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Focus Tech Expo New technology makes life easier

Beijing - May 28, 2013 7:56:38 AM

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Next, let's look at Tech Expo, at the 16th session of the High-Tech Expo, a variety of new technologies and new applications so that the audience is dizzying, which highlights many of the new technology is the integration of culture and technology, but also very close to people's lives .
In the exhibition hall, the public library's digital sound booth around full of middle-aged audience. Public digital library covering famous classics, historical stories, encyclopedias and other categories of audio books, community residents can free download.
Biography Beijing Oriental perspective in film culture media Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhang Jing: "It is a fusion of technology and culture program, you can download the two-dimensional code scanning can also be downloaded via the USB interface, also can achieve download via WIFI. "
You can move around intelligent interactive robots greet visitors with a friendly manner, which really makes a lot of visitors feel at home. By the hands of the PAD robot interface, you can easily command the robot action, to provide customers with credit card payments, print receipts and other interactive services. The naked eye 3D technology makes the driving experience with those who do not have 3D glasses, you can experience the three-dimensional driving vision. In addition, modern agriculture, ecological agriculture in the current CHITEC also receive special attention in the modern agricultural science and technology exhibition, picking robot is accurate continuous crawl, cutting, recycling, so interesting technology has attracted many viewers.
China Agricultural University, College of Agriculture responsible Ji Super Robot Laboratory: "The general picking robot can distinguish the color difference between the relatively large fruit and leaves, we took advantage of near-infrared wavelengths, and its spectral characteristics distinguish the difference, picking to cucumber fruit. "
Visitor: "When I saw this session of the High-Tech Expo shines, a lot of products are very close to our people's lives, it seems that science and technology are into our ordinary people's homes."