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The 22nd CHITEC Successively Concluded  

Beijing - Nov 5, 2019 11:38:51 AM

The 22nd CHITEC successively concluded on the afternoon of October 27th. 

This CHITEC follows the important ideas put forward by President Xi Jinping about technological innovation in the new era and focuses on innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development. Under the theme of “Take the Lead in Hi-tech Industries and Facilitate the Development of S&T Innovation Centers”, it focuses on major and urgent needs of economic and social development and cutting-edge fields in modern science and technology, brings together high-tech achievements, promotes and introduces quality projects, explore new ideas, new model and new engines in technological development and greatly boosts China’s strength in science and technology.

During the CHITEC, 57 delegates of 2 international organizations and 33 countries and regions joined in related activities. Delegates from 21 provinces, cities and districts participated the in exhibitions. The main exhibition received near 65000 visits. The Symposium and 11 forums was popular and highly acclaimed. 247 public figures both at home and abroad delivered a speech. 6800 professionals attended the meetings and made exchanges. 14 project promotion activities attracted over 3100 merchants at home and abroad. 

According to statistics, the number of deals, cooperation agreements and projects was 88 with a amount of 28.601 billion yuan. Compared with former ones, signed projects of this CHITEC have the following features. First, hi-tech industry continues to play a role. A majority of projects are among the top ten high-tech industries like the new generation of information technology, integrated circuit and medical care which accounts for 91% of the total amount of contracts signed. Second, coordinative deployment of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has witnessed fruitful achievement. 52 Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinative cooperation projects have been signed with a total amount of 14.912 billion yuan. Third, coordinative cooperation is made under the joint efforts of governments, enterprises, universities, research institutes and users. Numerous projects connect large enterprises, research institutes and technological talents, demonstrating the common effort of governments, tnterprises, universities, research institutes and users. Fourth, the integration of science and technology with other sectors is dynamic. Several projects deeply integrate science and technology with finance, agriculture, culture and education.  

During a series of activities entitled Enter the 22nd CHITEC to Witness the Development of Beijing, finely selected 11 science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises and public institutions open to the public, focusing on remarkable achievements in science and technology innovation over the past 70 years since the founding of People's Republic of China and demonstrating latest achievements of Beijing's construction of a science and technology innovation center. Such practice allows ordinary people to have an access to hi-tech industry.   

This CHITEC which has attracted attention of the whole world, ignited the fire of innovation and entrepreneurship and accelerated application of science and technology has shown the following five characteristics. 

1. Hi-tech industry demonstrates several highlights and independent R&D is injected with new driving force of science and technology. 

This CHITEC highlights core technology and demonstrates the importance of technology. The main exhibition brings together a batch of top hi-tech manufacturing companies, displaying numerous new technologies like artificial intelligence application ecology, application of 5G and industrial chain of new energy intelligent automobile. A large number of cutting-edge unprecedented innovative technologies, national major technological achievements, civilian-military integration projects and intelligent manufacturing products have made an appearance, collectively demonstrating the new situation of our technological reform and writing a new chapter of technological development. Major equipment such as Chang'e-4 lunar probe, the deep sea warrior manned submersible and deep water vessel have become the highlights of the CHITEC and the pillars of China’s innovation. Technological achievements such as 6000-ton coast guard vessel, offshore oil 982, deep water vessel, intelligent fishing ground in Norway and the first intelligent supertanker are appealing. The application of artificial intelligent can be seen in every meeting and exhibition from electronic product, automobile, medical product to service solution, from exhibit to government service. From China’s Chip to China’s Cloud, over 70 major chips such as mobile communication chip, internet of things chip, flash chip, security chip and wireless chip have made a demonstration. 

2. Overall innovations are driven by technological innovation and the national science and technological innovation center is accelerating. 

