May 17 - 20, 2018 - Beijing, China

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An Overview of 21st CHITEC Exhibitions  

Beijing - May 18, 2018 3:12:44 PM

The 21st China Beijing International High-Tech Expo will be held in Beijing from May 17 to May 20, 2018 with its main exhibition venue located at China International Exhibition Center (Old Venue), with an exhibition space of 45,000 square meters, comprising 16 themed exhibition zones.

The 19th CPC National Congress ushered in a new era of China's economy. In commitment to the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the five new concepts for innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development and with a theme of “Take the Lead in Hi-tech Industries and Facilitate the Development of S&T Innovation Centers”, the Expo will serve the needs of national strategic initiatives and socioeconomic development through well-designed comprehensive activities, exhibitions, forums, business talks and e-exhibitions. The Expo attracted more than 1,600 technology companies, seventeen delegations from 14 countries and regions such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany and the United States and more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions, cities and municipalities with independent planning status including Tianjin, Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong and Guangdong.

The fourth industrial revolution is sweeping the world with unprecedented momentum. China embraced the historical opportunities brought about by the fourth industrial revolution and has made a series of achievements. The Expo shows that: with China’s original innovation capability continuously enhanced, a group of hi-tech achievements are creating first-mover advantage; the quality of S&T innovation has achieved a new leap with the combination of S&T and economy becoming increasingly closer; it’s committed to building ecological civilization with green development deeply rooted among the people; innovation and entrepreneurial environment continues to be optimized which accelerates new momentum for growth; the upstream and downstream of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei industrial chain make collaborative innovation, striving to create a new high for regional development; Beijing accelerates the establishment and the quality of the national S&T innovation center in an all-round manner. The Expo provides insights into the development trend of science and technology, demonstrates the reform and practice of innovative institutional mechanisms, leads the development of emerging industries, and promotes China's economic modernization.

Accumulate Hi-tech Achievements and Facilitate the Development of S&T Power

The core technology is a country's most important device. At the Expo, Chinese companies stand out in the advanced technology; a group of forward-looking, pioneering and disruptive hi-tech achievements and industrial clusters are unveiled to highlight China’s latest achievements in creation.

A new generation of information technology is still in the full swing. The Expo will showcase new achievements in the development of China's new generation of information technology. Among them, the world's first smart watch with projection function, ASU Watch, is a low-cost display and interactive mode in the future. The pure laser display technology of CASIRIS realizes the perfect color reproduction, which is reputed as “the revolution in the history of human vision”; China’s first recreational unassisted exoskeletal wearable robots will drive the development in the upstream and downstream of industry chains in various industries, thus improving China’s “intelligence” level.

The development of integrated circuits in China has attracted global attention. The Expo will showcase China's achievements in developing integrated circuits and accelerating the creation of "China Chip". As the largest integrated circuit enterprise in China and the third largest mobile phone chip company in the world, Tsinghua Unigroup has formed a high-tech industrial ecological chain from “chip” to “cloud”, with more than 10,000 independent technical patents. Tsinghua Unigroup will demonstrate new breakthroughs in chip technology in China, including Yangtze Memory’s 32-layer 3D NAND flash memory chips, which is China's first 3D flash memory chip and the advanced high-end chip closest to the world level, and has also achieved breakthrough in China's memory chips. SC9850KH, China's first mobile phone chip platform with its own embedded CPU key technology, is a major breakthrough in China's mobile phone CPU chip design field; PGT180H device is China's only proprietary high-performance FPGA with 10 million gates so far, which can meet the needs of middle-to-high end applications such as communication networks, information security and artificial intelligence, and has achieved mass production.

In the field of cloud computing, CR19000, a new generation of core routers for carrier-class applications independently developed by H3C, represents the top level of the same category of products. The H3C S12500 is the core switching device with the highest performance in the industry and is widely used by high-end customers such as BAT and 3 major operators; DataEngine, the big data engine of H3C, can provide visualization capabilities of full-process data service, which is a big data product that best fits the needs of the government and other industries, covering various industries such as government, public security, education, medical treatment, finance and operators.

