Sep 17 - 20, 2020 - Beijing, China

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23rd China Beijing International High-tech Expo will open on September 17, 2020  

Beijing - Sep 11, 2020 10:03:00 PM

23rd China Beijing International High-tech Expo will open on September 17, 2020

The 23rd China Beijing International High-tech Expo, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Intellectual Property Office, CCPIT and the Beijing Municipal People's Government, and undertaken by CCPIT (Beijing), will be held in conjunction with the Zhongguancun Forum for the first time from September 17th to 20th, 2020.

As the  exhibition part of Zhongguancun Forum, CHITEC 2020 and the Zhongguancun Forum will jointly focus on the theme of "cooperating and innovating, and meeting challenges together". The main activities include: comprehensive activities, exhibitions, promotion transactions, forum meetings, and online presentations.
Among them, the comprehensive activities include the signing ceremony of scientific and technological cooperation projects and the series of activities of "Visiting CHITEC 2020 to learn about Beijing".
For the exhibition, the main exhibition area is located in the China International Exhibition Center (Jinganzhuang), with an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters. A total of 12 special exhibition areas are set up: including anti-epidemic science and technology exhibition area, international exhibition area, cutting-edge technology hotspot exhibition area, science and technology Winter Olympic exhibition area, Beijing high-tech industry innovation achievement exhibition area, financial technology exhibition area, smart education exhibition area, capital cultural and technological integration development achievement exhibition area, science and technology industry functional zone innovation achievement exhibition area, capital youth science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship achievement exhibition area, capital automobile science and technology exhibition area, and provincial science and technology innovation achievement exhibition area.
A total of 9 promotion transactions will be held, including the fifth china informatization integration development and innovation conference, the promotion of scientific and technological achievements and business cooperation projects, the investment and financing cooperation meeting of scientific and technological projects, the green technology innovation and development exchange meeting, and the "5G+AI cutting-edge technology" application to open the future of digital cultural tourism" seminar, the fifth Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei science and technology agriculture integrity brand promotion conference, China innovation and economic integration achievement promotion event, Hainan free trade port high-tech industry promotion matchmaking conference, science and technology help Qinghai characteristic agriculture livestock industry development promotion matchmaking meeting. The forum meetings are China Financial Forum and Blockchain Development Forum.
For online display recommendations, comprehensive services such as online promotion of excellent companies and products, online docking of investment cooperation projects will be provided on the official website of CHITEC 2020, creating a never-ending CHITEC 2020.

During CHITEC 2020, the event will focus on the its theme, integrate high-quality resources, and carefully build an international exchange and cooperation platform in the field of science and technology, with the following four characteristics:
I. Focus on cutting-edge technology in key areas
Cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements such as 5G communications, industrial interconnection, intelligent networked vehicles, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, and network security are displayed intensively. Among them, Tsinghua Unigroup will showcase its latest achievements in the fields of chips and cloud networks with the theme of "from the core to the cloud enabling new infrastructure." Beijing Capital Highway Development Group Co., Ltd. will focus on displaying nearly 50 scientific and technological achievements of leading enterprises in the transportation industry in the capital. Beijing Subway will display the first domestic rail transit non-exposed space Beidou space-time positioning test system. At the anti-epidemic science and technology exhibition area, a number of leading companies such as Yiling Pharmaceutical and Nuctech will showcase their latest scientific and technological achievements, including online diagnosis and treatment systems, intelligent disinfection robots and other anti-epidemic medical devices, and the latest progress made in vaccine research and development and epidemic prevention materials.
II. Focus on the construction of national science and innovation center
The Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology takes Beijing’s “ten high-end and sophisticated industries” as its main line, focusing on new processes, new technologies, new materials, new equipment, new products and key areas of high-tech industries, bringing more than 30 companies such as Tongrentang Chinese Medicine and Shuzhi Technology to the exhibition to showcase the construction and effectiveness of building an industrial ecosystem. Zhongguancun Science Park will bring a number of new research and development institutions, potential technology companies, science and technology board listed companies, and well-known science and technology companies to show up to showcase the cutting-edge technological innovation achievements of Zhongguancun Science Park.  Huairou Science Park showcases a number of world-leading original scientific research results, including large scientific installations and platforms, new research and development institutions, hard technology incubation and achievement transformation products, etc., demonstrating China’s original innovation capabilities and technological integration in basic research and cross-cutting frontier fields strength. In the exhibition area of the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, scientific and technological achievements of the new generation of electronic information technology industry, robotics and smart manufacturing industry, high-end automobile and new energy smart automobile industry, biotechnology and health industry, and civil aerospace technology industry are intensively displayed. Visitors can also experience cool products such as Xiaolong VR glasses, Xiaomi black light factory, and WHYHOW's light field interaction technology.
III. Focus on industrial integration and development
The innovation results of the integration of technology and the Winter Olympics, culture, information, finance, agriculture and other related industries will be displayed in a concentrated manner to help the growth of new economies, new business formats, and new models. Among them, at the Science and Technology Winter Olympics exhibition area hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology, in accordance with the theme of promotion of the "Science and Technology Winter Olympics (2022) Action Plan" as the core, the implementation of the "Science and Technology Winter Olympics" key special implementation work as the main line, meeting the major strategic needs of the Winter Olympics, a group of high-tech, innovative achievements, demonstration projects, popularization of winter sports and development of the sports industry that reflect national strength will be displayed in a concentrated manner. At the capital's cultural and technological integration development achievements exhibition area, creative design product services, digital content services, industrial innovation and cross-border integration will be prominently displayed in order to tap the new potential of the cultural industry and cultivate new industrial advantages. Minsheng Bank will focus on displaying online service content, including Minsheng service system, 5G mobile banking, open banking, remote banking, smart home, supply chain finance, distributed technology applications and other innovative product services, financial devices, etc., to facilitate promotion comprehensive strength of corporate culture and financial services, using financial technology to serve the real economy, and promote the development of inclusive finance.
IV. Focus on regional opening up and cooperation
Adhering to the concept of "based on Beijing, serving the country, and facing the world", based on the international and domestic markets, we will build a regional collaborative innovation platform to promote the transformation of major scientific and technological innovation achievements and international technology transfer. International organizations and multinational companies are specially invited to participate in the exhibition. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization demonstrates the advancement of cutting-edge technological innovations in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, smart cities, energy conservation and environmental protection. The World Federation of Engineering Organizations will demonstrate the supporting role of engineering to help humans solve problems, meet future challenges, and achieve sustainable development goals. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council organizes brand companies to participate in the exhibition to seek cooperation opportunities. Twenty provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities including Tianjin, Hebei, and Jilin will participate in the exhibition. Among them, Hainan and Qinghai will hold special promotion matchmaking meetings to attract global investment. The preparations for CHITEC 2020 are progressing smoothly. Up to now, 9 international organizations such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the World Federation of Engineering Organizations and more than 800 Chinese and foreign technology companies have participated in the exhibition.