During the CHITEC, Beijing Economic and Information Bureau and Beijing Science and Technology Commission base on top ten hi-tech industries and focus on artificial intelligence application ecology, 5G applications, industrial chain of new energy internet connected automobile, innovation of medical robot, energy conservation and environment protection and comprehensive unitization of resources. Remarkable achievements of Beijing’s construction of a national science and technology innovation center have been demonstrated in terms of planning, major science and technology achievement and innovation as well as entrepreneurship, allowing people to witness the dynamic practice of Beijing in building the national science and technology innovation center. Zhongguancun Science and Technology City Exhibition makes a demonstration of the latest and most advanced technologies and products. Future Science and Technology City Exhibition illustrates the latest situation and future plans of Energy Valley in the east and Life Valley in the west. Huairou Science and Technology City Exhibition shows the latest situations of a batch of major equipment and device. At the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, 4 pillar industries including the new generation of information technology, new energy and high-end vehicle, biological medicine and massive health as well as robot and intelligent manufacturing demonstrate their new innovative achievements, leaving a deep impression on visitors. Zhongguancun Demonstration Zone makes its park with characteristics as the main exhibit for the first time. Its exhibition demonstrates the latest, most glamorous and cutting-edge innovative achievements from 69 major enterprises in 16 parks with characteristics in the sectors like intelligent manufacturing, biology and health, cutting-edge information, new material, new energy and emerging service industry. More than 90% of the achievements make their debut during CHITEC. With the theme of Innovative Chaoyang District Driven by 5G, Chaoyang District Exhibition Area shows its development in international talents, international capital, integration of culture and technology, plans of Three Internationalization and One Future, international innovation and investment cluster and major ten applications of 5G in the future. 

3. New norms of digital industry have emerged through deep integration and injection of energy

New technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and block chain have prospered, enabling information technology to be applied in various economic and social sectors and accelerating the evolvement of industrial chain featuring trans boundary integration, coordinative development and sharing and win-win cooperation. In the Scientific and Technological Winter Olympics Exhibition Area, a variety of appealing cutting-edge technologies have been staged. Technology and innovation have been penetrated into every parts of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Game from scientific game holding and intelligent game watching and from securing guarantee to athlete protection. This CHITEC collectively demonstrates technological innovation achievements of cultural enterprises in Beijing and hi-tech and culture integration products and promotes the marketization and industrialization of these achievements. Such deep integration of culture with technology can get two-fold results with half the effort. At the Financial Technology Exhibition Area, Bank of China, China Minsheng Bank and other institutions display several financial technology achievements beneficial and favorable to people. With intelligent education becoming a hot topic, latest technologies and products in the sector of education equipment, education informatization, functional classroom equipment and education resources have been shown during CHITEC 

4. A quality regional economic new arena will be formed through coordination, innovation, opening and sharing. 

From this CHITEC, we can see that remarkable results have been made in establishing China’s regional coordinative innovation platform, co-building innovation and entrepreneurship platform, expanding technological and opening cooperation and promoting major achievements of transferring of technological innovation and international technology. Under these efforts, new arena of regional economic cooperation and development has been preliminarily formed. During the CHITEC, there are numerous promotion activities focusing on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industry from platform promotion to industry cooperation and from achievement display to brand promotion. Among them, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinative Development Project Promotion Seminar with the theme of Innovation, Integration and Coordinative Development has promoted a batch of important platforms for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial transferring and demonstrated 24 parks and departments classified into 5 categories: sub-center of Beijing, coordinative cooperation platform, modern manufacturing platform, service platform and market-oriented and hub-typed intermediary organization. Every region actively takes strategies and regional economic development of the cooperative countries into consideration, participates in building a community of coordinative cooperation and improves the capacity of global allocation of innovation resources. So to speak, CHITEC has become a significant platform of promoting technological and industrial policies, economic development environment, investment and business attraction and signing of technological cooperation projects for governments at provincial, city or district level which participate in CHITEC. 

5. Investment in technology focuses on people’s livelihood, providing a new mode of smart life.

This CHITEC gives priority to people’s livelihood. More hi-techs become available to ordinary people and various inventions closely related to people’s livelihood broaden participants’ horizon. At Beijing Hi-tech Industry Innovation Achievement Exhibition, people witness new breakthroughs of hi-tech industry in areas important to people’s livelihood. At the Senior Intelligent Medical Health Exhibition, several companies display a variety of intelligent armchairs. Multiple set of intelligent products and intelligent family overall solution demonstrate a whole-house smart scene and open and sharing intelligent interconnected ecology. Intelligent transportation products have also drawn attention. The connection of unmanned vehicle and sharing transportation will provide users with more intelligent, comfortable and economic travelling experience.  

The 23rd China Beijing International High-Tech Expo will be held on September 17-20th, 2020.