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Cultural Dynamics: The 16th China Beijing International High-tech Expo New Energy Technology is widely used

Beijing - May 28, 2013 8:01:10 AM

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Cloud computing is the extension of the human brain to achieve the dream of the past, people's abilities, then its energy comes from where is it? View current Beijing CHITEC wind, solar and other new energy and technology integration.
The equipment and the current through the structural design can be modified in the case of weak implementation of wind power generation, as well as the tablet shell is not ordinary.
Exhibitors: "This is a solar charging Po, which is basically in the outdoor sun exposure 1 hour or so, you almost can give mobile full (electric), IPod (tablet), then, almost on a little less than two hours, basically can also be filled (electricity). "
Exhibition Qinghai Yushu earthquake reconstruction grid-generation technology first village to show the integration of technology and energy, the use of solar photovoltaic and biogas energy to build these renewable energy from the circulatory system.
Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Qinghai Satellite Week: "From this graph you see this is what we call a clean, economical energy system, crop waste straw can be used as feed the cows, the sheep droppings can also be go inside recovered biogas, methane biogas generated inside, it is a good organic fertilizer, and can be returned (to agriculture) and field facilities inside. "
For a post-earthquake reconstruction in areas behalf seismic grid to solve the problem in the village, will also come in clean energy system design too.
Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Qinghai Satellite Week: "First of all this wall is used in CL structure, the CL structure it is ten centimeters middle benzene board, and then (plus) the steel grid, with seismic, thermal insulation, energy-saving (function), energy-saving rate can reach 65%, then that is (roof) above, solar flat plate collector, which after heating the water through the hot water storage tank, the pump cycle, take warm radiant heating system, heating in winter to meet people needs, but also for the people to provide hot water and bathing (water). "
Show a variety of pure electric vehicles focus on appearance, there are many large power plants generate electricity using heat energy water heating, as well as the waste recycling and so on. Home life from industrial production to the development of technology and innovation, is to provide a new energy restructuring energy.