May 17 - 20, 2018 - Beijing, China

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Belt and Road Four-country Promotion Conference Held, Traffic and Travel Payment in Tibet Achieves its Overseas Presence  

Beijing - May 21, 2018 2:02:33 PM

China Internet Information: The 21st CHITEC Belt and Road Business Salon – The four-country promotion conference for Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia was held in Beijing on May 17.

As an important component of the promotion activities of the CHITEC, the Belt and Road Business Salon, under the theme of “Science and Technology Leading the Development and Promoting Collaboration”, aims to provide a platform for communication and learning for Chinese and foreign companies, deepen their understanding, promote friendship and mutual trust, and grasp the opportunity for cooperation, with a view to ushering in a new chapter of cooperation and win-win outcome.

The promotion conference was jointly sponsored by the Beijing branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the Hungarian Embassy in China, the Slovak Embassy in China, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in China, and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in China. Lin Bin, Vice Chairwoman of CCPIT Beijing, and others attended the conference and delivered speeches.

Lin Bin said in her speech that Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland are important economies of the central Europe and have close economic and trade ties with China. China has fostered deep cooperation with Hungary in chemicals, communications, automobiles, logistics, finance, and other fields, and the bilateral exchanges in the culture, education, sports, and tourism fields have become increasingly rich. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are China’s second largest and fourth largest trading partners in Central and Eastern Europe. Poland’s economic power continues to grow and its foreign trade develops rapidly. In 2017, the bilateral trade volume stood at USD 21.23 billion, a year-on-year increase of 20.4%.

Lin Bin hopes that China and Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries work together to form a cohesive force for trade and investment promotion, carry out mutually beneficial economic and trade cooperation, and upgrade China-Central and Eastern Europe’s cooperation in industry and trade to a new height.

At the conference, LIli SikÓs, a science and technology official of the Hungarian Embassy in China, introduced Hungary’s plan for “Future R&D and Innovation Strategic Investment 2020”, highlighting the Hungarian Extreme Light Infrastructure project that has a profound impact on material science, medicine, and environmental protection and other fields, as well as Hungary’s project plan for cooperation with China in the coming period.

Afterwards, the science and technology officials of the Slovakian Embassy in China and those of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in China also introduced their domestic technology research and development, science and technology policies, and strategies for international scientific and technological cooperation.

Ding Qian, CEO of Tibet Zhongxin Haibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.; Luo Rongrong, a partner of Beijing Sanyou IP Group Co., Ltd.; Huang Zongliang, head of Beijing Cross-border E-commerce Intelligent Robot Library, and others delivered speeches and made project promotion respectively.

The “Belt and Road Traffic and Travel Payment” project of Tibet Zhongxin Haibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted the attention of the four participating countries. As the only traffic one-card distribution company engaged in traffic payment services in Tibet, Tibet Zhongxin Haibo has always been committed to the development mode of traffic + travel, expanding its overseas operations and giving full play to the efficiency and convenience of the transportation card. It combines transportation and tourism services to realize the sharing and transportation of tourists, integrate resources of all parties to create a linkage effect, so that cardholders can enjoy fast ticket purchase, access to the areas through card swipe, hotel accommodation, and purchase and others inside the scenic areas within the alliance. As the Belt and Road initiative is being implemented, the Tibet Transportation Card authorities and other countries along the Belt and Road begin to jointly explore a new model of “Belt and Road Traffic and Travel Payment”.

After the conference, the reporter learned that Tibet Zhongxin Haibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has reached cooperation intention with Hungarian-related commercial organizations with respect to the “Belt and Road Traffic and Travel Payment” project, and plans to send a delegation to Hungary in June this year to discuss specific matters relating to cooperation.

Ding Qian said that the project would cooperate with more countries along the Belt and Road through various cooperation models, so that it is applied overseas as soon as possible.