May 13 - 17, 2015 - Beijing, China

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Dongcheng, A Modern International District

Beijing - May 14, 2015 3:02:56 PM

At Hall 3 (Hi-Tech Industrial Zone Innovation Achievements Exhibition) of China International Exhibition Center (Old Center), the main exhibition area of 18th CHITEC, Dongcheng District, Beijing will, centered round the theme of “Integrating culture and technology, spurring development through innovation”, present its image as “the cultural hub of a capital city and the window of an international metropolis”, showcase its progress in implementing the “twin-engine strategy” of cultural and technical innovation, visualize via novel 3D interactions its pro-innovation environment where culture and technology meet, and unravel the developments of technology sectors in a “digital-savvy, culture-rich, eco-friendly” setting.

Here, visitors will get a better sense of the development plan and featured projects of Dongcheng, and enjoy a fabulous variety of interactive programs.

  1. Development plan The exhibition will give visitors a front row seat to Zhongguancun Dongcheng Science Park. Committed to cultural & creative industries, Dongcheng Park will focus on building a) four industrial clusters, dedicated respectively to the integration of culture & technology, financial services, business & information services, and tourism, recreation & healthcare; and b) five specialized bases, namely Zhongguancun Global Trade Technology and Business Zone, Yonghe Aerospace Town, Yonghe Demonstration Zone for Integration of Culture and Technology, East Second Ring High-end Service Development Belt, and Longtan Lake Sports Park, striding its way towards an economic powerhouse of the district.

  2. Featured projects  Technology enterprises from Dongcheng will display patented inventions and featured projects to be widely applied in the future, including Jingangyou public service platform for online game industry, Keahoarl cyber game platform, Nut smart tracker, GoChina TV multi-lingual international video platform, fiber optic lighting system of Beijing Industrial Technology Research Institute, KERY Marinessence, and integrated smart motion controller of Beijing Deshang Technology Co., Ltd.

  3. Massive promotions and interactions  The exhibition will enhance the visibility of innovative technology enterprises from Dongcheng through leaflets, pamphlets and promos. It is also planning for an on-the-spot demonstration of cyber games by Keahoarl.