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Beijing Zhongguancun High-Tech Expo Digital TV Industry Park innovations cited concern

Beijing - May 28, 2013 7:52:20 AM

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In just the opening of the 16th China Beijing High-tech Expo, the Zhongguancun digital TV industry park Peony Electronics Group to bring the latest innovations unveiled Tech Expo, a variety of intelligent terminal products attracted much attention.
As a veteran of the national industrial enterprises, Peony Group, this time with "innovative Hyun Future" as the theme debut CHITEC, highlight and display digital television technology innovation to innovative applications of electronic information technology Int future smart city , colorful life dream.
Interactive products exhibition in the smart, intelligent interactive robots, interactive large screen, driving experience simulators and other products, the perfect combination of virtual and reality, makes machine interactive fun, showing the future of the family, the future of the new lifestyle community, meet people for experiencing high levels of demand for life, presented in front of the future life.
Those who experience: "I feel just like the real picture, like (feel like) in a real race car in the open."
Experience by: "inside the game with a fully formed character interaction, play it felt particularly interesting."
Beijing Peony Electronics Group CTO Guo-Qing Zheng: "(The) big screen (screen) splicing technology and interaction together organically, according to fitness ah, according to some games (projects), as well as some other activities with a an interactive way. "
This service robots equipped with IC card reader, contactless near field communication technology data processing. PAD interface through interaction with others and may light to move around and greet with synthesized sounds with the customer, mainly for hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and other public places to provide customized interactive services.
Beijing Peony Electronics Group Chief Engineer on behalf of Dah Sing Chow: "It is this integration inside an IC card reader, there are other self-help pay some of the equipment, can be used as a self-pay service client to use."
In recent years, Peony Group to strengthen the integration of digital innovation and creative fields, explore creative lead in digital electronics and information technology application development, has been completed from the traditional TV manufacturers to digital television applications, standards, technologies, products and service providers strategic transformation.
Digital TV Industry Park, Zhongguancun Honorary Chairman Zhu Bing: "Through this (Zhongguancun Digital) industrial park development, peony brand through a remodeling of a reconstructed through the industry, and then be able to reach a city, a digital TV, a complex to become a city of the future development of innovative a locomotive. "
Currently, Peony Group has a national engineering laboratories, ten joint research laboratory, a national post-doctoral workstations, a national incubator, a municipal technology center, hosted and participated in the development of national, industry-standard 35.