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Beijing High-Tech Expo: technological innovation convenience of life

Beijing - May 28, 2013 7:53:06 AM

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Being held in Beijing 16th Beijing International High-tech Expo shows the results of a large number of scientific and technological innovation, to bring convenience to our lives, we went to find out.
This looks like a projector product actually is the first self-developed 100-inch full HD laser TV, its thickness is only one centimeter, it is with what is not the same as regular TV does?
Exhibitor: "It's completely fine laser projector to cast an image, so with seductive conservation feature, we can show you that when it is subject to a special shelter when the ability to automatically reduce the brightness of the light."
The new equipment as long as four hours of electricity, compared with the same size LCD TVs to save third, but it can also multi-angle viewing.
Exhibitor: "It can be handy to carry horizontal screen layout, or a vertical screen layout and arrangement on the ceiling to accommodate a variety of residential and commercial applications."
This device is called the elf treasure purse mobile phone card reader, it is what use is it?
Exhibitor: "only requires the user to download our software through the phone, connect our front swipe device requires only two products in any place will always be able to complete credit card spending and I'll show you confirm the transaction, enter the transaction amount 1 cent to complete the transaction, print out the relevant transaction documents of the small ticket. "
The only one liter of water can rinse the toilet is the use of windsurfing and water pressure approach to achieve, there is this mobile office equipment, even if it is the original handwritten notes scribbled font recognition rate can reach more than 90% .
Exhibitor: "A nation is completely innovative Tablet PC, it is used to improve the original handwriting mobile office efficiency, but also can call mobile office."
From home appliances to office equipment, home to the wisdom of the city from an ecological, scientific and technological progress bit by bit all bring convenience to our lives, so that life becomes more beautiful.