Oct 24 - 27, 2019 - Beijing, China

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Enterprises Introduced New Intelligent City Construction during the 22nd CHITEC

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Beijing - Nov 7, 2019 10:18:27 AM

The 22nd China Beijing International High-Tech Expo (CHITEC) was open in Beijing on October 24th. With the theme of Promote the Construction of National Science and Technology Innovation Center and Lead High-quality Development of Industries, this CHITEC demonstrates the new achievements in science and technology innovation and in the building of the national science and technology innovation center.

Beijing Capital Group Co., Ltd. (Capital Group), a modal that improves people’s livelihood through science and technology, attended this CHITEC and demonstrated the latest achievements in intelligent environment protection through green technology which injects technological factors in environment protection industry. During the exhibition, Capital Group displayed its plan of a green and intelligent future city for the first time. Under its plan, a green ecological and intelligent sharing city will be built in the future on the basis of 5 major industries including infrastructure, real estate, finance, environment protection and cultural innovation. 

With the improvement of urbanization rate and material and cultural living standards, the concept of intelligent city is getting popular. People are now pursuing a kind of more comfortable, convenient and secure urban life. Against such background, Chinese government has successively formulated related plans, assessment system and guidelines to accelerate the construction of intelligent cities. 

Capital Group stressed that intelligent city should utilize information and communication technology to sense, analyze, integrate and deal with various information in urban ecological system, thus realizing interconnection among different systems. Efforts should also be made to intelligently respond to different demands in urban operation and management and decision support should be provided to optimize urban resources allocation and improve efficiency of urban operation as well as citizen’s living standard.