Sep 17 - 20, 2020 - Beijing, China

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The 23rd China Beijing International High-tech Expo Ended Successfully  

Beijing - Sep 20, 2020 10:14:31 PM

The 23rd China Beijing International High-tech Expo Ended Successfully

The 23rd China Beijing International High-tech Expo ended successfully on the afternoon of September 20, 2020.
As the exhibition section of the 2020 Zhongguancun Forum, CHITEC 2020 and the Zhongguancun Forum will jointly focus on the theme of “cooperative innovation and common challenges”, closely follow the urgent needs of national strategy and economic and social development, gather high-tech achievements and industrial clusters, and promote a group of high-quality projects for speeding up achievement transformation, explore great opportunities for new economic development in the new era, and help the construction of a national science and technology innovation center.

In the four-day CHITEC 2020, a total of 12 international organizations and representatives of 11 countries and regions participated in various activities; delegations from 25 provinces, regions and cities across the country participated in the exhibition; more than 800 Chinese and foreign companies participated in the main exhibition hall and received more than 30,000 visitors from all walks of life; 2 forums received widespread attention, 66 domestic and foreign celebrities gave speeches, and more than 1,100 industry professionals attended the meeting; 10 project promotion and trading activities attracted more than 2,200 domestic and foreign merchants to trade at the fair. CHITEC 2020 strengthens the concept of online and offline integration of exhibitions. The cloud exhibition system supports text, pictures, video and other display methods. Exhibitors and their exhibits displayed structured data for the first time, laying the foundation for online and offline integration and the never ending of the exhibition.
According to incomplete statistics, during CHITEC 2020, there will be 42 technology transactions, industrial cooperation signings, and transaction projects, with a total amount of 17.848 billion yuan.
The contracted projects present three characteristics: First, they focus on the "domestic cycle", and high-tech industry projects represented by integrated circuits are large in value; the contracted enterprises insist on technological innovation, and actively develop 35 high-tech industrial projects such as integrated circuits, third-generation semiconductors, Internet of Things, biomedicine, clean energy, new materials, etc., accounting for about 83.3% of the total contracted projects, and the contracted amount is 17.51865 billion Yuan, accounting for 98.2% of the total contract amount. The second is the deep integration of technological innovation and economic and social development; China has become an influential science and technology country, and the role of technological innovation in supporting and leading economic and social development is increasing, at the same time, a good ecology of industry-university integration, cross-industry collaboration, and in-depth integration and interactive development of technology and economy is gradually taking shape. The third is the active participation of multiple entities at home and abroad; 42 projects signed this time come from a wide range of sources, including 1 project from the United States, and the other 41 projects from Beijing (12), Hainan (17), Qinghai (9), Guangxi, Shandong, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities; the proportion of non-Beijing contracted projects accounted for 71.43%, which fully reflects the role of CHITEC 2020 as a platform.
In the series of activities of "Entering CHITEC 2020 and Seeing Beijing", 10 science and technology museums, laboratories, and national innovation and technology parks are carefully selected to open to the public, so that everyone can experience the fruitful achievements of the construction of the national science and technology innovation center, and experience changes of people’s lives and the development of city brought by technological innovation.

CHITEC 2020 presents the following four characteristics:

