Oct 24 - 27, 2019 - Beijing, China

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15 Programs with a Total Amount of 13.179 billion yuan Have Been Signed  

Beijing - Oct 29, 2019 5:28:15 PM

On October 25th, the 22nd CHITEC Signing Ceremony of Science and Technology Cooperation Programs was held in Capital Hotel. 15 programs from Shijingshan District, Yanqing District and Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area have been signed with a total amount of 13.179 billion yuan. Based on the direction of Beijing's development, these programs focus on innovation-driven development and hi-tech industrial structure and fully demonstrate the theme of the 22nd CHITEC: Promote the Construction of Science and Technology Innovation Center and Lead a High-quality Development of Industries. These programs have the following three major features.

1 Hi-tech Industry Continues to Play a Role

In recent years, the number and amount of programs in hi-tech industry have accounted for a big share and showed a trend of growth among the programs signed during CHITEC. This year, hi-tech industry continues to play a leading role. Several programs involve hi-tech industry such as the new generation of information technology, integrated circuit, medical care, energy conservation and environment protection, new material, software and information services and technological services. 

Beijing Guowang Optical Technology Co. LTD is a strategic hi-tech enterprise oriented towards the demand for large-scale production of IC manufacturing equipment. With near 200 authorized patents, the company will have the capacities of research, design, batch production and supply of a series of optical products such as IC projection, lithography machine and exposure system after complete construction, leading the development and progress of ultra-precision optical technology in China. Zhongxin Innovation Center Project will establish national Integrated Circuit Innovation Center which will become the largest organization and standard formulation platform of integrated circuit, components and parts and localization of material. Pharmaron (Beijing) new Drug Technology Co. LTD plans to build a platform for drug development and production services called CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacture Organization) which can provide preclinical services of drug research and development for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies all over the world. There are also some other cooperative programs in hi-tech industry with promising prospects like Aimei New Vaccine R&D and Industrialization Base, Skyguard Headquarter and Transformation of the Original Liquid of Ecological Fire-extinguishing Foam.

2 Coordinative Cooperation of Governments, Enterprises, Universities, Research Institutes and Users

Against the background of Beijing’s effort to accelerate the national innovation center for science and technology, several signed programs connect with large enterprises and technological talents through national research institutes, demonstrating the feature of coordinative cooperation of governments, enterprises, universities, research institutes and users. Several research institutes and universities like Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Senior Expert Technology Center Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fang zhiyuan Academician Expert Team and Tsinghua University focus on practical practice in the sectors of intelligent rehabilitation, biological technologies and agriculture, accelerate the transformation of achievements in scientific researches and integrate efforts of governments, enterprises, universities, research institutes and users. 

Giving play to the cutting-edge technology in intelligent sensing and intelligent controlling, Institute of Electrical Engineering, CAS worked with People’s Government of Shijingshan District to build a R&D and achievement transformation base of intelligent rehabilitation assistance device, thus forming a service system of R&D and achievement transformation under the joint effort of governments, enterprises, universities, research institutes and users. Shijiazhuang New Century Coal Industry Group cooperates with Senior Expert Technology Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing to carry forward Environmental Protection Inorganic New Material Production Program with the aim to build an environmental-protection inorganic new material industrial park integrating R&D, production, cultural innovation, transaction and logistics. Doctor Ding Sheng, the Dean of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tsinghua University co-founded the Tongfang Original Biomedical Program with two American senior scientists. Three new drugs have been entered the phrase of preclinical research and this signature aims to transfer the program from the United States to Yanqing District of China. Furthermore, Beijing Shunxin Holding Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Fang zhiyuan Academician Expert Team. Several other programs also give full play to the advantages of Beijing in R&D and demonstrate the achievement of the joint efforts of governments, enterprises, universities, research institutes and users. 

3 Integration of Technology with Other Sectors 

With the fourth technological revolution, integration of technology and industry has become the mainline of the new technological and industrial revolution. 

In terms of connection of technology with finance, the Investment and financing service program of Zhongguancun Lianchuang Civil-Military Integration Industry Alliance Fund Management Co., LTD provides customized services based on innovative financial service mode and innovative financial products. Beijing Kongtianjunrong Science and Technology Park joined with China Technology Exchange to build technology innovative service station which provides various entities with related services of transformation of achievements and transaction in technology and boost the innovation-driven development of China’s national economy.

In terms of connection of technology with agriculture, Jiangsu Zhongnongke Food Engineering LTD, Jiangsu Zhongke Advanced Biotechnology Research Co., LTD and Life and Health Technology Industry Alliance of Chinese Academy of Sciences worked together to plan to introduce the technology studied by Chinese Academy of Sciences in Suqian economic and technological development area mainly for R&D, production, sale and technology transferring of selenium agricultural and sideline products, selenium nutrition food and functional food. 

In terms of connection of technology with science and culture, the Film Museum Union co-initiated by China National Film Museum, Shanghai Film Museum and Changying Former Site Museum gives full play to the important role of film museums all over China in the construction of a culture power and film power. It fully utilizes technological methods such as 3D and virtual-reality technology to promote globalization of China’s film culture and provide a broader platform for the demonstration, exchange, cooperation and innovation of film museum industry. 

Representatives from Beijing Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau, Microsoft ARD and China National Film Museum delivered a speech with the respective theme of High-quality Development of Capital led by Expansion and Open of Service Industry, The Future and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence and Integration of Culture and Technology.