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Zhengzhou Heng Kai energy technology CO., LTD.

Beijing - May 23, 2013 7:54:46 AM

Registered Capital:  10 million
Project Belonging:  Information technology research and application
Name of Project:  The Internet of things air conditioning control system
Construction Site:  Zhengzhou
Intention:  Enterprise investment
Construction period:  2012.04 - 2014.04
Contact Person:  Yao Wei
Contact Person position:  Director
Tel.: 86 (371) 86052565
Cell.: 86 (0) 15093375868
Postal Address:  Zhengzhou approved by district of the north Henan communication industrial park road and the fifth street intersection at level 5
Brief Introduction to Enterprise(about 200 words):  Zhengzhou Heng kai energy technology co., LTD. Was established in March 2005 is a professional engaged in intelligent energy-saving products, computer products, new energy products, Iot products research and development, production, sales and agent for the integrated enterprise; Adhere to the "introduction of foreign advanced technology and combining independent research and development" principle, through independent research and development, cooperation between colleges and technical exchanges and cooperation with counterparts at home and abroad, modern advanced frequency conversion, filtering and compensation, sensors, electromagnetic induction, communications, the Internet of things, such as solar energy, refrigeration, air conditioning technique is applied to energy conservation and new energy products, energy saving services.
Brief Introduction to the Business-matching Projects and Intentions (about  200 words): Iot air conditioning control system with industrial computer as control core, such as temperature and humidity sensors for environmental information collection source, to the remote computer browser control for remote control. On the basis of the original air conditioning unit, use the browser to access remote control, remote computer to control the air conditioning unit, realizes the remote, real-time control of air conditioning unit from multiple perspectives. Intention: 1.Can have a holiday experience in environmental protection equipment agents, or for energy conservation and environmental protection sectors have tended to favor individuals or units; 2. Have broad connections or social background; 3. Have their own team and sales channels;
Scientific and Technological achievements fill the following information: 
Name Of Results Patent:  The Internet of things air conditioning control system
Fund demand:  20 million
Source Of Results:  Independent research and development
The Maturity of the Results:  Small batch production