May 19 - 22, 2016 - Beijing, China

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The 19th China Beijing International High-tech Expo  

Beijing - May 6, 2016 10:47:31 AM

The 19th China Beijing International High-tech Expo
By Yu Haibo, Deputy Director of the Office of the CHITEC Organizing Committee 
and Vice Chairman of CCPIT Beijing Sub-council
May 5th, 2016


Friends from the media, ladies and gentlemen:

Good afternoon!

The 19th China Beijing International High-tech Expo (CHITEC), which is jointly hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, State Intellectual Property Office, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), and Beijing Municipal Government, and is organized by CCPIT Beijing Sub-council, will be held in Beijing between May 18th and 22nd, 2016. At present, the preparatory work is basically completed. Now, entrusted by the Organizing Committee, I will give a brief introduction to friends from the media about the main activities and preparations for the 19th CHITEC.

2016 marks the beginning of the “13th Five-year Plan”. The “13th Five-year Plan” put forward for the first time the concepts of innovative, coordinated, green, open and sharing development, highlighting innovation-driven development. China is entering the key period featured by synchronous, parallel and superimposed development of new-type industrialization, informatization, urbanization, and the modernization of agriculture. And a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is gaining momentum in the world. All this has brought a broad space for development and provided an unprecedented strong power for independent innovation. The 19th CHITEC, taking “promoting scientific and technological innovation to lead industrial transformation” as its theme, will implement the five great concepts of development, serving the national strategy of innovation-driven development. It will adhere to the direction of ensuring the CHITEC being professional, international, brand-focused and information-oriented, showcasing in a concentrated manner the outstanding frontier scientific and technological achievements, sharing the new concepts, new modes and new ideas in the development of high-tech industries, and creating an atmosphere of mass entrepreneurship and innovation so as to boost the transformation of scientific and technological innovation achievements and industrial cooperation, promote the growth of new kinetic energy and the transformation and upgrading of the traditional kinetic energy, and push economic development towards the middle and high end. 

The main activities of the 19th CHITEC include: The symposium will be held at the National Political Consultative Conference Hall on the morning of May 18th, at which high-ranking executives of the world’s top 500 enterprises, leaders from related ministries and commissions and academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering will be invited to deliver speeches around international economic situation, the national development strategy and the application of major domestic achievements in science and technology. From May 3rd to 22nd, a series of activities entitled “seeing Beijing through the CHITEC” will be held. The CHITEC exhibition will be held between May 19th and 22nd at China International Exhibition Center (the old site), divided into 12 specialized pavilions, including exhibition of smart Beijing and the application achievements of information technology innovation; Beijing·E-town exhibition of science and technology innovation achievements in sophisticated industries; exhibition of integration between culture and science and technology; exhibition of electronics and information technology; exhibition of Zhongguancun achievements of independent innovation and entrepreneurship; the 3rd exhibition of international achievements in marine science and technology; exhibition of science and technology innovation achievements by high-tech industry function areas; exhibition of automotive science and technology; exhibition of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship results by the youth of the capital city; exhibition of educational equipment science and technology; exhibition of circular economy; and exhibition of innovative science and technology achievements by various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities.

At the same time, the CHITEC will hold 6 specialized forums, including Forum on China’s Finance; Forum on the Development of China’s Circular Economy; Forum on Technological Innovation and Urban Development; Forum on Smart Cities; Forum on the Coordinated Innovation of China’s Emerging Industries; and Forum on Zhongguancun Innovations and Entrepreneurship. Responsible persons from relevant ministries, industrial parks and enterprises, domestic and foreign financial executives, as well as experts and scholars will deliver speeches and hold dialogs on the same stage around such topics as financial service innovation, circular economy and new-type urbanization, unsymmetrical catching up and surpassing strategy, the future path of smart cities; coordinated innovation of emerging industries, the ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship, and industrial transformation and upgrading, exploring and communicating the new ideas and new paths for the development of high-tech industries.