Artificial intelligence is popular among the people. Gait recognition technology is the world's first cross-perspective and commercialized gait recognition technology with 94% accuracy, possessing an unique advantage that other biometric technologies do not have; the autonomous and controllable smart mobile operating system and application is the only EAL4-level mobile operating system in the "Evaluation of Information Technology Product Security" issued by the China Information Technology Security Evaluation Center; the world's smallest 32-line laser radar, with its product performance reaching the international advanced level, has been widely used in terrain mapping, digital city modeling and other fields. The AOI inspection technology has been successfully applied to the fully automatic production line of the glass cover industry, addressing the problem that has plagued the world for 30 years. The Cambrian Deep Learning Processor was selected into the 15 World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements at the 3rd World Internet Conference.

In the field of biology and medicine, the globally original 3D-printed total biodegradable vascular stent is a major technological breakthrough in the field of international additive manufacturing technology, which has enabled China's 3D precision printing technology to go international and is expected to bring about a revolution in the manufacture and use of cardiovascular stents; the world's first gene-edited atherosclerosis model dog "Apple" provides an ideal large animal model and an important basis for the study of the pathogenesis of human atherosclerosis and the development of new drugs; the clone dog "Dragon" made from Apple’s somatic cell is China's first somatic cell clone dog, filling the gap in Chinese somatic cell clone dogs; the world's leading optical molecular imaging tumor targeted surgical navigation system, has begun trials in a number of hospitals such as the 301 PLAGH and successfully diagnosed and treated more than 100 cases of breast cancer.

The development of China’s marine science and technology has attracted worldwide attention. The International Marine S&T and Marine Economy Exhibition Zone will display the major achievements in marine power strategy and marine science and technology innovation, and marine economic development, including “SeaWing” underwater glider, “Exploration 4500” underwater robot, Snow Dragon, Snow Eagle, Xiangyanghong 10 and 10,000-ton maritime police ships. In the Guangdong Exhibition Zone, the Blue Whale 1 and combustible ice mining results have been displayed. Chinese and foreign maritime countries, Tianjin, Shandong, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hainan and other coastal provinces and cities, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and other maritime institutions and companies will bring the latest achievements to the Expo.

The Expo sets up a military-civilian integration technology exhibition area for the first time, where advanced military-civilian cooperation projects, emergency rescue technical equipment, electronic communication equipment, aerospace technology applications, engine research and development, face recognition technology and robots are exhibited. In the outdoor exhibition area, the J-10 fighters, China’s self-developed fourth-generation fighter jets, take a heroic posture; the Wing Loong drones are reputed as “one-of-a-kind stars” in the field of drone manufacturing in China. The audience can observe and experience the exquisite craftsmanship of a new generation of Chinese aircraft.

Demonstrate Technological Development Trend and Lead Development of Emerging Industries

CHITEC has always been a bellwether for insight into the development trend of new technology and new industries. The Expo will comprehensively demonstrate the development trend of science and technology industries in various fields and lead the industrial transformation and upgrading.

The deep integration of informatization and industrialization has promoted the acceleration of digitalization, networking and intelligentization in the manufacturing industry. The green and service features of advanced manufacturing technologies and products are significant. In the coal industry, a large number of new technologies, new ideas, new products, new models and new experiences have emerged through the integration of informationization and automatization. In order to further promote the application and transformation of various new technologies in the coal industry, the Expo sets up the Achievements of Integrating Informationization and Automatization of Coal Mines and Intelligent Technical Equipment Exhibition Zone for the first time, where the latest achievements in the transformation and upgrading of the coal industry facilitated by the integration of informationization and automatization has been exhibited, including the innovative applications of various advanced information technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, big data and AI in the coal industry, and modern equipment such as intelligent coal machines and coal dressing machines, etc. National Energy Group, China National Coal Group, China Coal Technology Engineering Group, Yankuang Group, Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group and other major large coal groups and more than 50 major IT technology vendors attend the Expo.

Shenyang Exhibition Area will showcase the development achievements of the Beijing-Shenyang cooperation, link up with international and domestic outstanding innovation resources, accelerate the construction of the Northeast Asia S&T innovation center, and focus on manifesting the latest achievements of Shenyang in competitive industries such as smart manufacturing, new materials, electronic information and biomedical industries. Among them, aerospace high-temperature alloy precision parts and repair materials have filled China's gaps in monocrystal, directionally solidified superalloy materials and castings, which are widely used in the aerospace field. Millimeter-wave band radar products have solved practical problems of engineering technology and industry requirements in the field of radar sensing and measurement and control, and have been widely used in automotive electronics, intelligent transportation, public safety and industrial intelligent measurement and control.

