May 17 - 20, 2018 - Beijing, China

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The Overview of 21st CHITEC Promotions  

Beijing - May 18, 2018 3:09:16 PM

The fourth industrial revolution is still in the full swing. China is increasing investment and quickening the layout of Sci-Tech innovation projects to face the next round of challenges with the strength and power of the whole society. As a large number of national major projects is implemented, social investment will surely be brought into play.

The promotions, exchanges and negotiations at the 21st China Beijing International High-Tech Expo will converge various resources, and build an innovative and entrepreneurial collaboration platform to promoting the industrialization and commercialization of Sci-Tech achievements. The 21st CHITEC will forge a brand promotion campaign which combines the efforts of enterprises, universities and research institutes, hold 12 promotion sessions focusing on development priorities, as well as select and promote thousands of technological projects that are suitable for the Chinese market to vigorously promote the development of real economy.

Facilitating Integration and Innovation, Speeding up Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Industries

The fourth industrial revolution has already given birth to a number of new industries and new services and it will continue to catalyze numerous new industries. The penetration and integration of these sectors and industries will realize faster growth, create more value and become the important engine for the development of manufacturing industry or even the whole economy. The 21st CHITEC will strongly promote integration and innovation and speed up transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

A great deal of effort is made to facilitate the investment and implementation of social programs at the 21st CHITEC and a large number of such programs will be promoted at the CHITEC. Among such projects, the circular economy industrial park of GeZhouBa Jinghuan Technology Co., Ltd. with a total investment of RMB 3 billion, will forge an all-category full-cycle solid waste disposal and utilization platform to provide a revolutionary system solution for regional garbage disposal, renewable resource utilization and environmental improvement and build a garden-like, intelligent, green and low-carbon new-type circular economy industrial park; the rail transit automation system technical equipment integration project with a total investment of RMB 1.5 billion adopts world cutting-edge technology, is committed to the system design and equipment research & development in the area of rail transit overhaul and repair, and provides complete integrated solutions for overhaul and repair and professional repair equipment; and the online car-hailing project with RMB 200 million investment from BAIC Mobility and DiDi Chuxing operates based on the ideas of green, intelligent and joyful trip to build its brand.

With the theme “Indigenous & Controllable Digitization, Being Safe and Reliable, Integrated & Innovative Development”, China Digitization Conference was held at Beijing Jinnian Hotel from April 26 to April 27. Eleven companies put on exhibitions and roadshows at the conference, including Shanghai ZhuoFan Information Technology Co., Ltd., TaiJi Computer Co., Ltd., Neusoft Corporation and Guangzhou MinStone Software Co., Ltd. Also at the conference, China’s Achievements in Digitization (2018) was published and project negotiations, promotions and exchanges were conducted to actively propel deep integration of internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and industry digitization and accelerate the unveiling of huge potential of digitization. 

With the theme “Integration of Informationization and Automatization Propelling the Transformation and Upgrade of Coal Industry”, the Promotion Fair on the Achievements of Integrating Informationization and Automatization of Coal Mines and Intelligent Technical Equipment will be held at Beijing King Wing Hotel. Large coal enterprises will exchange the experiences and achievements in integrating informationization and automatization and information technology manufacturers will promote their products and technology at the promotion fair which will be attended by the leaders of coal enterprises, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes and persons-in-charge of informationization.

The Promotion Fair on Technological Commercialization and Cooperation Projects will be held at Beijing Yulong International Hotel on May 18. University of Science & Technology Beijing, Beijing Jiaotong University, Postdoctoral Poverty Alleviation Center of China Association of Poverty Alleviation & Development and other units will launch more than 100 sci-tech projects and nearly one hundred entities including sci-tech industrial parks, scientific research institutes and private sci-tech enterprises will actively get involved in these projects which are in many types and categories and have a broad prospect in terms of market and industrialization. These projects include composite tolerance automatic and manual testing platform and precision lubrication control system in the field of machinery manufacturing, pressure swing adsorption oxygen & nitrogen production technology and low energy storage heating and refrigeration technology and equipment in the field of energy, thermoelectric-generation & electric-refrigeration high-performance bismuth telluride thermoelectric materials and metal nanoparticle dispersed-oxide non-linear optical coating materials in the field of new materials, high-speed wireless network-based audio & video transmission system and multi-media digital monitoring system in the field of electronic information and network communication, new technology of unmanned helicopters and storage battery status detection & equilibrium activation system in the field of electrical engineering and optical, mechanical and electronic integration, composite waste-derived fuel production technology in the field of biotechnology, greater-health medical poverty alleviation project of Postdoctoral Poverty Alleviation Center of China Association of Poverty Alleviation & Development, “One County, One Product” industrial poverty alleviation project, Functional agricultural poverty alleviation project (Nano-selenium) and agricultural produce deep-processing poverty alleviation project.

