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The first concern: the last day of foreign innovation CHITEC Hall highlights and more

Beijing - May 28, 2013 8:02:35 AM

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Next we come to look at Tech Expo, today Tech Expo will be officially closing, let it quickly seize the time to go to the site to take a look at what other high-tech products.
Reporter Zhang Ying: "I am now in the International Innovation Tech Expo Hall, although exhibitors from abroad, this is not much, but they bring something that is very unique. You see, like those we see in front of me very familiar it up, this is a lathe, this is a sewing machine, they are mini version, and are developed specifically for children You see, the power is turned on after this, we can cut wood, the children play this is very safe, because it does not hurt your hands. "
Machine tools grinding small gyro, sawing away with a wavy line, this pocket-sized plants from Austria, the children absolutely safe to operate, which is its core competitiveness, because the vibrations are sawn by shaping force, but the price also a lot of money, a set of 4,700 Yuan. This 3D software is developed specifically for children, you see, a tablet, an ordinary picture book took place in a chemical reaction, the original plane suddenly cartoon characters live, enough strange god it.
Between the nose and on behalf of Jin Xiankun Korea: "This is a piece of software that we developed here must be used in conjunction with the book, so that parents give their children a story, it would not dry up. Kids can see a lot of three-dimensional animation . "
These innovative products from abroad is not only high-tech, interactive and very clear. For example, this smart TV, also from South Korea, it boot, change channels, adjust the sound does not need remote control, just a few strokes of gestures can be OK, and built hundreds of online applications and games that are suitable for most family members play together.
Samsung Electronics China, North China sales headquarters TV Sales Director Liu Junguang: "In the past few years, many family members will be assigned to their various rooms, I believe that this TV can put family members again gathered in the living room inside, multi-screen interaction. "
International Innovative products are applied on a considerable part of the infinite network, as long as the corresponding module built, the home of all appliances are available through mobile phones, tablet computers to operate. This does not, just use the cell phone photos, a blink of an eye, it has been printed out.
Canon (China) Co., Ltd. Business Imaging Solutions Division Senior General Manager Gangwon Great: "smart phones, tablet PCs popularity has brought unlimited technology office, so this is a smart printer via WIFI technology, the phone stuff printed out . "
Mobile Internet, 3D printing, when a series of leading industrial upgrading, upgrade the forefront of consumer technology products to show in front of us, when a new picture of intelligent life has been truer in the audience's mind expand, technological change lives, more many of the imagination, the hands are using technology to become a reality.