May 13 - 17, 2015 - Beijing, China

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The 18th annual fair can press releases

Beijing - Apr 29, 2015 9:37:49 AM

Friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen: Good morning!

The 18th China Beijing International High-tech Expo (CHITEC), which is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), State Intellectual Property Office, and Beijing Municipal Government, and is organized by CCPIT Beijing Sub-council, will be held in Beijing between May 13th and 17th, 2015. At present, the preparatory work is basically completed. Now, entrusted by the Organizing Committee, I will give a brief introduction to friends from the media about the main activities and preparations for the 18th CHITEC.

This is the 18th year of the CHITEC, China’s first state-level large-scale science and technology expo. The CHITEC has always attracted the active participation and warm attention of the governmental, science and technology, industrial, finance and other related sectors both from home and abroad. According to statistics, at the previous 17 sessions of the CHITEC, a total of 4,755,000 people participated; more than 1,000 forums covering more than 200 themes were organized; 4,857 well-known domestic and overseas scientists, economists, Nobel prize winners, executives of the world’s top 500 enterprises and authoritative government officials delivered speeches on stage, 197 sessions of promotion and negotiation activities for science, technology, economic, trade and investment projects were conducted, having attracted 104,000 enterprises to attend, registering a total contractual value of 760.968 billion yuan. The CHITEC has become an iconic state-level platform of international exchange and cooperation for domestic and foreign high-tech and related industries to showcase the latest scientific and technological achievements, spread advanced ideas and harvest cooperative opportunities. The CHITEC has given full play to the unique geographical, resource, and innovation advantages of the capital city, using the new-type expo mode that integrates exhibition, forum and negotiation to gather together domestic and overseas innovative resources and industrial factors to vigorously promote the process of commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of China’s scientific and technological achievements, facilitating the trade and international cooperation in high-tech accomplishments, producing positive and far-reaching influence on the development of China’s high-tech industries, the upgrading of our capability of independent innovation, and the acceleration of building an innovative country.

The 18th CHITEC is held against the background of a flourishing new science, technology and industrial revolution in the world and China’s economic development entering a state of new normal. The present CHITEC, following the trend of the times featured by “encouraging people to do business creatively and drive innovation”, actively responding to the major national strategies of the "Belt and Road" initiative, “the collaborative development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei”, taking “leading technological innovation to promote industrial development” as the theme, will gather up the advantageous resources both from home and abroad, put on a comprehensive display of China’s new progress in deepening its reform of science and technology  system and accelerating the construction of the national innovation system. It will showcase the latest achievements in science and technology, discuss and exchange new ideas of science and technology innovation leading development, deepen international cooperation in politics, production, education and research, promote the transformation of technological achievements, help with the upgrading of the quality and efficiency of high-tech industries, so as to promote economic growth towards a medium to high level.

The main activities of the 18th CHITEC include:

The symposium will be held at the National Political Consultative Conference Hall on the morning of May 13th, at which high-ranking representatives from international organizations and academicians of China Academy of Engineering will be invited to deliver speeches around international economic situation and the application of major domestic achievements in science and technology. The CHITEC exhibition will be held between May 13th and 17th at China International Exhibition Center (the old site), divided into 11 specialized pavilions, including exhibition of smart city and the innovative application of smart technologies; exhibition of consumer electronics and information technology; exhibition of scientific and technological innovation results by the youth; exhibition of Zhongguancun independent innovation achievements; exhibition of science and technology innovation achievements by high-tech industry function areas; exhibition of educational equipment and the industry for the popularization of science and technology; exhibition of energy technology and energy-saving, emission reduction technologies; exhibition of circular economy and technologies of environmental protection; exhibition of automotive technology; science and technology talent recruitment fair; and fair of innovative high-tech achievements by various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

At the same time, the CHITEC will hold 7 specialized forums, including Forum on China’s Finance; Forum on China’s Energy Strategy; Forum on the Development of China’s Circular Economy; Forum on Technological Innovation and Urban Management; Forum on Zhongguancun Innovations and Entrepreneurship; Forum on the Development of China’s Emerging Strategic Industries; and the 9th Forum on International Trade in Services. Newly emerging industries, energy and environmental protection, innovation and entrepreneurship, and finance and investment will become the hot topics at these forums.

The CHITEC will also hold 8 sessions of specialized trade promotion activities, including the promotion of scientific and technological achievements and business cooperation projects; investment and financing cooperation fair for science and technology projects; promotion of technological services for the validation and comprehensive evaluation of domestic detection instruments and equipment; seminar of circular economy and promotion of environmental protection science and technology projects; the second session of promotion of innovation achievements and patent projects by new overseas Chinese; contract signing ceremony for science and technology cooperation projects; 2015 promotion of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and invitation for investment for a major strategic platform; series of promotion and negotiation activities of key projects by provincial, autonomous regional and municipal delegations, with a view to promoting the transformation of high-tech achievements and the docking of industrial cooperation projects.

