Jun 8 - 10, 2017 - Beijing, China

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Overview of the 20th CHITEC Promotions  

Beijing - Jun 10, 2017 8:35:37 AM

Given the accelerated flow of innovative resources, to turn China into an innovative nation and a sci-tech power, it is imperative to boost China’s ability to allocate innovative resources around the world. During the 20th China Beijing International High-tech Expo (CHITEC), 13 sessions of trade promotion activities will be held, to pool various innovative elements worldwide to enhance the smoothly flow of capital, technology, information and talents on one platform and promote efficient allocation.

The 20th CHITEC will feature a number of technologically sophisticated projects with broad market prospects and economic stimulus effect. Among them, those that can boost the core competitiveness of the region or industry and fuel the industry’s advancement by leaps and bounds are especially remarkable.

Vigorously Promote Breakthroughs in Independent Core Technology, and Propel Strategic Emerging Industries

Strategic emerging industries such as new-generation information technology, biotechnology, clean energy and new materials are the cornerstone of the building of an innovative nation. The Organizing Committee of the 20th CHITEC focused on organizing the promotion of major projects on strategic emerging industries, scientific and technological cooperation in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and the translation of technological achievements. Many projects are large in scale and feature new technology. Some high-level innovation bases hold leading and breakthrough effects.

For example, under BOE Advanced Technology Lab (Phase II) Beijing Headquarters project, with a total investment of RMB1 billion, a total of 25 platform labs and core labs are planned to research and develop next-generation display and sensing technology, intelligent systems, and health service products and technology. In the five years after it is put into use, the project is expected to yield more than RMB1 billion in technology fee annually. Through independent R&D, the project is aimed to make breakthroughs in core technology at an expedited pace. Upon its completion, it will give a strong support for the Beijing Global Innovation Center, making fundamental, strategic and forward-looking contribution to China’s scientific and technological progress, talent training, citizens’ health and social development.

Again, with a total investment of RMB125 million, Suzhou Pressler Advanced Forming Technology Co., Ltd. launched a hot press line project. In the field of heat stamping and shaping technology, it boasts core technology such as energy-efficient environmentally-friendly heat stamping and shaping production line, roller-hearth type multilayer heating furnace based on automatic loading and unloading, and thermal-forming mold cooling system. Therefore, it can dramatically reduce product cost. With an investment of RMB150 million, COOKOO’s automotive information system (software and hardware) project provides customers with design and consulting services for new-generation automotive information system. With an investment of RMB185 million, Wuhan Huali Biomaterial Co., Ltd.’s bio-plastics eco-friendly packaging solution project is dedicated to the R&D of modified natural bio-based materials and the production and promotion of products. The first phase of CommSat’s global shared satellite constellation program involves a total investment of RMB1.5 billion, and it is open to equity investment and technical cooperation. In Phase I, 60 IoT satellite constellations will be deployed, and in Phase II, 800 Internet constellations will be deployed, providing low-cost satellite IoT and satellite Internet services worldwide.

The S&T Achievement Commercialization & Business Cooperation Projects Promotion Meeting will be held in Beijing on June 8. The road show will introduce technical projects in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, energy conservation and environment protection, modern agriculture, bio-pharmaceutical and health care. The Investment and Financing Cooperation Fair for Scientific & Technological Programs is scheduled for June 9. Investors project developers and service providers will be gathered together. The investment fields will be introduced. The event consists of roadshow and comments by guests, to link the programs for mutual benefits and common prosperity. Hunan Province will showcase and promote high-tech projects in the artificial intelligence, bio-pharmaceutical, new energy, advanced materials, digital cultural creativity, intelligent manufacturing and IT industries. China’s Integrated Informatization Development and Innovation Campaign will be held in Beijing on June 6 with the theme of “Autonomous and Controllable Informatization, Secure, Reliable and Integrated Innovation”. Two summits will be held at the same time: One is China Integrated Informatization Development Innovation Conference & Promotion Meeting for Innovative Products. It mainly covers integrated informatization and innovation, deep integration new-generation information technology and innovative government public service system, Internet+ independent controllable and secure reliable construction practices. The other is China Internet+ Sharing Economy Forum & Result Promotion Meeting. Independent controllable information security technology and product projects such as Internet+ sharing economy fueling the national supply-side reform are the focus of promotion.

Domestic detection instruments and equipment are always popular in the market. Scientific instruments are one of the significant symbols of a nation’s independent innovation capability. Presentation Meeting of Validation and Comprehensive Evaluation Services for Domestic Testing Equipment will be held in Beijing on June 8. At the meeting, the 2017 Validation, Comprehensive Evaluation and Marketization Promotion Research and Practices for Domestic Analytical Instruments project will be introduced, to display research results and introduce validation equipment.

