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Focus Tech Expo: High-Tech Expo weekend visit climax innovative products Duorenyanqiu lift

Beijing - May 28, 2013 7:58:40 AM

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State Fair is being held in the sixteenth Tech Expo weekend ushered in a number of visiting people, some people's lives, and technological achievements debut, so that the public feel the technology makes life better.
Worry parking booth to showcase the "wisdom Parking cloud platform", the platform on the one hand through the user's mobile phone download software park, on the one hand in the parking lot install car reverse image recognition system, ultrasonic detection devices, you can let users in real time queries to the target parking spaces remaining information, the price charged and the realization of such an appointment parking, improved family car parking efficiency.
Audience: "I used to think that high-tech, it seems very far away from us, now I feel really very close from our lives, if we are civilians able to install such a smart parking system, I think it is very convenient."
Tech Expo site, allowing office workers away from the phone a Bluetooth cell phone radiation appeared, it attracted a lot of public attention. This seemingly ordinary telephone, mobile phone via Bluetooth technology to be transferred to a fixed telephone, multi-channel telephone calls freely switch can also be achieved. CHITEC Conference, and the people basic necessities related technology is also much public concern. The fruits and vegetables can quickly kill bacteria, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms purify the sink, in the current CHITEC winning enough. Sink does not add any chemicals, through high-energy particle bombardment shower water molecules, generating large amounts of water catalytic functional groups, the water becomes a super high-energy water purification capacity detoxification.
Purification in potable Beijing Science and Technology Development Co., assistant to the president Li Gang: "Water purification detoxification to do with it with raw materials, through our core technology, you can put the surface of fruits and vegetables for pesticide residues, including bacteria and viruses these organic pollutants, kill and give it degradation. "