I. Set up the exhibition of scientific and technological achievements for the first time, highlighting the scientific and technological power of anti-epidemic
This year, CHITEC 2020 set up an anti-epidemic science and technology exhibition area for the first time. The product projects of exhibiting companies cover vaccine research and development, medical equipment, drug research and development and production, the Internet, big data, intelligent equipment, temperature measurement and disinfection, etc., fully demonstrating the scientific and technological power of anti-epidemic.
Tsinghua Tongfang's 13 products have been selected into the list of new anti-epidemic technologies and products in Guancun, and will bring a complete set of new anti-epidemic products including isolation warehouses, sampling stations, air purification devices, and big data epidemic prevention platforms to the CHITEC 2020 exhibition site. The application scenarios of these products in hospitals, customs, and transportation hubs at home and abroad were restored on site. In order to improve the safety of nucleic acid testing and sampling personnel, Beijing Tongfang Clean Technology Co., Ltd. launched a positive pressure protection sampling station, which allows sampling personnel to change out of thick protective clothing, improve sampling efficiency and improve the working environment.
Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Daxing Biological Pharmaceutical Industry Base is the highlight of this exhibition.
SINOVAC BIOTECH CO., LTD.'s new coronavirus inactivated vaccine is undergoing Phase III clinical research, and the progress of vaccine research and development has attracted much attention. In the fields of temperature measurement, disinfection, and intelligent equipment, enterprises in Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park have emerged a large number of anti-epidemic technological achievements: Beijing Baicare Biotechnology Co., Ltd.'s automatic nucleic acid detection and analysis system, Beijing Eternity Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.'s ventilator, Jiu-yi Technology's AI intelligent non-sensing temperature measurement system, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation's rapid temperature screening equipment, and JOINTTEAM's taurolidine spray sisinfection and protection products have become the highlights of this exhibition.
After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, in the face of new market demands, companies urgently launched intelligent sterilization robots. As long as the path is planned, the robot can intelligently sterilize the environment autonomously and evenly. The intelligent sterilization robot independently developed by Beijing Ruitu Technology Co., Ltd. has been put into use on the Yanhua-Fangshan line of the subway. It can sterilize all 4 carriages of a train in only 3 minutes.

II. Cutting-edge technological innovation to focus on "New Infrastructure"
Scientific and technological innovation is the first driving force for achieving high-quality development, and various major scientific and technological innovation achievements have emerged "blow-out", providing strong support for the implementation of the national innovation-driven development strategy. CHITEC 2020 showcases cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements such as 5G communications, industrial interconnection, intelligent networked vehicles, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, and network security, highlighting new future competitive advantages in key areas.
Tsinghua Unigroup exhibited the industry’s first 128-layer QLC flash memory and 64-layer flash memory products of the Yangtze River Storage, as well as cloud computing-related solutions such as smart cities and industrial Internet, covering innovative infrastructure, converged infrastructure and information in the new infrastructure field. Infrastructure and other fields. 5G is an important technical field of New Infrastructure. UNISOC’s HIA exhibited the first 5G solution T7510, as well as the 5G mobile phone Hisense F50 using UNISOC’s 5G chip, China Unicom CPE and many other latest 5G terminal equipment; Tsinghua Unigroup's H3C company also exhibited the core high-end router equipment S12500X, which passed the collection test of the three major operators with excellent results, and the 5G small station that passed the first phase test of the three major operators.
Big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G, AR/VR, 8K ultra-high definition and other products and services with "New Infrastructure" characteristics will be showcased at the exhibition. The 5G paradise created by China Mobile Beijing Company showcased 5G+VR games, video ring tones DIY, AR star co-production, AI fitness, AR concerts and other new 5G entertainment methods, new views, new shooting methods, and new usages, depicting people Changes in daily life brought by the 5G era.
The regional rail transit collaborative service system exhibited by China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation integrates advanced information technologies such as big data analysis, artificial intelligence, and image recognition to build the strongest "smart brain" for regional rail transit, deducing passenger flow, train flow and facilities in real time Equipment situation, provide coordinated preparation and dynamic adjustment of the entire network transportation plan, strengthen comprehensive support and linkage response handling, and realize new changes in regional rail transit. With the help of Beidou technology, CRSC has realized the positioning of high-speed trains, which has injected new impetus into the intelligent and independent development of high-speed rail. The future of “Beidou + high-speed rail” can be expected.

