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Ki Megufeng Diamond Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing - May 23, 2013 7:54:27 AM

Registered Date: 6/3/2007
Registered Capital: 12 Million Yuan
Project Belonging: new material 
Name of Project: Diamond super pure and super fine technology development and Application
Construction Site: Henan Province, Zhecheng High-tech Zone
Intention: Capital investment
Construction period: 2013 May to 2015 April
Contact Person: Wang Laifu
Contact Person position: general manager
Tel.: 86 (370) 7228288
"Fax.: 86 (370) 7277688
Cell.: 86 (0) 13592332626
Postal Address: Henan Province, Zhecheng High-tech Zone
Brief Introduction to Enterprise(about 200 words): The company is the production of diamond abrasive, abrasive, grinding of high-tech professional enterprises, covers an area of 80 acres, with total assets of 1 Yiyuwan Yuan, employees 100 people, covers an area of 30000 square meters, the annual production capacity of 120000000 carats, the annual output value of 60000000 Yuan, in addition to supply the domestic market, more than 80% of products exported to the United States of America Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Hongkong, Taiwan, and other countries and regions.
Brief Introduction to the Business-matching Projects and Intentions (about  200 words): In the manufacture of the first part, airflow crushing process, shaping process, and the separation of water, separation temperature, moderate and artificial factors and so on, please big grain shape and irregular in micron, nanometer diameter range for control and improvement, so as to realize the product of ultrafine ultra pure innovation, leading the world to achieve ultrafine ultra purity over 99.99%. Hope they can inject funds.
Scientific and Technological achievements fill the following information: 
Name Of Results Patent: Diamond super pure and super fine technology development and Application
Fund demand: 50 Million Yuan
Source Of Results: Independent research and development
The Maturity of the Results: prototype
Ways of Cooperation: Capital investment