The CHITEC will also hold 12 sessions of trade promotion activities, including the promotion of scientific and technological achievements and business cooperation projects; promotion of 2016 international cooperative projects of marine science and technology; investment and financing cooperation fair for science and technology projects; promotion of technological services for the validation and comprehensive evaluation of domestic detection instruments and equipment; seminar of circular economy and promotion of environmental protection science and technology projects; contract signing ceremony for science and technology cooperation projects; series of promotion and negotiation activities of key projects by provincial, autonomous regional and municipal delegations; 2016 “The Belt and Road” business salon—investment in Iran, 2016 (Beijing) promotion of demonstrative cooperative projects between Hunan provincial government and social capital (PPP), the road show of innovative products, the release of Beijing new technologies and new products (services) and the first promotion of agricultural science and technology good faith brands from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area.

Compared with previous sessions, the present CHITEC has seven distinctive characteristics:

1. Gathering a number of achievements of China’s original innovation and core breakthroughs in key technologies to lead overall innovation

The present CHITEC accurately grasps the development trend of domestic and foreign science and technology, gathering achievements of cutting–edge scientific and technological achievements and key core technologies, so as to push original innovation. Such central enterprises and scientific research institutions as CETC, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, China Academy of Space Technology, and Institute of Oceanology of Chinese Academy of Sciences will focus on displaying a number of major key core technologies of independent research and development that take a leading role in China or even in the world. These high-tech products include Yutu (Jade Rabbit) lunar rover, Jiaolong (flood dragon) manned submersible, the 4,000 ton “Science” comprehensive research ship, the 4,500-meter level “Hippocampus” unmanned ROV, floating offshore nuclear power plant, deep sea offshore oil and gas prospecting drilling, large tonnage public service ship, and those related to the fields of marine electronics and smart cities.

At the same time, a number of products of China's original innovation will be put on display, leading the overall innovation. They include: China's first mid-low speed maglev express with independent intellectual property rights that can be put into commercial operation—“Changsha maglev express”, “Airbus on land” with China's original invention—the wide overhead trolley, the “China hawk-eye” that fills a number of gaps at home and abroad and is currently the only practical application in sports, the haze star human nasal air purifier that is the first nasal air purifier based on 3D face reverse scanning technology and gill flap type air filtering technology, and the “liquid metal ink jet printer” that is the world’s first printer which can make electronic circuits on any material and surface.

2. Serving such major national strategies as “Belt and Road Initiative” and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development to boost regional development and open cooperation

The present CHITEC serves such national strategies as “Belt and Road Initiative” and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development to build collaborative innovation communities and promote coordinated regional development, helping Chinese enterprises to go global. State Oceanic Administration will, taking “Develop marine economy to boost the construction of the 21st century maritime Silk Road” as the theme, showcase the latest achievements in marine science and technology. The 2016 International Promotion and Exchange of Marine Science and Technology and Project Cooperation will explore marine technology innovation and the mode of marine economic development and enhance the international exchange and cooperation in marine area around the implementation of the strategies of “marine power construction” and “the Belt and Road Initiative”. 2016 “The Belt and Road” business salon—investment in Iran, which is held for the first time, will give further impetus to the cooperation and development in economy and trade between China and Iran and promote the investment cooperation of Chinese enterprises in the relevant areas of Iran.

The CHITEC will, around Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated innovative development, integrate the science and technology industrial resources of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei to create a platform for policy interaction, resource sharing and coordinated innovation. The exhibition of Achievements of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Iron and Steel Alliance, which is held for the first time, promotes the easing of non-capital functions and the energy-saving and emission reduction of the iron and steel industry. The Forum on Smart Cities will conduct discussions on the integration and cooperation between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The Forum on Zhongguancun Innovations and Entrepreneurship will organize Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei linked dialogs on green environmental protection industry. The first promotion of agricultural science and technology good faith brands from Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area will invite 300 enterprises with good faith brands of agricultural science and technology from the three places to participate, so as to promote the advantage complementation and sustainable development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei scientific and technological agricultural industry. 

