May 17 - 20, 2018 - Beijing, China

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Chinese and Foreign Guests Hope to Strengthen Communication at China Beijing International High-Tech Expo  

Beijing - May 21, 2018 2:03:19 PM

CRI: The 21st China Beijing International High-tech Expo (CHITEC), with the theme of “Take the Lead in Hi-tech Industries and Facilitate the Development of S&T Innovation Centers”, is currently being held. During the theme report on the 18th, guests from China and other countries all expressed their desire to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in industrial and high-tech fields.

This year’s CHITEC is attended by international organizations such as UNESCO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and delegations from 46 countries and regions including the United States, France, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Hungary, South Korea, and Lithuania.

At the theme report, Mr. Yin Yong, Deputy Mayor of Beijing and Vice Chairman of the CHITEC Organizing Committee, said: “Beijing is the technological innovation center of China, with nearly half of the country’s leading enterprises located in the city. In 2017, the British Nature magazine selected top 500 cities in scientific research output in the world, among which Beijing ranked first. We made great efforts to build Beijing into the most business-friendly city in the country and around the world. In the meantime, we have strived to catch up with the highest international standards and adopted a systematic approach focusing on the company’s entire life cycle. It has reduced costs, procedures and time for enterprises and improved government’s service quality. All these enhanced the attractiveness of Beijing. We welcome all friends present today to expand investment and business in Beijing and make greater achievements.”

Mr. Deng Zhonghan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of the “China Starlight Chip” project, pointed out that historical experience showed that the scientific and technological revolution can always change the world in a fundamental way. With the advent of the artificial intelligence era, Beijing Zhongguancun, as a national independent innovation demonstration area, carries a new historical mission in developing artificial intelligence algorithms, chips and other technologies. “This year we will launch the ‘Starlight Smart II’ artificial intelligence chip. It will lower power consumption, with better learning ability and sixteen times higher of operating speed than the ‘Starlight Smart I’. With the development of the Ubiquitous Network, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, AI chips based on visual intelligence processing will become the most critical part of the future chip industry”, he said.

Ms. Carole Bureau-Bonnard, First Deputy Speaker of the French National Assembly, talked about the prospects of Sino-French scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation during the report. She said, “This year marks the 40th anniversary of in-depth exchanges and cooperation between France and China in science and technology. France was the first western country to cooperate with China in this field. Both sides signed the first agreement for scientific and technological cooperation in 1978. It was a bold move at that time. The industrial cooperation and high-tech exchanges between the two countries will give impetus to future development, which is also a sign of mutual trust. Such cooperation accelerated China’s development. It also helped France benefiting from China’s growing economy and proprietary technologies.”