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Cultural Dynamics: The 16th China Beijing International High-tech Expo Cloud Computing: super "brain" control the future

Beijing - May 28, 2013 8:00:04 AM

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3D technology has let the magic of Link Road, then cloud computing it? Cloud computing, also known as Big Data, in recent years it has gradually deep into the lives of ordinary people, in order to let you have a more intuitive understanding, reporters take you to take a look at the CHITEC large data use.
Presented here shows you are a smart home solutions, after installing smart remote control and related software, users can ease your tablet or phone control of home appliances.
Exhibitor: "For example, we can now turn off this lamp operation, and then open operation, adjust the brightness, dim lights, this is the case, the family side will create a more comfortable environment such as television, such as home curtains, I could carry on such control. "
See also the installation of environmental sensor lights, more remarkable.
Exhibitor: "We now demonstrate that the environmental sensor a light sensor, its environment if particularly bright, then the light will automatically dim illumination dims, then it will automatically brighten."
Merchant told us that if given a building's electrical appliances are fitted on all such smart devices and software, you can manage them accurately, and its Management is built on the cloud computing platform, it is not only the life can be applied to more work.
Exhibitor: "For example, the business system like this, a forensic investigation of a project, then so many data sources, daily production of vast amounts of information, it is through the data of the collision, can generate people (between), as This topology This relationship is calculated, in the traditional sense of the relational data inside, possibly by day, hour to calculate that it has been a serious impediment to our investigators that smooth analysis of ideas, so we used a large data platform, three seconds to nine seconds immediately able to get results. "
Indeed wanted a large data epitaxial human brain, which help us to do more no less than our previous human brain store information and content that cannot be calculated, it is assigned to the calculation more parallelization unit, just like the Monkey King becomes monkey, put up a task into multiple pivot execution, to help us in the fastest time in the most effective information.
Exhibitors: "With the amount of information we have to deal with the size, capacity, they cannot cover our own time, that this knowledge will gradually be accepted by all, is what I need this part of the (processing) ability to release to the cloud inside, from the cloud to help me achieve these.