Compared with previous sessions, the present CHITEC has five distinctive characteristics:

1. Gathering innovative products with independent core and key technologies, displaying the height of creation in China

China National Nuclear Corporation, the main force of China’s nuclear industry, will highlight a large number of major achievements of science and technology innovation during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, including “Hualong One” (ACP1000), the 3rd generation nuclear power brand that owns complete independent intellectual property rights, demonstrating the ability, strength and level of science and technology innovation in the development of China’s nuclear industry. CETC will focus on the display of such network information space security solutions that are in the leading position at home and of the first class internationally, including multidimensional protection system for websites, and information security management system for industrial control, as well as a package of smart city solutions and products including smart travel, smart environmental protection, smart water supply, etc. The national science and technology awards and new technology exhibition, which is hosted by the Awards Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology, will showcase more than 200 award-winning products from high-tech projects and service bases for the transformation of science and technology achievements. Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, which has attended the CHITEC for 17 consecutive times, will showcase a number of leading innovative products in key technologies and with international competitiveness such as UAV, big data platform, intelligent monitoring system, artificial cornea, and solution of biomass anaerobic treatment system.                            

2. Such new industrial formats of cross-border integration as “Internet+” and intelligent manufacturing become the highlight.

Alibaba Group, which attends the CHITEC for the first time, will take “Internet+: from IT to DT” as the theme, through such items as Alijk,, Ant financial, cloud computing, and Ali Shisheng, letting the audience have access to the most cutting-edge science and technology and feel the future development trends of science, technology and life. At the pavilion of consumer electronics and information technology, CETC, Vistandard, YOFC, Juyun, and Ruanyunchina will highlight the concept of Internet+, and new high-tech products in such areas as smart city, information security, agricultural Internet of Things, mobile medical treatment, and intelligent industrial production. The audience can also feel the convenience and pleasure brought by such wearable experience products as smart watches, bracelets, and spectacles. The exhibition of Zhongguancun independent innovation achievements, taking “Internet+” as the clue, around areas of emerging strategic industries of key development in Zhongguancun such as big data industry demonstration application, intelligent hardware, health care, energy-saving and environmental protection, will focus on the new industrial formats brought about by the integration of technological innovation and the innovation of business models, introducing a number of innovative technologies, products and overall solutions featuring intelligence, health, and environmental protection. Forum on the Development of China’s Emerging Strategic Industries will hold discussions around such topics as development opportunities for emerging industries in the “Internet+” era, collaborative development of emerging industries under the “Internet+ Action Plan”, the green strategy of multinational corporations and the new development opportunities of energy-saving and environmental protection industry in the “Internet+” era, the industrial layout of innovative science and technology parks in the “Internet+” era and the development of emerging industries, etc.

3. Highlighting the advantageous resources of science and technology and the demonstrative and leading function of the capital city

The present CHITEC, around the strategic positioning of Beijing as the national center for science and technology innovation, will tap deeply into the advantageous resources of the capital city in the concentration of science and technology personnel, research institutes, technology companies, and financial capital, integrate the major activities, projects and achievements of science and technology by national ministries, central enterprises, industry associations, research institutes and high-tech parks, and build a platform for resource agglomeration so as to lead the innovative development of science and technology industries.

Zhongguancun as a national innovation demonstration zone will, around the theme of “leading the top, the precise and the sophisticated, embracing the future with science and technology”, taking Zhongguancun demonstration project of Internet cross-border integrated innovation by national high-tech zones and Zhongguancun leading project of entrepreneurial China as the main line, highlight the new progress and achievements in such areas as grasping the strategic positioning of the capital city, strengthening overall coordination, taking the initiative to shoulder responsibilities, vigorously promoting the comprehensive deepening reform, and constructing a “top, precise and sophisticated” economic structure. E-town Development Zone will also select enterprises within the park to join the exhibition to show their technological achievements of independent innovation.

At the same time, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission will organize a news conference for major scientific and technological achievements, releasing major representative items from the “Science and Technology Award” project, publicizing the results in the innovation and transformation of major science and technology achievements. “2015 Seminar on Circular Economy cum Promotion of Major Projects of Environmental Protection Technology” will release “Report on the Development of China’s Low Carbon Economy”, providing reference for policy formulation and decision-making by the government. Forum on International Trade in Services will release “Research on China’s Cultural Technology Enterprises”, and “Report on the Development of Cultural Trade of the Capital City”, providing authoritative guidance and advanced ideas for related industries.

4. Highlighting science and technology benefiting people’s livelihood, leading public innovation

That science and technology improve people’s livelihood and scientific and technological achievements enter people’s life will be further presented at the present CHITEC. At the exhibition of smart Beijing and innovative applications of information technology achievements which takes “industry” and “people’s livelihood” as the main line, more than 40 enterprises including China Transinfo, LETV, Beijing Mobile, BGCTV, Centrin Data Systems, etc. will focus on displaying intelligent products applying information technology that are closely related to public life in such areas as smart transportation, smart medical treatment, digital entertainment, software systems, Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet, and new materials. BAIC Motor will make its appearance at the CHITEC with various vehicle models including cars, city SUVs, and hardcore off-road vehicles. The exhibits will cover those brands most recently released at the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show such as SAAB D80, SAAB CC, the latest new energy electric vehicles, hardcore off-road vehicles, as well as Internet of Vehicles, lightweight applied technology and engine technology, indeed being a feast for the eyes of car-lovers to meet the individualized consumption. 

