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Xuchang Jin Bo Li luggage Limited by Share Ltd

Beijing - May 23, 2013 7:52:49 AM

Registered Date: In October 2009
Registered Capital: 50 million
Project Belonging: Light industry
Name of Project: Design research and development of high performance functional travel rod boxes
Construction Site: Henan xuchang YanLing jin hui OuJinHui avenue 18 YanLing bags industrial park
Intention: Media publicity
Construction period: In June 2012 to December 2013
Contact Person: Zhou Xiwang
Contact Person position: Chairman of the board of directors
Tel.: 86 (374) 7192166
Fax.: 86 (374) 7195555
Cell.: 86 (0) 13782340677
Email: 378383938
Website: HTTP: / /
Postal Address: Henan xuchang YanLing jin hui OuJinHui avenue 18 YanLing bags industrial park office
Brief Introduction to Enterprise(about 200 words): Xu Changjin show equipment co., LTD. Equipment industrial park was built in September 2008, total cover the area more than 800 mu, the project total investment 1.5 billion Yuan, has now completed investment of 1.06 billion Yuan, is the collection trade, display, research and development, trade negotiations, business office, and other functions into an organic whole, logistics, express delivery, warehousing, the financial, catering, entertainment, leisure services is complete. Get fast development in recent years, become a dark horse in the luggage industry of China, boom. Recent trouble at the bank and agricultural bank struggled to move into bags park. 42 is currently in production enterprises, complementary makings marketing more than 50 enterprises, products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, exports increased year after year. In 2012, 3 million cases (a) the production of various types of luggage leather goods, production value of 2.8 billion Yuan, realize profits of 580 million Yuan, to earn foreign exchange through exports of $20 million, arrangement of labor employment of 3600 people.
Brief Introduction to the Business-matching Projects and Intentions (about  200 words): "Our country is leather consumption, according to authoritative statistics, nearly five years, luggage industry each year to increasing at the rate of more than 25% of the total sales, the current market size is about 100 billion Yuan. But our country has become the world's bag producer and exporter. June 1, 2010, Chinese exports bags for $7.367335 billion, the average unit price is $2.97 / kg (or a), amount is increased by 25.01%, compared to the average unit price rose by 11.14%. However, the ministry of finance announced that since July 1, 2010, 2831 exports will adopt the new export tax rebate policy. According to the New Deal, luggage products up to 2 to 8% declines in tax rebates. Reduced tax rebates means companies export costs will increase, the corresponding weaken the product price competitive advantage. Due to our bags enterprises mostly world bags product end of the production chain, earning is small OEM cost. Therefore, the policy for most bags export enterprises will have serious impact.
Scientific and Technological achievements fill the following information: , therefore, in the current bags export rising production costs, increasing foreign market access threshold, trade and technology barriers increased risk under the new situation, in the domestic production costs rise, transfer of international industries and the government's policy guidance  etc, under the action of luggage domestic enterprises to continuously improve the ability of independent research and development and the technical equipment level, the enhancement enterprise marketing ability, strengthen product international competitiveness. "
Name Of Results Patent: A portable folding pull rod box. The utility model patent
Fund demand: 200000 Yuan
Source Of Results: With shaanxi university cooperative research and development
The Maturity of the Results: Is developing
Ways of Cooperation: With shaanxi university cooperative research and development