace. “Overtaking our competitors through another lanes” is not a dream. With a focus on “new-type smart cities”, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation will demonstrate its industrial layout and innovative technologies in such areas as municipal governance, smart transportation, maritime electronics and core components, and highlight the general function platform, intelligent operation center, blue sea information network, intelligent vessel traffic management system and space cables used for building new-type smart cities.

Artificial intelligence will open up a whole new world; while big data and VR are universally recognized as the frontiers of innovation. Human-computer interaction, data exchange, cross-network interconnection and other key applications are all around us. Biometrics, speech recognition and motion capture, among other technologies and products, are making remarkable progress. BeagleData is the only Chinese manufacturer that offers distributed computing platform products and AI platform infrastructure at the same time. “Yuexin” cloud communication service platform with proprietary intellectual property rights can offer SMS verification code, speech verification code, SMS platform, membership notification, mobile internet traffic data and other services. “7invensun” launches the world's first VR eye-tracking module (aGlass) that boasts three competitive edges of 360-degree views, high precision and low latency as well as four functions of foveated rendering, eye-controlled interaction, eye movement data analysis and iris recognition.

Even more eye-catching are unmanned aerial vehicles and robots. ZEROTECH’s portable drones can be operated directly via smart phones. The drone formation dance set is the only product of its kind that is completely commercialized and marketable in the world. The CATB-F1 developed by Zhonghangying Aviation Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a fixed-wing drone capable of fully automatic vertical take-off and landing. As a simple but reliable solution, CATB-F1 has greatly expanded the UAV application and is an ideal choice for industrial drones. In addition, Chuan Sheng’s BAT anti-UAV defense system combines big data processing, cloud computing, artificial intelligent with machine learning to detect, recognize, track and control low-altitude drones.

Humanoid robot Xiaoluo, made by Tami Intelligence, is among the world’s top ten robots and is the result of the most advanced technologies on robotics intelligent control, mechanical design and complicated formation dance control. ARTrobot focuses on the R&D of large biped humanoid robots and robotic brains and possesses several patented technologies to independently develop core parts and components of robots. The 2nd-generation biped humanoid robots have successfully imitated human-like walking. In possession of hundreds of proprietary intellectual property rights and a complete patent protection system, Beijing Canny-Robot Technology Co., Ltd. has developed some 10 kinds of robots in three families. The 1.28m-tall U05 robot is one of the earliest humanoid service robots that can be put into volume production in the world.

All exhibitors coming from across China will compete to showcase their original and cutting-edge technologies. For example, 35 innovation-oriented hi-tech companies from Hunan Province, where hybrid rice, Tianhe computer, maglev train and other globally reputed sci-tech findings keep emerging in recent years, will display cutting-edge technologies in artificial intelligence, biological medicine, new energy, new materials, digital cultural creativity, rail transport, smart manufacturing, electronic information products and other sectors and areas. Over 40 companies from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will highlight high-end manufacturing, biology, modern agriculture and electronic information technology, etc. Some 20 companies from Heilongjiang Province will give the visitors an access to 38 projects which have obtained sci-tech awards in six areas of electronic information, new medicine, biology, new energy, energy saving technologies and new materials.


Highlight 2: Pressing ahead with Internet Plus to accelerate smart manufacturing

The application of internet has already become a routine in all walks of life; industrial internet is of primary importance to the Internet Plus campaign.

The 20th CHITEC will showcase top-level achievements of smart manufacturing all under one roof. The exhibition area for Zhongguancun’s innovation and entrepreneurship achievements, represented by the “I-M-WAY” eco-system, will highlight the role of smart manufacturing in effectively shortening the product R&D period, improving production efficiency and quality, reducing operational cost and resource & energy consumption, and realizing flexible, intelligent and lean production. Zhong Ke Fei Long, New Vision, Si Fang Hong Hai, Lv Neng Jia Ye, O.ME, X-Energy Innovations Inc. and other corporate representatives will demonstrate high-end equipment manufacturing, 3D printing and other technologies and products that may contribute to the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing is the main battlefield for revitalizing the real economy. As a leading manufacturing power, China has to revive traditional industries through innovation. The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system developed by Baotou XBO Medical Systems Co., Ltd. will make its first appearance in Beijing, setting a successful example of reshaping traditional businesses by sci-tech progress. The programs of transforming traditional businesses through high new technologies, as presented by Heilongjiang Province, will definitely impress the visitors. The most representative will be the key technology and application of mobile robotic system developed by Harbin Institute of Technology, which was the first-prize winner of the 2016 Technological Invention Award of Heilongjiang.