The National S&T Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements Exhibition Area will showcase intelligent manufacturing, core components, complete machine equipment, complete sets of processes and overall solutions, reflecting the green and service trend of the manufacturing industry. The main exhibits include Super-M humanoid robot, unmanned aerial vehicle autopilot, industrial handling robot, magnetic suspension bearing and its electronic control system, underground rescue robot, six-joint robot, Oklin kitchen garbage degradation equipment, binocular stereo visional guide robot automatic feeding system, E-Plus-3D metal 3D printing.

The Internet and mobile Internet are undergoing major changes in the foundation, content and model of innovation and entrepreneurship and become the most active areas for innovation and entrepreneurship. Multiple exhibition zones will showcase the Internet and mobile Internet industry products which cover the entire society, including hardware, software and systems, and services covering finance, sports, entertainment and other aspect of daily life. The exhibits consist of face recognition and iris recognition products and solutions, Taskcity fire safety warning IoT solution, unattended operation warehouse, Coqui ABC VR kid’s English interactive learning platform.

The increasingly widespread electronic information industry applications and widely integrated artificial intelligence have driven the industry to create more economic and social values. A large number of S&T innovations have sprung up, which has improved the quality of public life. At the Expo, electronic information products can be seen everywhere, such as the voice and audio shorthand book, the new retail third space-the unattended store based on the smart community, the small portable long-haul drone and the wipace wearable somatosensory game machines, industrial remote intelligent inspection robots, metamorphosis robots, etc. The children's market has become the target of many companies in the field of artificial intelligence. The Children's Intelligent Technology Product and Maker Education Exhibition Zone have brought together novel and cute children's smart products. A group of playmate robots were staged together, including Royalstar robot, Zhiban robot, Gululu children's smart cup, uyeh robot, Eastern Gold Jade Xiaoxiao Bear Robot and I-cow robot, and they will interact with the audience and create an interesting man-machine "game".

All parts of the country are competing to demonstrate the growth and development of emerging industries. The Cultural and Technology Integration Exhibition Zone mainly showcases cultural creative design and related technical equipment, the integration and development of traditional media and new media, living environment and leisure entertainment services, cultural education, cultural finance and other emerging industries. In the exhibition zone of S&T innovation achievements of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, more than 60 enterprises in Inner Mongolia participated in the Expo with more than 80 projects. The achievements in the nine major fields such as high-end equipment manufacturing, modern agriculture and animal husbandry, information technology, biopharmaceuticals, new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection and big data will be showcased, with the vigorous development of big data and new energy industries highlighted. The Xinjiang Exhibition Area will focus on the latest high-tech achievements in areas such as intelligent security, biomedicine and new materials. It is expected that through the active promotion of the exhibition, it will introduce well-known security companies at home and abroad to create an intelligent security industry cluster to the tune of RMB100 billion.

New Momentum of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Benefiting the Public for People's Livelihood

Mass entrepreneurship and innovation is an important starting point for implementing the strategies of innovation-driven development, an important manifestation of the supply side structural reforms and a powerful support for nurturing new growth momentum. The National S&T Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements Exhibition Zone focuses on the vigorous development of mass entrepreneurship and innovation since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China; the comprehensive upgrading of the entrepreneurship and innovation system, the opening up of the entrepreneurship and innovation resources, the continuous growth of the entrepreneurial community and the continuous emergence of innovation achievements; mass entrepreneurship and innovation providing new dynamics for economic development, and benefiting the public and the society, etc.

The exhibition highlights China's current entrepreneurship and innovation service system. Since the showcase of entrepreneurship and innovation activities in the form of 3D data, China’s investment in policies, platforms, funding, technology, talents and services and remarkable results achieved have formed an entrepreneurship and innovation ecology with rich resources, financed innovative chain, strong innovation culture, reasonable system protection, diversified entrepreneurial entities and the global influence. The relevant contents of the entrepreneurship and innovation upgrade featured by financing include highlighting the development achievements of incubators, maker space, technology-based SMEs and entrepreneurship and innovation model cities, showing the business incubation map by illustrating the overall layout and development effectiveness of the technology business incubator and the maker space through the interactive maps, as well as enquiring the entrepreneurship and innovation policy in each region, displaying the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and service system including the Zhongguancun Inno Way, TusStar, Microsoft Accelerator, Hanhai Incubator and other technology enterprise incubation chains, and China Technology Exchange, China Innovation &Entrepreneurship Competition and China Innovation Challenge. This service system frees the innovative and entrepreneurial elements such as markets, technology, talents and capital for integration throughout the society.