III. A panoramic view of Beijing's high-precision technological innovation capabilities
The densely presented cutting-edge technologies and products showed the audience the achievements of Beijing as a national science and technology innovation center.
Entering the high-tech industry innovation achievement exhibition area, with Beijing’s “ten high-tech industries” as the main line, a concentrated display of new processes, new technologies, new materials, new equipment, new products and key areas of high-tech industries technology. In the booth, from industrial materials such as small-size bearing steel and small-roll aluminum cables, to batteries, insoles, and masks that are common in daily life, all of them have various magical effects due to the addition of graphene technology to the materials.
From autonomous driving, medical robots, to artificial intelligence, a group of 3 national manufacturing innovation centers and 15 municipal industrial innovation centers created by Beijing will be unveiled at CHITEC 2020, focusing on the important achievements of Beijing by means of the construction of industrial innovation centers to accelerate the improvement of industrial ecology.
As the leader in technological innovation, Zhongguancun Science Park showcased new research and development institutions, potential technology companies, sci-tech innovation board listed companies, and well-known technology companies in its exhibition area; Huairou Science Park exhibited a group of world-leading original scientific research results in its exhibition area, demonstrating China's original innovation ability and comprehensive scientific and technological strength in basic research and cross-cutting frontier fields. In the exhibition area of the Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, visitors can also experience cool products such as Xiaolong VR glasses, Xiaomi black light factory, and WHYHOW's light field interaction technology.
State-owned enterprises in the capital show off their technological innovation capabilities. Wearing smart glasses can realize face recognition, escaping vehicle identification, and real-time transmission of live video to the command center. Nearly 50 scientific and technological achievements of Beijing Capital Highway Development Group Co., Ltd. showcase the future of the transportation industry. Beijing Subway exhibited innovative technology products such as the first "Beidou space-time positioning test system for rail transit non-exposed space" in China. In the Capital Youth Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievement Exhibition Area, the innovative and entrepreneurial vitality of state-owned enterprise youth, social entrepreneurship youth, and college students will be demonstrated at this CHITEC 2020. They have injected a steady stream of fresh blood into the construction of the national science and technology innovation center.
IV. The integration of technology and economy has gradually become a new ecology
Industry-university integration, cross-industry collaboration, and deep integration of technology and industry have brought new breakthroughs in economic development, and a new science and technology ecosystem is being formed. The integration of technology and related industries such as the Winter Olympics, culture, and finance, and innovative achievements that help the growth of new economy, new business forms, and new models will be showcased in CHITEC 2020.
As the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is approaching, how the technology Winter Olympics will be presented can also be seen by the public in CHITEC 2020. In terms of the integration of science and technology and the Winter Olympics, the Science and Technology Winter Olympics exhibition area sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology focuses on the major strategic needs of the Winter Olympics technology guarantee, focusing on displaying a number of high-tech, innovative achievements, demonstration projects that reflect national strength, and the popularization of winter sports and the sports industry Development and other content. Zhongguancun Institute of Hazard Science's integrated sky-ground safety situation monitoring platform for the Winter Olympics venues can greatly improve the accuracy of disaster prediction and the effectiveness of early warning by using highly sensitive wireless situational awareness sensors to monitor hidden geological safety hazards in the Winter Olympic venues and surrounding areas. The UAV-borne lidar system exhibited by Beijing Institute of Technology can use UAV as a mobile platform to perform high-precision measurement of slopes, undulations, obstacles, etc. of the ski slope, and realize the three-dimensional reconstruction of the ski resort and the surrounding environment.
The combination of culture and Internet technology has become an important force leading the high-quality development of the cultural industry. With the help of the Capital Cultural and Technological Integration Development Achievement Exhibition, the new products and new services displayed by 25 cultural and technological integration enterprises can let the public understand the tremendous changes that technology has brought to people's daily entertainment life. China Mobile Beijing has built a 5G park, and Beijing Xinhua Bookstore Chain Co., Ltd. has launched self-service lending machines and self-service book sales.  CINEAPPO Laser Cinema Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. exhibits laser cinema technology with a wide gamut, better color saturation and longer service life. CASJS's smart calligraphy desk can realize digital preservation, selection of fonts for beautification, personal stamping, obtaining intelligent evaluation, online uploading and sharing, and printing on site by creating a writing environment for the "four treasures of traditional calligraphy".
At CHITEC 2020, China Minsheng Bank exhibited innovative products and services such as the online service system for people’s livelihood, 5G mobile banking, open banking, remote banking, smart home, supply chain finance, distributed technology applications, and financial equipment. From these products, people have experienced new achievements in the integration of technology and finance.