The 3rd International Marine Sci-tech & Project Cooperation Meeting will be held at the Multiple-Use Building of China International Exhibition Center on May 17. The meeting will display major achievements in China’s marine technology innovation and marine-economy development, leaders of coastal cities and provinces and well-known enterprises involved in marine technologies will promote their projects and products, and representatives from countries including Germany, Canada, France and Korea and organizations such as ASEAN will also give speeches and make exchanges on the occasion. Issues such as strong marine power strategies, belt & road marine industry cooperation, intelligent marine building, commercialization and application of marine scientific research results and the “going global” strategies of marine enterprises will be discussed at the promotion session.  

Investment and Financing Cooperation Fair for Sci-Tech Projects will be held at Beijing Yulong International Hotel on May 19. With the purpose of “Facilitating the Integration of Sci-tech and Finance, Propelling Collaboration of Sci-tech Projects”, more than 100 entities with real projects and investment need nationwide including sci-tech parks, research institutes, enterprises and organizations are organized to form the project parties publicizing project needs, leaders from ten-plus investment and financing institutions will attend the fair to give instructions on financing, and relevant experts, scholars, accountants and lawyers will also be on site to answer questions and provide professional consulting services.

With the theme “the Capital of Hard & Core Technology”, the Special Promotion Fair of Xian will be held for the first time at the 21st CHITEC. Relevant leaders of Xian and representatives of Xian high & new tech zone, aerospace base, economic and technological development zone and hard & core technology-related enterprises will introduce investment environment and promote projects on May 17. With the theme “Technology-led Development and Exchanges”, “the Belt and Road” business salon, i.e. country promotion for Hungary, Poland, Czech and Slovakia will also be held on May 17.

Promote the deep military-civilian integration and accelerate the process of civilian use and cooperation

Military-civilian integration is a national strategy. It is both a move to rejuvenate the country and also a strategy to beef up the armed forces. From a technical perspective, the military-civilian integration necessitates speeding up the use of military technology achievements for civil purposes and the civil cooperation for military standards system. From the enterprise perspective, it is the integrated development of military and civilian goods manufacturing. The China Beijing International High-Tech Expo will hold a slew of activities to promote the deep military-civilian integration.

The Promotion Fair on Military-Civil Integration Industrial Cooperation Projects will be held in Beijing on May 19 under the theme of “New Thoughts and New Opportunities on Innovation-Driven Development and Civil-Military Integration in the New Era”, in a bid to promote the conversion of military technologies for civil use, civil participation in the military industry and cooperation over civil-military integration projects. The Fair features pragmatic and rich cooperation and offers business opportunities not to be missed. It has roughly three characteristics: First, authoritative information. Military-civilian integration industry experts gather to interpret military-civilian integration policies, and analyze and publish information on demands by the military. Second, concentration of advantageous projects in key technology fields. China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) Military-to-Civil Productivity Center: Military-to-civil cooperation projects; China Nuclear Control System Engineering Co., Ltd.: Technology, supportive product and industrial cooperation projects for domestic production of nuclear equipment; The 714th Research Institute of CSIC: Ship industrial cooperation through military-civil integration; China Ordnance Society: Military-civil integration industrial cooperation. Third, many participating organizations and companies, with strong capabilities. Nearly a hundred enterprises including the Central Military Commission Equipment Development Department, People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force, State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, China Aerospace Science and Industry Co., Ltd., China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), China National Nuclear Corporation, research institutes, and high-tech enterprises participate in the fair.

