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Beijing: High-Tech Expo detonate "technology market"

Beijing - May 28, 2013 7:57:19 AM

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Well, attention finished abroad, the country also has a lot of good exhibitions. Next sights section XVI held in Beijing High-Tech Expo exhibition, the exhibition set up 14 themed areas, which showcases our country in the new generation of information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy and other major scientific and technological achievements made in the area , the show in the end what is interesting technology and invented it? Let's look correspondent reported from the scene back.
Reporter Song Wan: "I am beside the aircraft is determined by China independently developed a high-performance coaxial counter-propeller unmanned helicopter, then this drone, it can used in a lot of areas, such as said electric power, forestry, agriculture, geology and exploration, then this machine, it is to have a very smart auto flight mode system, then have this system, this machine can be done independently takeoff, autonomous landing, suspended stop and waypoint planning and other functions.
Manufacturer: "The UAV is now used is currently the most advanced anti-coaxial propeller technology, we can see, it is a two oars, and a counter-clockwise, clockwise to use a minimum model is that we now are 14 million with a low. "
While CHITEC 3D printing technology has finally opened a mysterious veil, to give people high end of the previous inaccessible impression.
Manufacturer: "The key is used for melting the plastic in the molten state, put this model, using stacking mode, layer by layer to give it to play out."
It is understood that the CHITEC Conference calcium networking, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and other strategic emerging industries, 14 Beijing high-tech cooperation projects focused on signing CHITEC 14.25 billion Yuan. Tech Expo Organizing Committee official said, will be compared with the previous CHITEC, the concentrated mostly contracted state for the strategic emerging industries, involving networking, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new energy vehicles , biomedical and other five major strategic emerging industries.
In Beijing's friends have the opportunity to take a look.