3. Focusing on such new technologies, new products and new business formats as artificial intelligence and “Internet+” to boost industrial restructuring and upgrading

Artificial intelligence technology is one of the highlights of the present CHITEC. With the application of virtual reality technology in such fields as entertainment, education, health care, tourism, construction, manufacturing, the curtain has been raised in China's virtual reality industry, which will bring a huge market and space for industrial development. At the present CHITEC, intelligent robots and new products and new technologies related to virtual reality (VR) have all appeared. Underwater robots, service robots, dancing robots, voice-controlled robots, and smart products and technologies in intelligent recognition, motion capture and virtual reality will make concentrated appearance. World’s first wearable projection product—wrist projector, the world's first mass-produced VR integrated machine, the domestic leading “man-machine dialogue” technology platform, virtual reality (VR) experience chamber, VR equipment—magic storm mirror, PC end VR headset, mobile terminal VR helmet and VR camera, and intelligent piano will become the highlights of the exhibition.

The “Internet+” action plan has become the new motive force for Chinese industrial upgrading. At the present CHITEC, the exhibition of Zhongguancun achievements of independent innovation and entrepreneurship, taking the cross-sector integration of the Internet as a clue, around such major strategies as the “Internet+” action plan and “Chinese manufacturing of 2025”, will launch a number of new technologies, new products and services in such frontier technology areas as Internet of Everything, big data, ecological restoration, resource substitution, industrial Internet, 3D printing, high-end equipment, gene monitoring, and precise medical care, displaying the advantage of Zhongguancun demonstration zone in scientific and technological innovation in the Internet era, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. The exhibition of educational equipment science and technology will focus on displaying such applications as smart education, cloud classroom, digital and information technology teaching and related equipment of educational technology, giving a comprehensive presentation of the application of Internet education. Forum on the Coordinated Innovation of China’s Emerging Industries, around the issue of “coordinated development of emerging industries under the ‘Internet+ Action Plan’”, will analyze and communicate the opportunities and challenges in the integrated development of traditional industries and Internet enterprises so as to promote the motive force of the emerging industries moving towards innovation-driven development and boost the industrial transformation and upgrading.

4. Focusing on the innovative achievements in energy saving, environmental protection and green development to highlight science and technology benefiting people's livelihood

The present CHITEC highlights the new products and new technologies in energy saving, environmental protection, green development and ecology. A number of enterprises in energy saving and environmental protection from Zhongguancun will focus on displaying such new technologies as the graphite olefin technology, atmospheric monitoring through Internet of Things, pollutants emission detection, cloud monitoring of motor vehicle tail gas, WIOT, comprehensive management of solid waste, food waste treatment, cloud detection of motor vehicle emission, wet flue gas monitoring solution, system optimization for industrial energy, energy substitution and application, energy consumption monitoring and data analysis. BAIC will put on display in a concentrated manner such energy-saving and environmental protection products as a variety of new-energy vehicles, and the first two-wheeled electric vehicle in China—the Lit Motor.

The exhibition of smart Beijing and the application achievements of information technology innovation will focus on the display of various novel applications of information technology and intelligent products in such areas as food, transportation, health care, environmental protection, education, tourism, and entertainment, which are closely related to the life of the people. The Zhongguancun pavilion will simulate scenes of urban life, showing a number of intelligent products and technologies supported by cloud computing and network information technology, including UECP supply chain fund management and financial platform, the comprehensive service solution of “bank deposit + surplus every minute”, smart POS comprehensive cashier, telephone charge shopping, NFC card, Huishang +, etc. so as to promote consumption upgrading.

5. Launching a number of quality projects, innovating the investment model to promote domestic and foreign industrial cooperation

The present CHITEC, grasping the market demand and pushing projects of high quality and efficiency, will build a bridge between enterprises and the market, projects and capital so as to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrial cooperation. It will focus on introducing emerging strategic industrial projects in such areas as new-generation information and communication, new energy, new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, and bio medicine. Among them, a number of high-quality projects will be promoted in a concentrated manner, including the system of Internet intelligent fission technology, the intelligent evaluation system, the achievements transformation of automatic intelligent pressure filter science and technology, R&D and production of graphene powder, quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) formaldehyde sensor, Leeone intelligent interactive teaching platform, and overall smart home security systems for homes of the future. What’s more, gold medal winning science and technology projects from Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition will be put on display in a concentrated manner to invite investment both from home and abroad, seeking industrial cooperation.

