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Beijing The 16th China Beijing International High-tech Expo New high-tech audio-visual experience letter frequency interpretation

Beijing - May 28, 2013 7:57:59 AM

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Well, here we have to look at the 16th China Beijing International High-tech Expo news. The Beijing High-Tech Expo is the theme of innovation Xuandong future, which shows the application of innovative technology products and all kinds of electronic information technology, product innovation and our lives. Inside a pavilion in the 3rd developed by our own service platform for electronic music attracted many visitors stop.
Upon entering the 3rd hall, everyone was familiar blue Danube violin concerto attracted different from previous play, players bid farewell to the thick paper sheet music, replaced by a digital display electronic music.
Sumay performer: "Big Band generally like show with a lot of music score, because an entire orchestra prepared down to more than one hundred people, more than one hundred people then could play thirty-four song, (paper) music score is very heavy, And there will be omissions lose this very troublesome, but (electronic music) so it directly stored on a computer can be taken away, the problem can be remedied, and that this is the case, clearer, and we appear to be clearer this Screen. "
This is a company developed and relying digitized voice platform to launch electronic music service platform, network service platform for the carrier, to provide music download, edit, copyright management, role management, orchestration management, rehearsal manage multiple management functions, easy Orchestra and playing staff for implementation on reading music score and modified for unified management and storage of music to provide a more convenient service.
Digital Sheet researchers Gao Song: "It is the equivalent of electronic music we usually use the flat computer inside it is our self-developed format, which is different from the usual online download these image formats, scanned PDF's (music), that our own This format is very small, a score also dozens K (dry bytes) of its speed, display speed, the second is the display format is relatively clear, it easy to carry. "
According to reports, the popularity of this service platform for electronic music, the orchestra will work changed dramatically, the orchestra's conductor can use it in front of an electronic music stand for the entire orchestra musicians split spectrum, or flip the sheet music for the part of the musicians. In addition to serving Philharmonic Orchestra for beginners or kids, it can also be carried out by electronic music practice, but from another perspective, compared to the previous paper sheet music, electronic music is more environmentally friendly.