Promoting sharing has also become the highlight of the 20th CHITEC. Demand in the society for sharing entrepreneurial resources has catalyzed the flourishing of maker spaces. Maker and mass maker spaces are becoming new growth points of sharing economy worldwide. During the CHITEC, “36 Dark Horse Stratagems” series activities will be held at the University of Dark Horse, Z-Innoway of Zhongguancun, Beijing. Sponsored by Entrepreneurship Dark Horse Service Platform, these are I&E service activities for sharing entrepreneurial experience, methods, know-how and unique skills of excellent entrepreneurs in the industry, to boost entrepreneurs’ competitive edge and address their pain points. These include “Overwhelmingly Disruptive Competitions”, and “Understanding Pain Points through Fast Trial-and-Errors”. The Hunan delegation will also hold an incubator private communication meeting, organize businesses from Hunan and Zhongguancun to discuss cooperation between incubators, and facilitate Zhongguancun setting up innovation centers in Hunan Province.

Army-Civilian Integration Becomes a Highlight. Blazing New Trails in “Conversing Military Technologies for Civil Use and Encouraging Civil Participation in the Military Industry

In China, army-civilian integration is in the transition from preliminary integration to deep integration. To promote army-civilian integration and share resource sharing, a number of technology and product projects on army-civilian integration will be introduced during the 20th CHITEC, with bright market prospects.

For instance, military microwave modules and military filters introduced by Hefei Gelei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. are widely applied in military fields. Again, HiPADof China Aerospace Science and Industrial Corporation (CASIC) unveiled a high-performance omni-directional antenna array, which is a new product developed to meet military application needs. It can be widely applied in the fields of ground-air communication, tower command islands and islets, area air defense early warning, aerial target monitoring, and communications reconnaissance. The antenna is currently the up-to-date product in the field of communication, and it also represents the revolution and development trend of antenna technology and antenna design. CASIC’s space cloud network project is aimed to build an Internet+ intelligent product service system with industrial Internet platform service as foundation, producer service as bridge, intelligent manufacturing service as core, big data service as backing, and industrial Internet ecology as basis.

On June 9, for the first time “Promotion Fair on Military-Civil Integration Industrial Cooperation Projects” will be held during the CHITEC. Hosted jointly by the CASIC Defense S&T Productivity Center (DSTPC) and CAPPSE Civil-Military-Integration Industrial Cooperation Special Committee, it is aimed to blaze new trails in conversing military technologies for civil use and encouraging civil participation in the military industry. The main agenda includes: 1. Special topic on civil-military integration cooperation and exchange. This is to discuss how to make civil-military industrial parks a platform for resources sharing, positive interactions and collaborative development between the military industry and the civil sector, discuss about the future development mode of civil-military innovation demonstration zones, introduce the status quo and development plans for civil-military industrial parks, and present how to invite business for and promote civil-military industrial parks, and Industrial application of national defense and military technologies and industry-government negotiations. 2. Special topic on project showcase and match-up of the equipment manufacturing industry. This includes a special fair on supportive technologies and products and related industrial cooperation for domestic production of nuclear power installations and a special fair on IT application for civil-military integration and collaborative civil-military development. 3. Comments on the development trend and outstanding projects in key technical areas. This is to organize private meetings between the army representatives, military industrial experts and private enterprises, for them to cooperate on promising projects.

Highlight the Livelihood Industry, and Promote Poverty Relief with Science and Technology

The focus on projects in the livelihood industry is a signature of the 20th CHITEC. Among these projects is a health project for all people launched by Shandong Jinluban Group. Combining health screening, rehabilitation, cloud data and smart health care, the project is aimed to put forward effective total solutions for rehabilitation through independent R&D in light of the actualities of traditional Chinese medicine and the people’s health status. The project involves an investment of some RMB1.5 billion. MULTIGATE invested RMB200 million in a project of Nature's Gate, and the money will go to R&D, sales channels and imports.

Poverty relief through science and technology is one of the projects linking science and technology with people’s well-being most tightly. For the first time, the S&T Achievement Commercialization & Business Cooperation Projects Promotion Meeting will introduce projects featuring achievements of China’s poverty alleviation efforts driven by science and technology. On China Association of Poverty Alleviation & Development’s list of post-doctoral programs for poverty alleviation are poverty alleviation project through health care, which will be promoted in the model of equipment donation + free equipment repair + paid remote interpretation; the “One County One Product” industry poverty alleviation project, which is designed to support leading businesses from state-identified impoverished counties to get listed, to facilitate industry development in these areas and help farmers overcome poverty; and the Functional Agriculture Poverty Alleviation Project (nano-selenium), to jointly develop Agriculture 4.0 in China and promote supply-side reform, restructuring, transformation and upgrading in regional agriculture. These are also poverty alleviation projects through region-based tourism, targeted poverty alleviation projects combining art and industry, poverty alleviation through agricultural products and photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects. Other single technology achievements translation projects include automatic bee boxes, hydroponic grass, biological bed, space mutation breeding, and functional fertilizer feed.