The present CHITEC endeavors to launch a batch of PPP demonstration projects to innovate the investment mode for science and technology projects. For 8 consecutive years, Hunan Province organizes promotion and negotiation events through the CHITEC. At the present CHITEC, it will hold a promotion session for demonstrative cooperative projects between Hunan provincial government and social capital (PPP). Taking “innovative development and cooperation for win-win” as the theme, it will highlight a number of demonstration cooperative projects between the government and social capital. Mianyang Science and Technology City of Sichuan actively explores the effectiveness of the experience in the new mode of the system and mechanism of civil-military integration, showcasing in a concentrated manner the advanced achievements in science and technology by Mianyang science and technology enterprises to promote the integrated transformation of military and civil scientific and technological achievements. In addition, the office of the CHITEC Organizing Committee uses the official website of CHITEC, “the ccpitbj net” and the official mobile client end of CHITEC to provide such services as investment project promotions for provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, 360-degree on-line virtual booths, online promotion of outstanding enterprises and products, and online matchmaking for investment cooperation projects.

6. Gathering resource advantages of the capital city to help the construction of Beijing science and technology innovation center 

The present CHITEC will, around the goal of turning Beijing into a technological innovation center with global influence, bring into play the resource and innovation advantages of the aggregation of the national ministries, central enterprises, industry associations, science and technology parks, scientific research institutions, enterprises of science and technology, and science and technology talents in the capital city, building a platform for resource gathering to lead the innovative development of science and technology industries. 

As a leader in scientific and technological innovation, Zhongguancun national innovation demonstration zone, around the theme of “intelligent Zhongguancun, the new motive force of entrepreneurship”, brings together more than 100 enterprises to show hundreds of new technologies, new products and new services. Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone selects dozens of enterprises in the zone to attend the CHITEC. Such enterprises as CMIC, BOE, UNISROBO, Digihail and Cloud Valley, using the industrial chain and cluster that have been formed in the zone for focused future development as a clue, will showcase high-tech achievements in such fields as integrated circuits, the new display, bio medicine, intelligent equipment, and industrial Internet. The present CHITEC organizes for the first time a series of activities entitled “seeing Beijing through the CHITEC”. Ten science and technology resource units including China Science and Technology Museum, the laboratory of Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Security Command Center for Rail Transit, and the new energy auto production line of BAIC Motor will be open to the public, publish palm CHITEC navigation app, and hold “the beauty of CHITEC” mobile phone photography competition to guide people to participate in its activities and enhance the scientific literacy of citizens. Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission for two consecutive years has held release conferences, using the starting platform to launch new technologies and new products (services), focusing on the release of a number of new technologies and new products with independent intellectual property rights and independent brands.

The eight districts of Beijing including Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Shunyi and Changping focus on the construction of technological innovation centers to showcase the development achievements of high-tech industries in the capital city, the investment environment advantages, as well as key projects and outstanding enterprises. Such enterprises as LKK, Huajiang Group, Stomer Player, Le Vision Pictures, UNUS, and BGCTV will focus on displaying achievements of culture and science and technology integration in such areas as creative design, animation and games, mobile Internet, digital content, new media. Qihoo 360 and China Unicom will focus on the display of innovative products that are closely related to the safety and life of the people such as smart watch, smart belt, food tracing, bright kitchen and stove, Internet TV, vehicle traveling data recorder, smart bike, haze detection equipment, etc.

