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Xuchang Tiandihe Solar Company Limited

Beijing - May 23, 2013 7:53:17 AM

Registered Date: In April 2010
Registered Capital: 150 million
Project Belonging: new energy resources
Name of Project: Production of 155MW  flexible CIGS solar panels every year
Construction Site: Xuchang city, Henan province
Intention: To attract investment independently, by governmental action, or from exhibitions
Construction period: from October 2013 to May 2014
Contact Person: Yang Longfan
Contact Person position:  The company chairman assistant
Tel.: 0374-5157977
Fax.: 0374-5157977
Cell.: 13837198941
"Postal Address: No.1,Pingan avenue,Shangji industrial areas,
Xuchang county, Henan province."
"Brief Introduction to Enterprise(about 200 words):     Xuchang Tiandihe Solar Company Limited is located atNo.1,Pingan avenue,Shangji industrial areas, Xuchang county. The company covers an area of 30 mu.The total  intended investment  is 1.5 billion, which is used for
introduction of six production line of CIGS solar cells from Silicon Valley. After going into operation,
the six lines can bring us annual production value of
2 billion yuan,the tax and profits of 1.08 billion yuan,the foreign exchange of 80 million dollars, and 3500 jobs.
   Our company have an office building, a research building, an employee dormitory, a restaurant, and many other useful facilities. The project, which can benefit the nation and the people, have a high technological level and a high mercantile rate of return. The environmental protection and energy-saving project is
give special support by the State. Our production is the second generation solar cell of CIGS.It have the most advanced technological levels in the world.
"Brief Introduction to the Business-matching Projects and Intentions (about  200 words):    The 155MW CIGS solar cells from Silicon Valley have
a 12% photoelectric transformation efficiency, which is
most high in Thin-Film Solar Cells. As the CIGS solar cell can work well on dim light and high temperature condition, so it is advantaged in BIPV.The first 5MW production line are in test run, which have prepared for
full production. We have ordered equipments for the Second-stage Project of the 30MW line.Allthe buildings
for the following 150MW lines are ready.
  We are looking for partners to execute cooperative management, and share risks and profit."
Scientific and Technological achievements fill the following information: 
"Name Of Results Patent:    The roll to roll production technology for CIGS solar cells.
1、The double TCO texture structure in Thin-Film Solar. The patent number is 201220372812.5;
2、A method for making band gap gradient distribution in absorption layer. The patent number is 201210518456;
3、A gas distribution structure in magnetic control sputtering device. The patent number is 201220372769.2; 
4、An anode bag in magnetic control sputtering device. The patent number is 201220393312.x;
5、A target shield covering magnetic control sputtering device. The patent number is 201220665987.5;"
Fund demand: 800 million
Source Of Results: Introduction of foreign technologies first absorption techniques second technological innovation last;
"The Maturity of the Results: The first 5MW production line are in test run, which have
 prepared for full production."
"Ways of Cooperation:  joint contribution, cooperative management, sharing
 risks and profit."