 Actively Connect with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and the Belt & Road Strategy

To Hunan Province, which is aggressively pursuing the strategy of “Innovation for Leadership, Opening-up for Rising”, the CHITEC is a platform with huge value. At the 20th CHITEC, Hunan will organize a large high-grade delegation to take part in the activities and connect with the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region (Xiong’an New Area).

June 9, “Hunan in Zhongguancun” series economic and trade activities will be held at Beijing-based Hunan Hotel, to build a platform for cooperation between Beijing and Hunan. These activities include forums, visits to enterprises, exchanges, onsite recruitment of innovative talents and connection of high-tech achievements. At the New Hunan – Zhongguancun Collaborative Innovation and Development Forum, we will share the experience of enterprises from the two areas in growth and experience in innovative service platform, and introduce mobile Internet gathering area and culture creativity gathering area projects. At the exchange meeting on high-tech achievements, participants will engage in negotiations in emerging fields such as electronic information, mobile Internet, intelligent transportation, artificial intelligence and chemical new materials, to bring in scientific research achievements from Zhongguancun-based enterprises, colleges and universities.

On June 8, the Promotion Fair on Good-faith Hi-tech Agricultural Brands in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province will be held. The aim is to integrate excellent industry associations and excellent enterprises from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to facilitate the establishment of long-term mechanism and standard for social credit system, promote good faith and self-discipline on the part of the society and members of alliances, safeguard food safety, and promote investment and cooperation by honest investors. At the fair, the Joint Incentive Project for Integrity Code Traceability will be kicked off.

Seizing the great opportunity brought about by the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province and the Belt & Road strategy, Hebei Bohai New Area has stepped up efforts to build a national new-type industrialization base and a pilot area for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. This time, it will bring nine functional areas, involving bio-pharmaceutical, logistics, petrochemical, e-commerce, automobile, high-end manufacturing, bonded logistics and warehousing industries, to invite domestic and international investors and seek cooperation.

 Easy-to-understand Interpretation Enlightens Innovators and Entrepreneurs

We are in the age of new industrial revolution. With mobile Internet, we are always online, everything changes fast, and we are often bewildered.

The CHITEC always lays store by interpretation. However, this time interpretation is an eye-catching part of promotion activities during the 20th CHITEC. Some even become separate sessions.

At the Promotion Fair on Military-Civil Integration Industrial Cooperation Projects, an important part of policy integration. At the event, a host of military-civil integration policies will be interpreted, and the size of the domestic market for technology for both civil and military purposes during the 13th Five-year Plan period will be evaluated. Participants will discuss the adjustment direction and policy of conversing military technologies for civil use and encouraging civil participation in the military industry under the new situation. At the S&T Achievement Commercialization & Business Cooperation Projects Promotion Meeting, the 13th Five-year National Plan for Scientific and Technological Innovation, Provisions on Implementing the Law of the PRC on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, the Action Plan for the Transfer and Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements, policy and measures to support small businesses with scientific and technological finance, intellectual property protection policy, science and technology awards will be interpreted. Meanwhile, guidance will be given for the application methods of national pilot funds for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, national SME development funds, national funds for start-ups in emerging industries, and other supportive national funds. At the Investment and Financing Cooperation Fair for Scientific & Technological Programs, the investment and financing trend, policy and opportunities in science and technology will be deeply analyzed, to provide national supportive policy for small and medium-sized enterprises.

On June 9, “Industrial Powerhouse: The Success of China’s Manufacturing System” Book Release & Publicity and Implementation of “Strong Industrial Base” Policies will be held. Such solemn launch of a book during the CHITEC is rare. This indeed is not an average book. The “Strong Industrial Base” project is a core task of the “Made in China 2025” strategy. It is a long-term complicated project, determining the success of the Manufacturing Power strategy. Members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, leaders from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and industry experts will interpret the policy of the “Strong Industrial Base” project, interpret the present situation of intelligent manufacturing, and introduce demonstration enterprises of “Strong Industrial Base” and application and promotion of advanced achievements of the “Strong Industrial Base” project.

To implement the “Strong Industrial Base” project, during 2013-2016 China arranged a total of 276 demonstration projects, with a total investment of RMB42.3 billion, more than RMB4 billion has been put in these projects from national finance. At the event, representatives from enterprises will present cases of demonstration projects for “Strong Industrial Base”.