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Cultural Dynamics: The 16th China Beijing International High-tech Expo Fun 3D technology plus innovation Dress life

Beijing - May 28, 2013 7:59:25 AM

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To focus on the 16th China Beijing International High-tech Expo.
From 3D images to 3D movies, 3D printer technology and innovation, make our lives more colorful, the current Beijing High-Tech Expo, nearly a hundred new products unveiled 3D covers home, work, entertainment and other aspects, The innovative 3D technology and what it? We take a look.
This latest appearance of the 3D shopping guide machine, through the body sensors and high-definition camera on human identification, plus related software can make people close interaction with the machine.
Exhibitor: "It can accurately capture each individual body size, so that automatically match the clothes with the body, so we don’t go, looks like we have real clothes this effect."
Of course, you are free to mix different styles, different styles of clothing, do not go to the locker room in exchange for going after the goods elected Heart, into a virtual shopping cart, also no longer carrying baskets or shopping carts.
Exhibitor: "Our products are mainly say, it is characterized in that there can be a variety of our products, you can interact with in our hands, so that customers enjoy shopping process brings a pleasure."
Look at the screen in front of the kids dancing, easy and free to put this pavilion stroll over and over, you can also look at these exhibits from any angle, including the note inside.
Children: "It is amazing, never seen before in this screen in front of the entire pavilion will be able to see all over."
Even more amazing is that this three-dimensional navigation system, smart phone, looks like the LCD screen is not.
Exhibitor: "It is so, that is an ordinary glass top, paste out of our self-developed an intelligent film, and then back plus a rear projector, showing such images on display, plus a Touch software, to achieve the touch function. "
16th Beijing High-Tech Expo Organizing Committee Office of the Deputy Director Liu Yang: "creative technology products added later with our lives more closely, there are many products but also the re-appearance at CHITEC, and in the past to speak with a greatly improved, more practical closer to our lives. "