The present CHITEC will vigorously promote popularized innovation to improve national innovation. China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese will organize more than 30 innovative enterprises with investment from overseas Chinese to attend the exhibition and hold a news conference for enterprises of new overseas Chinese to introduce and promote the innovative achievements by new overseas Chinese and seek project cooperation. The exhibition of Zhongguancun independent innovation achievements will, through the environment creation of such space of public innovation as makerspace and innovative incubators, focus on the entrepreneurial group of those born after 1990, enabling the audience to experience the atmosphere of “public entrepreneurship and innovation by the broad masses”. Forum on Zhongguancun Innovations and Entrepreneurship will, around such issues as “scientific and technological innovation and public entrepreneurship” and “the ecosystem trends for innovation and entrepreneurship”, invite persons in charge of the parks and well-known entrepreneurs to deliver speeches on stage to share their experience and explore the path of innovation and entrepreneurship. The exhibition of scientific and technological innovation results by the youth will highlight the gold medal winning projects at the 2014 “Liando U Valley Cup” innovation and entrepreneurship competition by the youth of the capital city, covering many fields including big data, energy-saving power generation, innovative ecological park, intelligent APP, nano new materials, children's anti haze masks, and 3D printing technology. The projects make full use of Internet thinking, with their designs close to the livelihood of the people, paying attention to improving the quality of life. It is worth mentioning that exhibitors who were born after 1980 account for 80% of the total, which fully reflects the vigor and vitality of the entrepreneurs. While showing to the public the elegant demeanor of contemporary youth entrepreneurs, it also creates an entrepreneurial atmosphere, bringing more young people to join in entrepreneurial practice.

5. Making great efforts to build a platform for domestic and international exchange and cooperation in high-tech industries, pushing high quality projects

The present CHITEC, adhering to the concept of “Beijing setting up the stage to serve the entire country so as to go global”, makes great efforts to build a platform for domestic and international exchange and cooperation in high-tech industries, promoting high quality products so as to upgrade and accelerate cross-border and cross-sector collaborative innovation.

Five international organizations including Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, International Capital Markets Association, Institute of International Finance, International Chamber of Commerce, World Trade Center Association and more than 30 governmental, sci-tech, industrial, and commercial delegations from 18 countries and regions including Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and South Korea will make a special trip to attend the CHITEC. More than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and cities separately designated in the state plan including Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, and Jiangsu will organize delegations led by the government, with enterprises and high-tech parks as the main body, to attend various activities of the CHITEC. With an open attitude, they will display their industries with special characteristics which are formed in the upgrading of local industries and the fruits of regional cooperation, inviting business and investment from all over China and the world, seeking cooperation. The office of the Organizing Committee has compiled in advance investment projects from various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities to provide more information and cooperative opportunities for enterprises. Hunan province will hold a promotion fair for its key parks for the 7th consecutive year at the CHITEC, launching the “2015 promotion of Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone and invitation for investment for a major strategic platform”, promoting Hunan for industrial landing and project docking. Mianyang high-tech city of Sichuan will organize medium-, small- and micro-sized enterprises to attend CHITEC exhibition to seek cooperative business opportunities. More than 1600 high-tech enterprises, universities, research institutes, and economic and technological development zones both from home and abroad will attend CHITEC exhibition.  

The present CHITEC will provide a service platform covering the entire industry chain for high-tech enterprises in such aspects as strategic service, policy consultation, financial service, market promotion, trade in technologies and products, personnel exchange, etc. to facilitate the docking of production, education and research projects, so as to promote the transformation of science and technology achievements. “The promotion of scientific and technological achievements and business cooperation projects” will launch projects of high-tech achievements in such areas as emerging strategic industries, food safety industry, modern ecological agriculture and high-tech agriculture demonstration bases to seek cooperation from all sides. “2015 Seminar on Circular Economy cum Promotion of Major Projects of Environmental Protection Technology” will invite financial institutions, investors, research institutes, foreign embassies and consulates stationed in China to conduct on-site docking and exchange with project holders. “Investment and financing cooperation fair for science and technology projects”will actively set up a platform for the docking between funds and projects, providing direct exchange opportunities between high-tech enterprises and financial and investment institutions, so as to realize sustainable development of mutual benefit and win-win results.

Friends from the media,

   It is 15 days before the opening of the CHITEC today. The Organizing Committee sincerely invite friends from the news media to, as usual, pay attention to and participate in the CHITEC, hoping that you will fully tap and timely catch the hot issues and highlights with news value, publicizing through the CHITEC platform the vigorous vitality and huge market potential of the development of China’s economy and high-tech industries. Thank you!