Maker education has also become an indispensable part of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. The Children's Intelligent Technology Product and Maker Education Exhibition Zone gather maker education programs, which are eye-opener for the public.

Innovation and entrepreneurship achievements benefit people's livelihood. The exhibition presents a large number of livelihood products and livelihood industries that enhance the health and well-being of the entire nation. Among them are non-invasive real-time monitoring systems for arterial blood pressure and hemodynamics, jDoctor Smart and Healthy Home Care Interactive Platform, “global image” cloud medical service platform, AI LED plant factory, ozone water disinfection machine and atmospheric odor pollution on-line monitoring system. The Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements Exhibition Zone, featured with the great health service management industry chain and taking the community health hut as a simulation scenario, showcases a group of innovative products and services that are intelligent and miniaturized in the fields of biomedicine and emerging health services, including the world's leading online monitoring systems for air pollutants, with the 40% market share for environmental monitoring products, 70% for flue gas monitoring products; ECS efficient circulation breeding system without pesticide residues, pollution and emissions, representing a new model of ecological agriculture and intelligent agriculture.

Collaborative Innovation in the Upstream and Downstream of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Chain to Create a New High of Regional Development

The strategy for the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei has been implemented for four years and has made remarkable achievements in various fields. The Expo will focus on displaying the new face of the coordinated development in the upstream and downstream of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei S&T industry chain.

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Innovation Exhibition Zone will focus on demonstrating Beijing's high-tech industrial innovation achievements and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative innovation achievements, with a new generation of information technology, integrated circuit industry, software and information services, artificial intelligence industry, medical health, intelligent equipment industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry, new-energy smart car industry, new materials industry, technology service industry and other high-tech industries as the main line to present the radiating effect of Beijing's innovative achievements on Tianjin and Hebei regions.

The industry transfer and collaboration is the substantive content of and key support for collaborative development, and also one of the three key breakthrough areas for collaborative development. The industrial platform is an important carrier for industry cooperation. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Cooperation Exhibition Zone will focus on the promotion of a number of collaborative innovation and industry cooperation platforms with outstanding advantages, distinctive features, complete facilities, strong bearing capacity and high development potential. Among them, Beijing-Tianjin Cooperation Demonstration Zone, Wuqing-Beijing-Tianjin Industrial New City and Cangzhou, Zhengding, Baoding and other special zones are under construction with their agglomeration effect and demonstration effect gradually emerging; Biopharmaceutical Industry Park of Beijing • Cangzhou Bohai New Area has attracted more than 100 projects, including nearly 80 contracted pharmaceutical companies in Beijing, which has become an example of "industry cluster, professional park construction and collaborative off-site supervision".

Accelerating economic transformation and achieving green development have become important goals for the collaborative development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. The Expo sets up the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Smart Energy-saving and Low-carbon Exhibition Zone” to display technologies and products in three areas of efficient energy-saving, clean energy and resource recycling in the form of “Internet + energy”, including the “Beijing Sanitation Model” for intelligent garbage classification, which reflects the high-end development trend of the environmental sanitation technology industry, the energy management center technology of the heating system which provides data-based energy services to the heating industry in a smart way, air pollution on-line monitoring and early-warning system technologies, LED streetlights and IoT wireless intelligent management and control systems and smart energy IoT non-leakage piping systems, all adopting technologies such as big data and cloud computing.

Enhance Quality and Pace through Beijing’s Efforts in Promoting the Construction of the National S&T Innovation Center.

Beijing is making every effort to accelerate the construction of the national S&T innovation center. The Expo has set up a special S&T innovation achievements exhibition area of “Three Cities and One Zone” exhibiting new achievements in the construction of the main platforms including Zhongguancun Science City, Huairou Science City, Future Science City and Beijing Economic-Technological Development Zone.