7. Creating a new ecology for innovation and entrepreneurship to stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship

Mass entrepreneurship and innovation is fully embodied at the present CHITEC. From its exhibition to trade promotions and forums and conferences, it endeavors to push innovation and entrepreneurship everywhere. The exhibition of science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship results by the youth of the capital city, relying on the platform of innovation and entrepreneurship competition for the youth of the capital city, taps extensively youth science and technology innovation talents and entrepreneurship teams in such fields as the Internet and mobile Internet, cultural creation, new energy and energy-saving and environmental protection, builds a platform for youth innovation and entrepreneurship, and focuses on gold medal winning projects from Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, so as to guide young people to participate in scientific and technological innovation, forming an interactive platform for display and communication and for the docking of resources. Beijing·E-town exhibition of science and technology innovation achievements in sophisticated industries will set up a special coffee roadshow area to continue holding roadshows of innovation and entrepreneurship projects. The exhibition of Zhongguancun achievements of independent innovation and entrepreneurship, taking the new ecology for innovation and entrepreneurship as the main line, will put on display platforms and cases of entrepreneurship represented by makerspace, innovative incubator, venture capital platform, scientific and technological achievements transformation center, open laboratory, and industrial alliance, highlighting the continued optimization and radiation drive of  Zhongguancun’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. It also showcases such platform agencies as Tsinghua Holdings, TusPark Ventures, and Garage Café, which provide public equity services for entrepreneurial companies, showing the 3.0 mode of entrepreneurial services by Zhongguancun innovative incubators, allowing visitors to experience the attractive business climate in Zhongguancun.

Forum on China’s Finance will take innovative financial services helping the engine of innovation and entrepreneurship as its theme. The Forum on Zhongguancun Innovations and Entrepreneurship will hold discussions on such issues as innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and innovation ability lifting. The promotion of scientific and technological achievements and business cooperation projects will invite authoritative personnel, experts and scholars to answer questions about the opportunities and challenges facing entrepreneurial makers and maker space. The road show of innovative products will provide a stage for the performance by innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises and teams.

Now the preparatory work for the present CHITEC is basically completed. Twenty overseas governmental, science and technology as well as industrial and commercial delegations from 17 countries and regions including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Canada, Australia, Denmark, South Korea, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, and Austria will attend the CHITEC. More than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities specifically designated in the state plan including Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Tibet, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qingdao, Xiamen, and Shenzhen will organize delegations to fully participate in CHITEC activities. More than 1,500 domestic and foreign high-tech enterprises, institutions of higher learning, and scientific research institutions will participate in CHITEC exhibition. On the basis of item collection, the CHITEC activities of science, technology, economic and trade project negotiation have entered the pre-docking stage. All activities are advancing according to plan.


Friends from the media,

It is 13 days before the opening of the CHITEC today. The Organizing Committee sincerely invites friends from the news media to come and cover the CHITEC. We hope that you will, as usual, support and publicize the CHITEC, tap and catch the highlights with news value so as to enable the various circles of the society to know the development of China’s high-tech industries through CHITEC and promote the international exchange and cooperation in high-tech industries. Thank you!

Background Information

This is the 19th year of CHITEC, the first Chinese state-level large-scale high-tech expo. The CHITEC has always enjoyed active participation and keen interest from domestic and foreign governments and related sectors including science and technology circles, industrial circles and financial circles. According to statistics, the previous 18 sessions of CHITEC had a total of 4.995 million participants. It held a total of more than one thousand sessions of forums around 208 specialized topics, with 5,074 well-known domestic and overseas scientists, economists, Nobel Prize winners, executives from the world’s top 500 enterprises and authoritative personnel from government departments delivering speeches on stage. It held a total of 205 sessions of promotion and negotiation activities for science, technology, economic, trade and investment projects, with 111,000 domestic and foreign businessmen participating. The total amount of agreements signed at the previous sessions of CHITEC reached 843.222 billion RMB. The CHITEC has become an iconic state-level platform for international exchange and cooperation where domestic and foreign high-tech and related industries display the latest technologies, disseminate advanced ideas, and harvest cooperative opportunities.

The CHITEC gives full play to the capital’s unique geographical advantage, resource advantage and innovation advantage. With its new mode of combining exhibition, forums and business talks, it gathers domestic and international resources for innovation and industrial factors, effectively promotes the process of commercialization, industrialization and internationalization of China’s science and technology achievements, and promotes the transaction of hi-tech achievements and international cooperation, producing positive and far-reaching influence on the development of high-tech industries in China, the enhancement of the capability of independent innovation, and the acceleration of the construction of an innovative country.