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Focus Tech Expo: The 16th China Beijing International Science and Technology Products Fair ended successfully

Beijing - May 28, 2013 8:01:42 AM

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6-day 16th China Beijing International High-tech Expo, come to an end today. CHITEC attracted a total of 230,000 people participated in domestic and international; organizing high-tech exhibitions, forums, projects to promote scientific and technological achievements of three series of more than 40 field activities, a total of 123 projects signed, the agreement the total amount of 86.023 billion Yuan.
Tech Expo period, the new generation of information technology, energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, bio-industry and other strategic emerging industries contracted projects, 62 projects, accounting for over 50% of total number of projects; science and technology industrial park, industrial bases upstream and downstream projects 48, accounting for nearly 40% of total number of projects; technical achievements and technology transfer transactions active exchanges and cooperation, signed 45 projects, accounting for 36.6% of total number of projects, CHITEC will promote scientific and technological achievements to further enhance functionality. CHITEC exhibition brings together a large number of core competitiveness of high-tech enterprise and industry leader, more leading international and domestic scientific and technological achievements first meet with the public.
Beijing Hengtai Sheng Yuan International Environmental Technology Development Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Xinkun: "Take our most advanced research results, through the High-Tech Expo this platform to show out, we have obtained a firm is recognized by the market, we will be signing the entire CHITEC , reaching nine one hundred million. "
CHITEC show will highlight China's information technology, bio-technology, intelligent manufacturing new developments in technology and other fields. Wisdom Beijing next generation of innovative applications of information technology achievements exhibition presents a new picture of intelligent life, cloud computing, networking, big data, smart information technology is entering the government, business management and people's lives.
Beijing Oriental Booz IT Technical Director Tao Yu: "This watch is a possible positioning can call a watch, the elderly, when there is an emergency, you can press the SOS button, press this button after a child's cell phone You can receive a text message that describes the old man at this moment in what position. "
Through the "socialization of home care service technical support platform", the elderly and children can live calls, video, allowing children to locate the whereabouts of the elderly, and even children, the alderfly’s health data can also be real understanding.
Visitor: "particularly interested in, I think it is to use information technology tools to become a social pension, which would address our aging society now many specific issues."
Beijing Oriental Booz IT Technical Director Tao Yu: "We have to have three consecutive Tech Expo to carry our products on display, we are able to get a lot in this real concerns of our users, and then get some peers support each other, after the High-Tech Expo will have some new product improvements. "
Current CHITEC Conference, a group of major national special innovations and the National Science and Technology Award winning projects focused exhibited a significant number of independent research and development, key technologies unveiled to promote the major scientific and technological achievements. 863 results Beijing Exhibition Tour received special attention, information technology, biotechnology and medical technology, advanced manufacturing technology, advanced energy technology, modern agricultural technology and other five fields 94 achievements, highlighting the strategic, cutting-edge and forward-looking features. Tech Expo debut aerospace technology thematic exhibition, showing the manned space flight and lunar exploration engineering more than 50 top results.