Zhongguancun Science City will focus on demonstrating innovative achievements of original innovation sources and major field of independent innovation. Taking Haidian District and 40 Years of Zhongguancun’s Innovative Development as the vertical axis of time, it will introduce the development course of successive innovation from one generation to the next and also exhibit a batch of innovative industrial clusters with the characteristics of Zhongguancun Science City. The “Unicorn Enterprise” Exhibition Zone will present the efforts of Haidian District in becoming high-growth "Hidden Champion" which continuously promote enterprises to become a model of hard science and technology innovation and business model innovation. In addition, companies with unique industry characteristics such as Bitmain, GigaDevice and Tik Tok will also be showcased.

Huairou Science City demonstrates significant landmark and leading progress in its dedication to the construction of the comprehensive national science center. Huairou Science City focuses on "Pillars of China". Scientific apparatus and cross-platforms are important basic guarantees for China to achieve major original scientific research achievements and the hardware carrier to catch up, reach and surpass the scientific research level of the world’s first-rate countries. The scientific apparatus exhibited at the Expo include high energy photon source, comprehensive extreme condition experimental devices, earth system numerical simulation devices, space foundation monitoring network (Meridian Project Phase II) and multi-modal cross-scale biomedical imaging facilities. The cross-platforms include clean energy material testing diagnosis and R&D platform, material genome research platform, advanced light source technology R&D and testing platform, space science satellite series and payload development test guarantee platform and comprehensive advanced carrier and measurement technology experimental platform. At the same time, achievements of core industries such as environmental protection industry, nanotechnology industry and new materials industry will also be displayed.

Beijing Economic-Technological Development Zone is the “One Zone” of the “Three Cities and One Zone” in the construction of the National S&T Innovation Center in Beijing. It focuses on the achievements in the transformation of S&T innovation in these three science cities and certain innovation-based clusters which drive industrial upgrades in southern and eastern Beijing, mainly including products and technologies in the new generation information technology, intelligent manufacturing and robots, biomedicine and health, high-end automobiles and new energy vehicles, new energy and new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection and integration of S&T and culture.

In the Innovation Achievements Exhibition Area of the Technological Industry Functional Zone, Shunyi of Beijing will demonstrate the new look in the construction of innovative industrial clusters and “2025” demonstration zone and establishing the capital frontier for innovation-driven development. It emphasizes three innovative industrial clusters, namely “Intelligent New Energy Vehicles, Third Generation Semiconductors and Aerospace”, and four strategic emerging industries, namely “New Generation Information Technology, Integrated Circuits, Biomedicine and Health and High-end Equipment Manufacturing”. Key projects consist of: the first domestic nano satellite named Lilac satellite No.2 independently designed, developed and controlled by college students; the first domestic bipedal humanoid robot-AELOS professional robot capable of rapid walking, whose gait and flexibility reach the leading level of international robots; China's first self-designed, developed and manufactured high-performance pure electric sports car, Qiantu K50, which will also be China's first pure electric sports car realizing mass production. Chaoyang District highlights four key points: First, to demonstrate the “Future Forum” to cultivate the advanced ideas of the world’s most influential scientific and public welfare platform; second, to illustrate Chaoyang District’s three-year development plan (2017-2019) in four industries of business services, finance, cultural creativity and high-tech; third, to explain the plans and initiatives in building the "S&T Innovation Center" in Chaoyang District; fourth, to describe new space, new carriers, new plans and new projects of hi-tech development as well as independent innovative technological achievements of high-tech enterprises in Chaoyang District.

In the above-mentioned achievements, the generation of disruptive technology and the construction of institutional systems in transformation are the most critical and exemplary points. In particular, the optimization and innovation of the soft system has become a major highlight of the construction of the National S&T Innovation Center in Beijing. In Zhongguancun Science City, Zhongguancun Talent Special Zone and Zhongguancun Maker Town are under construction; the technology financial service system has been improved and collaborative regional development and global innovation are carried out, especially in respect of policy innovation and implementing pilot programs, deepening the pilot reforms of “decentralization, integrating delegation and regulation and optimizing services” and reducing the cost of the innovation and entrepreneurship institutional transaction; the pilot policies for the entry and exit of foreign talents are implemented in detail; the foreign exchange management reform pilot program are further carried out to reduce financing costs; flexible land supply and civil and non-governmental organization management have also been practiced. All these measures have enabled Zhongguancun Science City to gain the advantages of a soft system.