The 2018 Hunan (Beijing) Promotion and Matchmaking for Civil-Military Integration Industries to be held on May 19 at Beijing Hunan Hotel has a clear purpose, namely “Furthering civil-military integration and boosting intelligent manufacturing”. Leaders of various levels in Hunan Province and leaders of enterprises make a special trip to Beijing to introduce the military-civilian integration industrial park, and carry out policy promotion, industry promotion, and negotiation on projects. The leaders of the governments of Zhuzhou City, Xiangtan City, Yueyang City, and Changsha will carry out investment promotion for Zhuzhou Aviation Industry Park, Xiangtan Pioneer Industrial Park, Pingjiang Industrial Park and Jinxia Economic Development Zone.

Coordinated development of a green economy, and model ecosystem in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei

Accelerate the demonstration role of energy-saving and low-carbon technologies in promoting economic transformation, green development, and ecological progress, and become an important part of building Beijing as a global technological innovation center. The 2018 Seminar on Energy-conserving & Low-carbon Technologies in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region to be held on May 18 will focus on promoting the popularization and application of key energy-saving and low-carbon technologies in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. It will analyze the energy conservation and emission reduction situation in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and interpret the new energy policy, green lighting-related policies, and cleaner production-related policies in Beijing. Representative enterprises from Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei will promote and introduce the “Internet plus” smart energy management and control platform for heat pump air-conditioning industry, mandatory heat-dissipating LED street lamps, and distribution transformer with energy efficiency above Grade-I GB standards, and no-leakage intelligent energy-saving insulation pipe systems. The leaders and experts from government energy conservation and environmental protection departments, industry associations, and research institutes, and over 100 representatives of key energy-using enterprises in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region will attend the meeting.

The 3rd Promotion Fair on Good-faith Hi-tech Agricultural Brands of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region will be held on May 17 at China International Exhibition Center Multiple Building. Under the theme of “IT-based agriculture, rural areas, and rural residents, Rejuvenation of Rural Areas, Win-win Cooperation, and Green Rise,” this Fair aims to coordinate the resources of science and technology agriculture in the three regions, and assist the credit building for technology agriculture brands and rejuvenation of rural areas through the coordinated “government, industry, university, promotion and application”. The leaders of the ministries and commissions and relevant government departments in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, relevant leaders and experts from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and relevant financial institutions and investment and financing platform companies will participate in the fair and involve in promotion and exchanges.

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Industrial Cooperation Promotion Fair will be held in Beijing on May 18 under the theme of “building a platform for industrial cooperation and creating an area for innovation and development”. The relevant entities in Tianjin and Hebei will make presentations.

Authoritative interpretation changes policy information into business opportunities

Many new policies are issued in the new era. Policy innovation requires practical innovation. Practice requires ideas and guidance. CHITEC Promotion Fair has always attached importance to policy interpretation to help companies take advantage of the policies.

Practically each of the promotion and matchmaking activities of this CHITEC is accompanied by policy interpretation and trend discovery. At the Promotion Fair on Military-Civil Integration Industrial Cooperation Projects, military-civilian integration industry experts will interpret the military-civilian integration policy, and analyze and publish information on demands by the armed forces. Military and local experts will share the views on the reform of military-civilian integration system and explore new dynamics and opportunities for the application of military and civilian technologies under deep integration. The 2018 Hunan (Beijing) Promotion and Matchmaking for Civil-Military Integration Industries also holds a dialogue meeting between experts and entrepreneurs to discuss the opportunities and challenges of in-depth development of military-civilian integration.

At the promotion session for technological commercialization, relevant leaders and experts will explain the application for sci-tech programs funded by the central government (special program, funds, etc.), national fund for transformation and commercialization of sci-tech achievements, SME development funds, national funds for start-ups in emerging industries and other related supportive funds; how to obtain finance for innovation and entrepreneurship projects, how to dovetail with capital; intellectual property assessment (patents, copyrights, trademarks) and technology trading cooperation; partner financing, equity financing and crowdfunding cooperation and others.

The China Digitization Conference will hold China Information Fusion Development Innovation Forum, which consists of the “Internet +” Smart Governance Forum and the “Internet +” Smart Public Security Forum. The forum brings together authoritative experts, scholars and leaders in the field of IT from 31 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government. Its authority is self-evident. At the Promotion Fair on the Achievements of Integrating Informationization and Automatization of Coal Mines and Intelligent Technical Equipment, coal informatization experts and scholars will make keynote academic reports.