Highlight 3: Expanding innovative development potentials and enabling the innovation carriers to thrive

Twenty-eight provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities as well as cities specifically designated in the State plan will reveal new looks of the national independent innovation demonstration zones and hi-tech development zones. Shandong Yellow River Delta Agricultural Hi-tech Demonstration Zone has broken the bottlenecks in commercializing lab research findings; built up a platform for incubation and commercial application of excellent global sci-tech findings on modern agriculture; made major breakthroughs in saline and alkaline land reclamation, new-generation protected agriculture, biomass energy and other key technologies; applied and popularized grain-economic crop-forage planting, brackish water utilization, water-fertilizer integration and other major technologies; set up an agricultural big database based on mobile internet and cloud computing; and developed precision smart agriculture. Hebei Province will exhibit more than 30 programs in such areas as hi-tech agriculture, bio-pharmaceuticals, health care, new energy and new materials. The Guizhou government will assign delegations from hi-tech development zones and sci-tech industrial parks to the CHITEC, demonstrating their technological achievements and programs in the new-generation IT industry, new pharmaceuticals & health industry, new materials, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, new energy and other emerging sectors of strategic importance. As for Ningxia, the exhibits will include 60 sci-tech findings and products in equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, coal & chemical engineering, intelligent device, biological medicine, characteristic agriculture and other advantageous sectors. To be specific, the program of “Key Technologies for Effective Development & Utilization and Deep Processing of Ningdong Super-large Coalfields” independently accomplished by Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. is leading China and the world in related areas.

Beijing is making fast and steady progress in establishing sci-tech innovation centers of global significance. Zhongguancun Science Park, Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, district-level sci-tech parks and high-end innovation bases, among others, have become leading growth poles of innovation. The exhibition area for Zhongguancun’s innovation and entrepreneurship achievements will reveal the advantages and experiences of Zhongguancun Science Park in cultivating original leading-edge technologies, accelerating the commercial application of sci-tech achievements, promoting the upgrading of traditional industries, establishing an advanced economic structure, and improving the ecological system for innovation and entrepreneurship, and explain the role of Zhongguancun Science Park in supporting the development of national sci-tech innovation centers.

To be specific, Chaoyang District will embrace the theme of “integrated innovation, sharing and win-win” and demonstrate the new idea and practices of building an open and collaborative innovation platform through joint efforts with the Future Forum, setting up a sound eco-system for sci-tech innovation, speeding up characteristic sci-tech innovation, and promoting innovation-oriented development. It will also introduce the International Technology Transfer Network (ITTN), a platform for pooling together the world’s innovation-related resources and offering comprehensive, open and innovative services for cross-border technology transfer. It will also reveal plans and measures on building sci-tech innovation centers, including Chaoyang District-University Development and Cooperation Alliance and Chaoyang District Sci-tech Enterprise Incubator Alliance, etc.

With the theme of “setting up a main platform for national sci-tech innovation centers”, Changping District will introduce its brisk investment environment where key sci-tech innovation factors converge, with a focus on Beijing Future Science Park, Zhongguancun Science Park, Zhongguancun Life Science Park and other key industrial functional zones. Huairou Science City is vigorously promoting the development of a State-level comprehensive science center, accelerating the construction of major sci-tech infrastructure facilities and cross-research platforms, and ascending new heights on comprehensive scientific strengths. It will exhibit the achievements of environemtnal protection, new materials, nanotechnology and other core industries, as well as comprehensive experimental platforms on advanced carrier and measurement technologies.


Highlight 4: High-tech consumer products for consumption upgrade

In this context, the CHITEC 2017 presents high-tech consumer products that aim to make lives better, with highlights as follows:

Technology for smart living. The Exhibition of Smart Beijing and the Application Achievements of Information Technology Innovation (Exhibition of Smart Beijing) features the latest advances in the fields of public service, smart city, smart home, smart transportation, smart medical care, smart living, artificial intelligence, and new materials. It allows glimpses into how innovations improve government services and transform our daily life, at workplace or home, from food and clothing, to housing, commuting, and working. Products on display include Huawei’s smart road lighting and parking systems, and smart streetlight poles developed by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETGC) and 7G Network. These smart devices have already begun to light the streets of Beijing’s sub center, offering functions including security monitoring and surveillance, charging electric vehicles and phones, guiding vehicles to empty parking space, accepting payments of parking fees, allowing quick access to emergency calls, and collecting pollution data for cloud servers.

Green technology. The Exhibition of Zhongguancun Achievements of Independent Innovation and Entrepreneurship focuses on technologies and programmes for energy conservation and emission reduction, environment stewardship, and eco-agriculture, specifically in fields of IoT-enabled air quality monitoring, solid waste management, sewage sludge treatment, water recycling, boilers and furnaces upgrade, utilization of residual heat and pressure, energy efficiency monitoring and data analysis, utilization of agricultural residue resources, delicacy management in agricultural production, and agricultural product safety and quality. Beiqi Foton AUV also joins the event with its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle that runs quietly, powerfully, and cleanly at long fuel range with smooth performance and energy efficiency.

Healthcare products. The CHITEC shows the latest in medical developments, including targeted medicine, high-end medical equipment and devices, epidemics monitoring, health information management, elderly home care services, online medical consultation, distance diagnosis, and online medical imaging. Among exhibitors, the Beijing-based Eyebright Medical Group stands out for its world-leading innovations. Prioritized as a key medical high-tech product under the Made in China 2025 Initiative, the foldable intraocular lens (IOL) it offers effectively addresses age-related cataracts that is increasingly common under the aging population. According to the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), its aspheric IOL is “the first of its kind made in China, marking a leap forward in China’s high-end IOL manufacturing.” The Exhibition of Smart Beijing also shows other cutting-edge medical offerings, including CapitalBio’s ASP® genetic testing, YMP® gut microbiome screening, XiaoxinTM Multi-Functional Healthcare Chair for the Elderly, Baiqing shadowless imager, CAT ® P2 smog monitor, and Dnurse mobile blood glucose meter.

At the Exhibition of Integration between Culture and Science and Technology, visitors can try hand at Keep, a fitness APP that offers an integrated workout solution combining workout tutorials, running/cycling tracking, social networking, and e-commerce platform. This APP now has over 80 million users. More than 50 companies also bring their new offerings of multimedia and classroom teaching equipment to the smart education exhibition.

These high-tech and high-value-added products will undoubtedly drive shifts in consumption patterns and nudge consumers towards greener choices.


Highlight 5: Innovation programmes for Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei integrated development

The initiative of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei integrated development (Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei initiative) sets a stage for coordinated innovation, and industrial parks in Hebei province are taking advantage of the resulting relocation of Beijing’s non-capital functions. Responding swiftly to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and B&R initiatives, the Bohai New Area in Hebei has played a leading role in the regional development as a platform for high-tech industries. At the exhibition, these industrial parks seek to bring on board partners from home and abroad for programs in sectors of biomedicine, logistics, petrochemical, e-commerce, automobile, high-end manufacturing, bonded logistics, and warehousing. Aligned with Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei’s regional growth, Guizhou province also sets to attract technology investments via the platform of CHITEC.

The exhibition sheds light on the incredible role of B&R Initiative in driving regional technology progress. Inner Mongolia, for example, shows China-Mongolia collaboration projects of technology R&D and transfer. The Yellow River Delta High-Tech Agriculture Demonstration Zone at Shandong province also introduces its environmentally friendly practices to reclaim saline, alkali soils for improved productivity. Committed to serving the B&R Initiative, the zone is developing into a platform for international cooperation in modern agricultural production, a move seen in its ongoing and forthcoming partnerships with Israel (for China-Israel Industrial Park and Israel-style towns), Canada, Holland, Swiss, the Republic of Belarus, and Ukraine.


Highlight 6: Centers of mass entrepreneurship and innovation constantly emerging

The CHITEC shows that a sound ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurial activities has already been in place with clustering dedicated centers. One example is Zhongguancun, which brings together such important ingredients of innovation as talents, technology, capital, and information under a coordinative innovation system for cooperation among the industry, universities, research institutes, end users, financial sector, and the government. It exhibits projects of maker spaces, innovation incubators, investment platforms, centers that transform research outcomes into business opportunities, and industry alliances, including 36, VStartup, UR Work, Akceler, Zhihuishe, Shengjing International, and the Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Cultural & Creative Industry Center. The booming of these institutions indicates how the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Zhongguancun improves constantly with increasing influence.

Aiming to encourage technological innovation among the younger generation, the Exhibition of Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Results by the Youth of the Capital City features achievements of young entrepreneurs and innovators displayed via model, teaching aid and video, particularly the award-winning projects of wave energy generation, Shengyuanbaofeng Energy Saving, Sinofloat, and Keqinghuanbao.